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Five Powerful Google Keep Features You Should Start Using

Google Keep is a great app with cross-platform sync, apps for Android, Chrome and the web and neat collaborative features. But are you getting the most from it?

Whether you use it to manage your weekly shop or to brainstorm your next big project, here are five powerful Google Keep tips that you should definitely make use of.

Transcribe Text from Images in Google Keep

keep transcribe text from images

Google Keep can transcribe text from images, a feature a lot of people don’t know about. It’s available everywhere Keep runs, including on Android and in the Chrome App.

Take advantage of character recognition to save time manually copying and typing information. For example, snap a photo of a business card or book page, add it to Keep, and have the text automatically pasted into the note ready for you to copy, edit and use elsewhere.

Using the feature does require a working internet connection and a photo, screenshot or other image that contains text:

  • Create a new image note in Google Keep
  • After the image has finished uploading open the note
  • Click the overflow menu button
  • Select “Grab Image Text”

The accuracy of the text transcription can vary depending on the quality of the image being read from and the words within it (Google applies autocorrect, adds spaces, etc.).

Brightly lit, crisp images with good contrast give best results, while busy, dark or blurred images regularly result in weird translations.

Set Reminders & See Them in Google Now

A popular features of other to-do tools, like Wunderlist and Todoist is the ability to schedule tasks for a future date and receive a notification when due.

Keep offers this too. Every note you make can have a due date or deadline attached. Click the ‘finger with a bow’ icon note to access the date and time picker and click ‘Done’ when done.

creating google keep reminders

Reminders of due notes are delivered as push notification on Android, cards in Google Now and alert toasts in the Chrome Notification Center on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 14.15.37

Smart Filtering & Sorting Options

Keep’s colour options are not just there to make your notes look pretty but to help you organise tasks, thoughts and to-dos; e.g., red for shopping, yellow for random thoughts, or whatever else you may prefer.

filtering options

All note types can be assigned a colour, including image and voice notes. Use the ‘Search Google Keep’ filters to view cards by colours and/or type, e.g., ‘Red notes with images’, ‘Yellow notes with checkboxes’, and so on.

Create Voice Memos

keep voice memo

Android users can create voice memos in Google Keep. But more than simply syncing your voice clip across the desktop and web-apps, Keep will also transcribes your spoken words into editable text.

To create a voice memo in Keep on Android.

  • Open Keep
  • Click the ‘Microphone icon’ under the new note field
  • Chat away

Recover Deleted Notes (And Learn to Archive)

restore deleted note

If you accidentally delete a Google Keep note you can recover it — but only if you do so within 7 days!

To restore deleted notes open the keep sidebar, select the “Trash” item, and click “Restore” in the dropdown menu that opens up under ‘More Options’.

To save losing something precious by accident it helps to get into the habit of using the ‘Archive’ rather ‘Delete’ option. This makes your old notes accessible for future reference (using the Archive view in the sidebar) but keeps them hidden from the main view.

Do you use Google Keep? Share your own favourite tips, tricks and features with other readers in the comments below. 

  • Maison Pulaski

    Tip #1. Never knew it existed. Thanks for sharing!

  • JPB

    Taking a voice note with keep also works on android by simply saying “ok Google note to self”. You may needed to set keep as your target app the first time you do this but after that it works automatically.

    • Merri Mogridge

      Can you continue speaking your note and have it taken down in Keep? I just get a text input box that will only let me type. I do have a little icon in the top right indicating Keep is the default app for it too.

  • Kevin Thomas

    Really like Keep, the only thing that bothers me is clipping a website to keep, just get the link.

  • João Victor Schiavo

    Great article! Thank you!

  • Boothy

    Thanks didn’t known 1 & 2.
    In addition to displaying as Google Now cards, anyone know if they also show in Inbox?
    Now keep using Wunderlist, or go full Google…….

    • Christopher Woodhouse

      They do show up in Inbox.

