Chromecast Fireplace Visualiser for Google Music

With wet, windy and witheringly cold weather currently enveloping large parts of the US and UK right now many of us are wrestling the temptation to stay indoors where it’s warm and snug.

A new Google Music labs feature for Chromecast can help turn up the cosiness factor.

Originally created for use on Valentine’s Day – yuck! – the ‘Chromecast Fireplace Visualiser‘ puts a roaring, flickering fire on your TV as the backdrop for streaming music.

Far cosier than pixelated album art, that’s for sure!

Enable Chromecast Fireplace Feature

enable labs feature in goggle music

There’s currently no word on precisely how long Google intend to keep this feature around for. For novelty factor alone you’ll want to try it out sooner rather than later.

Enabling it is a cinch.

  • Open Google Play Music in a new tab
  • Click the Cog icon
  • Select ‘Labs’
  • Click the ‘Enabled‘ option beside ‘Chromecast Fireplace Visualiser’ 
  • Hit the ‘Save‘ button

That’s all you need to do. The next time you cast music to your TV you’ll see a crackling fireplace accompanying it.

To disable the feature repeat the steps above, but click the ‘Disabled’ option in the last step.

So go grab a coffee, that book you bought last year but have yet to start reading, cast some relaxing music to your TV, and snuggle on down while the wind and rain howls outside. 

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