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Google Play Music Adds New FullScreen Visualizer

Fancy looking at something pretty while listening to your favourite tracks on Google Play Music? Well, now you can.

2 November 2014

A Brand New ‘Full’ Google Play Music App Is On The Way

A brand new Google Play Music app for the desktop is coming soon and may not require Chrome, details in a recent Chromium issue tracker ticket suggests.

12 October 2014

US Chromecast Owner? How to Get 3 Months of Play Music All Access for Free

The Chromecast turned one year old this week, and to mark the occasion Google is offering US owners an extended three-month trial of Play Music All Access.

25 July 2014

Google Music ‘Mini Player’ App Adds Always On Top Mode

Google Music mini-player app was updated this week with a 'pin to top' feature, improved media key support and initial work to run on ARM Chromebooks.

25 April 2014

Chrome Apps Can Now Respond to Keyboard Shortcuts When Browser Not in Focus

When the shiny new mini-media player app for Google Music launched one feature was notably absent: media key support. In order to skip a track, pause playback or stop music entirely one had to hunt […]

3 April 2014

Google Music Finally Enables Browser Uploads through Chrome

Google Music has finally enabled browser-based uploading of files, something Chromebook owners have been holding out for.

26 March 2014

Extended Google Play Music Trial Rolling Out to New Chromebook Owners

Google is further expanding its offer of free Google services with each new Chromebook, adding Play Music All Access to the mix.

10 March 2014
Chromecast Fireplace Visualiser for Google Music

This Feature Makes Chromecast The Ultimate Mood Setter

Chromecast owners can turn up the cosiness factor with a new Google Music labs feature.

18 February 2014

Browser Uploads Coming to Google Play Music

Google may soon offer a way to unload audio files to Google Play Music on a Chromebook, if a hidden piece of source code on the service's website is to be believed.

19 December 2013