  • Merri Mogridge

    Option 1 works much better than I expected! Although I haven’t tried transcribing text from images since Google Goggles on my old Motorola Milestone/Droid.

  • W.G.

    I wish Keep had folders….

  • DougE

    Only thing I wish it had is repeating reminders.

  • Droid6

    I wish keep wouldn’t show my reminders in my notes

  • rslh

    When jotting notes, does anyone know if there’s an UNDO feature? Sometimes I accidentally erase some text and I can’t find a way to retrieve or roll back.

    • Joseph Hoh

      CTRL+Z works globally for Undo. CTRL+Y to Redo.

      • rslh

        Oh crap, the comment was meant for the mobile app version. Sorry.

    • Dario

      Hey the same thing happened to me on mobile, I tried to get the text back looking in chrome but it was already erased. Did you manage to retrieve it?

  • Save a screenshot (or carefully cropped image) of a QR-code to Keep and have it popup at a specific location.

    This is how I quickly whip out my ‘Subway Subcard’ on my Android Wear device (SmartWatch 3) for scanning when at my favourite Subway restaurant, until we get some kind of official support in apps of this kind. It still generates questions like “is that the Apple Watch?” -_-‘

    Can also be used for boarding passes etc.

  • moe

    When will google release material design to chrome os? It’s taking too long. Look at this concept, will it ever look anything like this.. i hope it will.

  • Matt Latsha

    I’m just waiting for a Google Keep app for IOS. What’s take so long Brin?

    • Scott Jordan

      Totally agree, not so useful now I have an iPhone :-(

    • xdigi

      You’re on iOS. Use Reminders and Notes, which are ten times better than that farce of a web app called Keep.

  • Love Google Keep, so much so that I knew most of these. Some were a surprise and I will definitely put to use. Funny thing, I could never get my notes to sync across my phone and my Chromebook, the week they finally did… Google Keep started force closing all the time on my phone. I click the icon, it opens up and then closes. I have tried everything, but I will be buying a new phone soon so I can have Kit Kat, seeing as how my phone is locked in at 4.1.3 Jelly Bean.

    • 3r0s

      Try to remove and then install again the app.
      Most of the times remove/reinstall will make the app to work.

      • I had already tried that. I still don’t know what happened, but it fixed itself after there was an update, thankfully! I use Keep for grocery lists, reminders for doctor appointments, reminders of when to take my medications, for shows or movies I want to watch on television, as a username and password manager; in case I should forget any of them. Basically, everything I need to remember that I may forget. I’m very glad it started working again. Regardless, thank you for mentioning that tip, as that is quite often the solution to many apps force closing or not functioning properly on Android.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      I’d go for Lollipop, not KitKat

      • Only reason is some of the phones I’m deciding between come with Kit Kat, but upgrade to Lollipop once you get them set up.

  • Cristian Otegui

    Yo amo Google Keep. Yo soy periodista y uso esta aplicación como anotador de información. Le he dicho adiós al papel y a los bolígrafos. Con Keep no es necesario escribir dos veces la misma cosa.

  • Allard Schmidt

    I still miss some powerful ones, share a note and the include pictures in a note!

    • Bragg Jones

      You can share and insert pictures in a note. I have been doing that for a long time.

  • Paul

    I love Keep. I never knew about the text from a photo. That just makes it all the better.

  • hugo venhorst

    The only feature that ever stood out to me was the location based reminders. For the rest, Keep can’t pry me away from Evernote. Combined with Sunrise Calendar, I get my Evernote reminders with the rest of my appointments in my calendar. I’m hopingone day Evernote will pick this up too.

    I never understood why Tasks in Google Calendar and Keep are two different things, an no effort at all is invested to ether combine the two or to replace Tasks with Keep.

    • Michael

      I’ve reported this as a bug in Google Calendar to try draw attention to this :P

      • hugo venhorst

        Thanks for the effort :-), but don’t hold your breath. Its been like this since Keep was born, and you’re not the first to request this feature.

