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How To Disable Chromebook Sleep Mode

coffee lapop

Caffeine for your Chromebook

When you close the lid of your Chromebook it enters sleep mode — but what if you don’t want it to?

Chromebooks automatically enter sleep mode when the lid is clammed shut or the device is left doing nothing for around 6 minutes or so (known as the ‘sleep timeout’).

Sleep mode is useful. It save battery life by turning off the screen and Wifi and suspends apps and power-supping background processes when they’re not needed.

If left in sleep mode for an extended period your Chromebook will shut down fully to conserve even more battery.

When you’re ready you can pick up your Chromebook, open the lid, and instantly carry on from where you left off (and with Easy Unlock enabled you don’t even have to enter your password, either).

That said, there may be times when you want to disable sleep mode on your Chromebook.

Why Disable Sleep Mode on a Chromebook?

Chrome OS doesn’t offer a way to control power settings. You can’t override the timeout by plugging in a power cord, either.

But there are instances where you may want to keep your Chromebook from sleeping:

You may want to let a large download complete (while you feed the cat), leave a bunch of of files uploading Google Drive (while you play with the cat) or need to maintain connection to a web server or chat protocol (after the cat commandeers your lap).

Or the tl;dr version:

  • Downloading a large file(s) while your device is unattended
  • Uploading a large file(s) to Google Drive, STFP, Dropbox, etc
  • Keeping a connection to server active
  • Playing music while your Chromebook idles

Keep Awake for Chrome OS

‘Keep Awake is a caffeine shot for your Chromebook’

Keep Awake is a tiny Chrome extension made by Google that can disable Chromebook sleep mode from kicking in, both if the lid is closed or when the idle sleep timeout is reached.

Think of it as a caffeine shot for your Chromebook.

The extension adds a small button to the Chrome toolbar menu. This button can be clicked to toggle between modes that override the default power settings of Chrome OS:

  • Sun Icon — Screen kept on and all power management suspended
  • Sunset Icon —Screen will dim/blank but system won’t sleep
  • Moon Icon —Power management untouched

Keep Awake is obviously not something you should leave enabled all the time (or it’ll be bye-bye battery time) but for those occasions where you don’t want to lose your internet connection when you step away to see to something else it could come in very handy.

Keep Awake is a free download, is made by Google, requires no permissions and is designed for Chrome OS.

Keep Awake on Chrome Web Store

h/t autechre_fan
  • Marc

    Why would I need to use this when Downloads still carry on under sleep mode?

    • Mark Permann

      Well, in my experience (today), Google Play Movie downloads *do not* carry on under sleep move. I spoke with a Chromebook support rep and she recommended the same extension that Joey does here.

  • Rickey Shortt

    This is great on a Chromebox that is always on ac power. I’ve been using it for over a year now because I don’t want the screen turning off and the box going to sleep if I walk away for a mere 6 minutes.

  • Boothy

    Awesome extension. Was one of the first I found for my Chromebook, and as Rickey below said, even better on a Chromebox…..

  • Tudza White II

    * Will this extension prevent a Chromebook from suspending when its lid is closed?

    No, but if an external display is connected, recent versions of Chrome OS will remain awake when the lid is closed.

  • Scofabear

    is this what they use for kiosk mode?
    PS ive used this for some time, its pretty handy!

  • Curtis Jonesjr

    Actually this extension has one flaw that i dislike,if you forget to turn it off and power down your chromebook,it will continue to keep your screen on.I prefer to use the extension called “wake up” instead.

  • LaurenRKim

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  • Mike Ly

    This wont work on an Acer C720

  • Rein J

    This utility will not help you to keep a Citrix session alive with the lid closed, something very desirable to get an instant on experience. I have the impression that Wi-Fi is interrupted after some time in closed position. However, I found a truly working trick: plug in a VGA adapter and the Chromebook will keep Citrix connected. It may look weird but it works and it does so in a non-invasive way.

    • CharlieSD

      Sorry for the graveyard post and the off-topic, but how are you getting a citrix session running on a Chromebook? That and network print / file access are the last pieces of the Chromebook puzzle for me

      • Rein J

        I can run Citrix with or even without citrix receiver (there is a HTML5 client), however, this may depend on what storefront version is used to access your central infrastructure. I am just a user and do not know anything about this.

  • Alejandro Arreola-Torres

    Sorry to inform you that your info i wrong, Keep Awake extension will NOT keep your computer system on when the screen is shut.
    However, it does help with big up/downloads. I had to once upload 3 20+min HD videos, I had to leave my computer on all night to upload two of the videos, and it took an additional 4 hours to upload the last video.

  • ihopeagain

    How do I open it once it says it’s added???

  • Matthew James

    i have had a problem w/ my power button (people reaching over and pressing the power button) and i was wondering if i can disable that, and if not then maybe google services needs to add a way to disable that.

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