The Chrome Web Store is home to two apps for Google Music, the search giant’s cloud-based music service. One is a glorified bookmark, a handy link to the website itself. The other is a handy desktop widget for controlling music playback.

But could a more featured app, more akin to an ‘iTunes’, be on the way? Based on a passing reference in a recent Chromium commit: yes. 

Google Play Music “Full App”

Google Play Music App
The Current “Play Music” App

The mention comes by way of a bug report, first spotted by David King, filed against Chromium code. It’s titled “UX for Chrome App installer executable from non-Chrome browser” and concerns an upcoming change that will allow Chrome Apps to be installed using non-Chrome browsers.

The issue ticket states (emphasis mine):

“We want to have this flow polished and launched for when Play Music releases their full Chrome App, since they want to market this to users of other browsers.”

A “full Chrome app” for Play Music is something we’ve long suspect has been in development, so to hear it’s close to arriving is great news. The ability to install Chrome Apps using other browsers — now that is unexpected! 

Moving Forward

Details on when the new app will appear, how it will work and whether it still requires the Chrome browser to be installed locally remain unclear at present.

As you’d expect, we’ll be digging in to find out more info on both changes and will update you as and when we can. If you find out something yourself be sure to give us a prod through our Contact Form.

What are your hopes for a “full” Play Music app? 

Thanks David King!

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