        Google is well aware and integrating keep, or even just discontiuing Task for sake of choosing something has no priority it seems.

        • More like… they want to sustain both lines of research/business because the Keep and Calendar products need to keep providing ideas. You know, like how the Gmail UX is in permanent beta.

          • From there, it starts becoming pretty clear to add things like location, google+ members, etc. to a “task”. Maybe the world is not ready for that kind of ease.

            Maybe there is no way to make money from enabling everyone to be productive – as if it would disrupt Google’s own pace of innovation.

            What are you so afraid of or ineffective at? You know how to solve this problem for all of us.

          • What if you could save Tasks or Keep notes as first-class Drive objects? What if you could bundle them under labels?

  • Sasho Apostolovski

    I’ll put this article in my Keep because im wasted and i want to read it later.

  • Eric Nicholls

    I am wondering when will Google ad tags to google keep?

    • Jeňa Kočí

      now that colours are searchable I miss tags a little less :)

  • shyisc

    I like the location-based reminders. I wish I could set location-based alarms to wake me up when approaching my stop while riding the bus.

  • Jeňa Kočí

    Oh they finally made colours searchable – cool :) now I can delete this feature request from my Play review I guess :)

  • Giovanni Colombarini

    Coooool above all the sharing option!

  • xdigi

    Yeah totally you should use Google Keep to store all your information so you can lose it all when they pull another Google Reader on it…..

    • biffster

      It was 18 months ago, man, get over it!

      • The pain is still real. I’ve moved on to Trello and I’m quite happy there. I’m glad that Keep listened to some of the feedback and added location based reminders, which I would like to see in Trello as well.

      • but now they’re pulling google maps engine :(

  • rob minnaert

    Am I the only one who’d like to see the reminders integrated with google tasks and calendar? No-brainer really

    • GameCube

      They should change Tasks to Keep reminders.

      • Clive Walters

        If a date can be parsed in a note or e-mail in gmail, system should ask if you want to put it in calendar, then give a form to do so.

    • Rod Ririe

      It blows me away that they DON’T integrate. It’s such a logical connection! I have hundreds of tasks and reminders I maintain throughout the year on my desktop Google calendar. How on earth has Google overlooked the obvious in creating an integration link between the two!? And for those who don’t want it, it could easily be an option: “Do you want Keep to sync with your Calendar Tasks?” (Place check here).

      • gadgety

        It seems a mystery, indeed.

        • derektut

          I share your outrage.

    • gadgety

      I don’t get it either. Such low hanging fruit. A no-brainer, really, but is the tech limiting them? Or, perhaps Google is scared that the EU will fine them for breaking anti-trust legislation?

      Look at Microsoft buying Sunrise Calendar, and then promptly offering integration with the free standing todo-outliner Wunderlist.

    • Done.

  • This is the one app that I wish Google would make for iOS. They literally have made an iOS app for everything else. Plus it wipes the floor with iOS Notes.

  • Toby

    Also, notes are now shareable! This combined with filtering could lead to a very nice kanban board app/addon…
    I wish we could see notes in drive though, (seeing as they are stored there AFAIK)

    • Came here for the “wish it would save to drive” comment. Got disappointed but, at least, a related feeling. :(

  • Super Meat Boy

    I don’t understand why Google Keep doesn’t have note history.

    • galvoguy

      ditto i need to see a time/date stamp when the note was orig posted for many of the record keeping that i now use evernote pro for.. Evernote pro has gone so far downhill, As soon as i figure out how to use Wunderlist properly i will be heading over there. Tags are also needed in keep, the colors are great,tags and colors will expand user acceptance. Add Folders for the money shot.

      • gadgety

        Well the multiple tags are there now.

  • verlalachenmann

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  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    I love Keep – it’s a regular goto app for me!

    • TheOneManWithTheOneVote

      Oooooh , lil’ troll thingy endorses an app. Gotta buy shares

  • Guest


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  • Vilmar

    For me voice memos isn’t working. Can’t remember if it every did. It just transcribes what I said.

  • batman

    iOS app, where are you already???

    • Craig Herrmann

      it just came out the other day.

  • Cristian Otegui

    10 points for labels, please

    • tushantin

      One of my labels is Gryffindor. 10 Points for Gryffindor, please.

  • Archan Pagedar

    Can I share my notes on Google Keep with others?

    • Rafael


  • notfunny2u

    The Voice Memo recording feature seems to be eliminated or not functioning. This was my favorite feature too.

  • kenneth maybury

    My Voice Memo does not work.

  • Bruno

    Making Google Keep advice blog with a Apple Macbook… That’s so stupid.

    • Hi Bruno,

      Google Keep, like other Chrome Apps, is available on all Chrome platforms, which including OS X. The features are the same no matter the OS it is running on.

  • Guest

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  • Saam Sky

    Can i make folders to organise my notes?

    • gadgety

      As of mid march you can tag each note with multiple labels. Sort by label = your folder.

  • Tad Pepperling

    I need to be able to take my notes with me to places that I do not have internet access. Is there I can save my notes and review them on my local PC when I need to be in OFFLINE mode?

  • gmaninvan

    I really like Keep but can’t fathom using it as a task manager due to its inability to show overdue tasks. It literally has all the other bases covered. You don’t even need subtasks since you can manage with labels.

    • davea0511

      It’s not supposed to be a task list replacer. Just a notes app.

      • gmaninvan

        I fully agree but you have to consider how google is letting tasks completely languish. By allowing keep to create task items instead of just notes, it could easily encompass the other feature set. It already has the ability to do reminders, checklists, etc.

        I personally doubt I will ever switch from todoist premium though, it is simply way too good.

  • Doesn’t launch from Taskbar anymore on Windows 8.1 :(

  • JanieJMartin

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  • sai kumar smart

    have A NICE day in your life

  • Dennis Elliott

    My wife and I use Google Keep to share information with each other. Phone numbers. Addresses. Reminders. And grocery lists. For example, we keep a running grocery list in Keep that is shared. We both add items as we see we need them. When one of us is at the store we pick up the items and check them off so the other one knows it’s been picked up. When she is actually at the store I can look at my Keep grocery list and watch her actually checking the items off as she puts them in the cart.

    • Did that too, works great with Android Wear!

    • Gerard

      That’s a brilliant idea!!

    • Joe

      Men go grocery shopping in your country?? Wow Thank god for the UK

      • davea0511

        Slavery ended here with Abraham Lincoln. Ending it was actually a pretty good thing.

        • Bubba Jones

          No, Lincoln did not end slavery. Suggestion, read the Emancipation Proclamation.

      • Whether or not time to eat!


    • davea0511

      We’ve been using google tasks for that … sometimes looses stuff when you switch between accounts. I’ll try google keep. See if it’s better.

    • Hahaha. I can totally relate. My colleagues and I use Keep to disseminate shared secrets among ourselves – systems administration stuff, not gossip lol. I tried using Keep with my own family but the reception was quite cold. I personally use Keep heavily.

  • Therok1984

    < ?????? +dilbert +*********…..


  • RusNoob

    Does anyone now when Google gonna kill this project? Dunno if I should start using it

    • Rod Moore

      No one is talking about that in the Tech blogs / podcasts.
      There is always a change for a company to fold under or stop supporting an app. Don’t let that idea keep you from trying an app.

    • Craig Herrmann

      They just released the ios apps for iphone and ipad. i don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  • Anne Robertson

    I want to transfer my Keep notes from an account that has been disabled (work account – have changed jobs) to a personal account. Google takeout downloaded all the html links but I can’t see a way of uploading them to my new Keep account. Any ideas?

  • Arnold Rimmer

    I would use it but on the website to use google notes you have to click test now.

    How long till google end this and I lose all my notes???

  • Kelly Hudson

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the tips :)

  • Joe

    I find using my brain to remember things works just fine.

    • davea0511

      I used to say that too

    • Gforce27

      Well, awesome for you! You apparently don’t have ADHD, like I do. You’re a lucky person, Joe.

      • Joe

        Actually I do. Also I grew up in the 60s/70s and they said I was just a disruptive boy.
        I was expelled from several Schools sent to Psychiatrists,Made to sit at the back of the class
        called stupid. I could go on.
        So rather than moan on about it I just get on with it.

        • Joe

          Typical of a person that has something wrong with them.
          They love to blame an illness or disability instead why not just get over yourself,
          Like people that have kids then expect handouts from the Government because they can’t look after them.

          • Gforce27

            Joe, if you really had ADHD to the point that it was real problem, you would NOT be able to “use your brain to remember things,” as not being able to “consistently remember things” is pretty much one of the hallmarks of the disorder. Secondly, I do not use my disorder (it’s a disorder, not an illness) as an excuse for not remembering things any more than a blind person uses their lack of sight for not seeing. To further an analogy, I prefer to work with my limitations, rather than pretend that they’re not there. To ask me to try and “get over myself” and get on about my day with out the kinds of supports (reminders, to do lists, structure, meds, etc) would be like asking a blind person to navigate their way through a city without a cane or a seeing eye dog.
            Further more, I am not on govt. assistance, and I can and do get through my life just fine as long as I have the tools and help necessary to deal with my ADHD.
            I think you just have a problem thinking that something might be “wrong” with you,
            and your the one who just “can’t get over yourself” and accept it.

          • Joe

            You have just proved my point. One of the symptoms is problems with memory but not all people who have the DISORDER suffer from all the symptoms. If other people did not show pity and just ignored people who moan on about their problems then they would have no fuel for their fire.
            People that have or claim to have something wrong with them are just out for the attention.
            I will remind you that you brought the subject up. Again proving my point that it is all about pity.
            There are very few illnesses or disorders that all the people that have them have all the symptoms. Even people with sexually transmitted infections do not all have the same symptoms. You cant’t even see that you really do need to get over yourself

          • I’m interested … what type of work do you do Joe?

          • disqusher

            I came to this page to read about Google Keep, but glancing at these comments I am irritated enough to respond.

            JOE: Your ignorance is astonishing! “People that have or claim to have something wrong with them are just out for the attention” ?? Seriously?

            So if I have an illness, say cancer for example, I’m out for the attention?

            You must be a troll to say such stupid ignorant things.

          • Gforce27

            Yeah, sorry about that. I fell for the troll bait. It’s that impulsivity thing. I can’t pass up a fight ;)

            About Google Keep–I recommend it. I wish it integrated with Google Now or Calendar or both. I also don’t understand the lack of ability to add subheadings. However, it is a very handy note taking app with a very clean, nice looking, easy to figure out U.I. I’ve tried a bunch of other “to do” apps, but I keep going back to Keep.

          • Chris

            So you can remember how to use a computer, You can remember that you have a phone in your pocket. You can remember how to use that phone but you can’t remember that you need a Litre of milk.You compare your disorder to that of a blind person. Not only do you need to get over yourself but you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Gforce27

            You should be ashamed of your appalling ignorance.

          • disqusher

            Hey look, a squirrel ;)

          • Dior A Manchester

            Again, BURN!!

    • You must have an uncomplicated life. When you get to have a complicated life and your juggling so many things at once, you’ll find that it’s easier to manage your lifestyle using tools such as Google Keep. If you can manage without such tools, then good for you and you’re probably blessed to manage yourself very well. For the rest of us, we’ll keep on using Google Keep. Thank you.

      • Joe

        It is not a matter of having an uncomplicated life. It is a matter of storing something in
        your brain and then remembering it when you need to.
        Pre 1990 this is what everyone did.
        Technology is amazing but not as amazing as a human brain.
        I can remember every single phone number I use on a regular basis because once again
        this is what we did pre 1990.
        People should try using their brain they will be amazed at what it can do
        As for uncomplicated, my wife died when my Son was only 18 months old.
        I brought him up alone while keeping a full time job. He is now 22.
        So I have done my fair share of juggling

        • Pre-1990, we didn’t have to contend with so much stuff with all these gizmos, gadgets, passwords, accounts, services and sites. Life was much simpler back then. Tools like Keep make me truly keep (coincidence not intended) up with complications brought forth by this modern lifestyle.

          Having only one son doesn’t make you an expert juggler even though this subject is beyond the scope of what I meant. I myself have 3 kids, two of whom are mid to late teens. While it is true that my wife and I share the affairs that you would call solo juggling by taking care of your own life and also the life of your child, this thing is not unique to you. Besides, you mentioned that you can remember EVERY single phone number that you use on a regular basis, but how about those phone numbers of the networks that you only need to call on an irregular basis? Isn’t that what a phonebook is for?

          If you’re too stuck up to still be living with your own pre-1990 machismo and bravado, then good for you – that’s what I originally said. Maybe you do have a complicated life, and you can still manage without Keep. For the rest of us who also have complicated lives and would want to ease our burdens, we’ll keep on using Google Keep. And we’ll be spending our excess brain energies elsewhere more efficiently and effectively.

          • Dior A Manchester


          • And if you factor in the number of phone numbers each person has right now, you’d probably be overwhelmed… unless you’re “Joe”. An ordinary pre-1990s businessman would probably be carrying less phone numbers, account and contact references to his/her own self than a teenager in today’s world. Now, imagine that you are quite actively engaged in your communities (plurality emphasized) of interests, in your professional interests and in your family members’ closest circle of friends. Can you really memorize all of their phone numbers and personal information such as birthdays and other traits that make them important to you? We now live in a global village connected by the internet superhighway. Our communities now are very much larger than the pre-1990 era.


      A verbal selfie.

  • Bill Bateman

    very nice

  • Victor Kaiser

    Discovered that with Google Now you can say “Take a Note” or “Note to self” and after choosing which app, it will automatically save it to Keep.

    • Logical Bomber

      I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to integrate Google Now and Keep… This is great!

      • Dior A Manchester

        Kami-sama, I’ve needed a tip like that!

  • great info, thank you mantapps

  • Jim Atkinson

    How can you capture web pages and annotate them in Google Keep? I cannot seem to find anything on this. It’s a major function in Evernote!

    • Jeňa Kočí

      this isn’t evernote. if you want evernote, just use evernote ;)

      • hoopsnow

        If you want Google Keep to capture web pages and annotate them then ask members if know if such features exist. In addition to possibly learning that the features are available, you inform Google Keep designers that such features are needed and encourage them to provide them. If Jena wants a massive, bloated program, she’s welcome to it. I prefer a sleek, slowly crafted tool that avoids becoming a bloated, unwieldy tool like Evernote.

    • Tiffany Booker

      Download the Google Keep desktop extension.

  • Vinay

    very nice features, g keep have!!!!!!!!!

  • Media Man09

    Why was Google Keep removed from Google Takeout? I used to use Takeout al the time to back up my Keep notes, but now Keep is no longer listed ! Is this a short term glitch, or is this the beginning of the end of Google Keep??

    I like Google Keep a lot, routinely using it on my desktop, phone and tablet…but I am concerned now it will all disappear shortly.

  • Carena Alvarado

    I was editing a note I was writing in Google keep that I was working on for over two months. I attempted to select text to copy into another app and the entire note deleted . There is no option to undo and no possible way to restore my note . Two months of hard work are now completely gone !!!

    • DoodleBlu

      There’s a trash. Try looking in there.

    • Ben Smith

      We must use GKeep very differently, how can there be 2 months of work in a single note? What do you put into your notes? The max size of one of my notes is 5 lines :o

  • ForeverMD

    Hi, Ok auto kill is good but i have a real problem… I like reminders app that Google Keep vs Evernote, but i don’t can use. I set the reminder note for tomorrow and when time is coming, i don’t have any notification/ remained… Help me please!

    • Hike Mellem

      Exactly !

      • ForeverMD

        You have too this problem?
        You have not found any solution?

        • Hike Mellem

          The same!
          Sometimes I want to work offline to make any notification and can not!

          • ForeverMD

            Hmm… What is your divice(smartphone)? :)

          • Hike Mellem

            Moto X

          • ForeverMD

            Hah, i have Meizu MX5…
            I love this phone, but i hate this bug…(
            I dont know what can i do…

          • Hike Mellem

            I like to use all the features of google ! unfortunately I can not keep . So I’m using and loving the EVERNOTE !

          • ForeverMD

            Stop, Evernote work normally on your device?

          • Hike Mellem

            Evernote for everything!

  • Yoran Huzen

    I think they should fuse google tasks and google Keep together.

    And i would love to see a function to add e-mails to keep-notes.

    • Ward Morris

      I would like to see tasks, keep, and drive together. For example, I would like to see a Keep format available in Drive.

      • Dior A Manchester

        That would be AWESOME!! And super handy!

      • hellol11


      • 100% there should be a note in Keep called Tasks which lists all your Google Tasks. I am trying to switch from Evernote to Google but not having everything fully integrated makes it a bit messy: Drive, Tasks, Keep and Calendar. Having a calendar note or widget option would also be great in Keep too. A simple way to link to Drive documents too would make the whole system perfect.

  • I was thinking about using Trello, but really, I adore Google Keep. I’m going focus more on the color coding for my projects and use it more as reminders. Though, reminders are on GMail now too via mobile, which I use more now anyway.

    • P. Silva

      Trello is good for project organizations, as hub of information for many personal or professional areas. Keep for small notes, to-dos and reminders. I also use Evernote, for longer text notes.

  • Hello! I broke the screen of my phone and I’m not able to sync the lasts notes I took before the phone got broken. I reinstalled google keep in my new phone but I can’t see those notes, only the old ones :( If my screen wasn’t broken I could be able to hit the sync button in my phone and see them on my pc but I can’t do that because, again, my screen is broken. Is there any way I can recover those notes? I appreciate all help. Thanks a lot.

    • Jeňa Kočí

      I don’t have any “sync button” in my version of Keep – it synces automatically in the background and also you can “force” sync with pulling thumb downwards within the app. Do you have internet connection enabled on the broken device? That seems like the only reason why it won’t sync.

    • Amir Samir

      Does your phone support OTG? If it does then you can use an OTG cable to connect a mouse to it and press the sync button, an OTG cable only cost about 5 dollars

      • Narender Singh

        In India OTG cable just cost $1

        • djcukor

          Yes, that’s extremely relevant! Thank you Narender Singh for that important and life altering information!

          • Narender Singh

            That’s quite sarcastic reply ?

          • SPOKANESE


    • Linda Crowder

      Maybe plug your phone into the computer. Maybe it will sync automatically. Mine does update everything when I plug it in. Hope it helps. Good luck!

  • Kat

    Is Google Keep, that better than Evernote? Fine I’ll try it.

    • Tracey Smith

      Yes and no. It IS better for things like reminders as Evernote will not allow you to do repeating reminders and Keep WILL. However Google Keep does not offer the more sophisticated tagging and notebook features for organization that Evernote does. I have been a premium EN user for 4 years now, but I use KEEP for things like repeating reminders and simple lists like my grocery list or to do list. So for me at least, I use the two interchangably.

      • Agreed on those points. I’ve started using Keep for shopping lists I share with my wife because we can have the same note open on our phones simultaneously (to tick items off). Better than getting sync conflicts continuously on EN. But EN is a better all round note storage solution.

  • I have been using Google Keep since I can remember abusing Google’s apps. However, one of the annoying things I find on using it is in its insistence on automatically converting URLs into links. Is there a way to turn this auto-convert of URLs into links off?

    • Dior A Manchester

      If you put a URL in, why WOULDN’T you want it to hyperlink?

  • Pilgrim Progressing

    All my notes went to archive as one single note. How do I get them back?

  • Mito Cisnero

    how do we sync google keep with google calendar?

    • pretty sure you can’t

      • P. Silva

        That is done, as soon you add a reminder to that note. Otherwise does not have any time relation to be visible on Calendar.

    • sync does not work, wunderlist syncs instantly; the nice thing about keep is you dont need a pen and if you dont like typing use your finger as a pen, thats what i like about it and so kept both, keep and wunderlist.

    • Make sure Reminders are enabled on your Google Calendar (on the left where the Calendar lsits are, you should see either Reminders or Tasks; you can toggle between them), and give your Keep notes a reminder. They will then become Calendar reminders.

  • David M

    Does anybody know how to remove the previews that show up automatically, corresponding to any link that you have in your Google Keep list on the Android app? It just started happening a few days ago. On the browser version, you go to Settings and unclick ‘Display rich link previews”, but this option does not appear in the Android app version.

  • Javier Aristín

    Does Google Keep the ability to insert my location at the time I create a new note as Evernote does? What about creation/edition date? Thank you

  • Bernd Wechner

    And then there are the features it lacks. Namely how to force it to sync NOW. I am sick to death of entering a note on my PC and wanting to walk off to meeting with it on my phone and there is no way to see it on my phone but to wait demurely and patiently until in its own good time, like hours later, the note is on my phone. As Abdul Hashim points out below Wunderlist syncs immediately, as does Evernote in my experience and Google Driver for crying out loud. If Keep isn’t going to sync immediately at least give me a Sync Now button.

    • Black Magic

      Me too. Very frustrating. I have tried everything. This problem has been around for years and Google does nothing to fix it.

  • andres

    but still no feature to get google calendar inside KEEP ? shame

  • sam

    i would like to add a phone contact as link in keep notes – so that I can say –
    call “my friend” and as reminder pops up, i just click that note to call from my phone.
    Can I do it?

    • It / something similar works on the iPhone. Type the number in the note body and iOS turns it into a tappable link. When the reminder comes up, tap it to see note and then tap link.

      • sam

        thanks Dan – that works on Samsung as well,
        I like to add the link of my contact where I have conf call details.
        My Work – has phone no, pause, passcode # etc.
        If I have added contact link (like weblink), it would go to my contact and call – wouldn’t that be wonderful?

        • Harkirat

          some kind of google contacts integration with google keep would have been great

          • Harkirat

            something that can initiate a google keep note from the contact itself probably

  • Paul Brown

    One cool thing I like about using Keep for Grocery lists is that I can check off items as I buy them, but keep the list for future shopping events. Then, as I need a new item, I just uncheck it off the old list, rather than retyping from scratch every time I go shopping. Within a few shopping trips you’ll find you have almost all regular items already entered, making creating a new list very quick and easy.

    • yes it is good, even better than that is the “Untick all items” option at the bottom.
      Also good for shopping is that new items are often suggested by Keep as you type. However, Keep has been giving me duplicates quite regularly, which when I delete them causes me to lose the original item too. The other problem is that if you have a weak mobile signal at the supermarket (which I do) Keep will lock you out. These are issues forcing me to reconsider Evernote my shopping lists.

  • Black Magic

    I cannot get Keep to sync between my Android phone and Chrome Keep on desktop, short of deleting and reinstalling my entire Google account on the phone. My last sync was 3 weeks ago. Please help somebody.

    • Who Music

      Do you have low file space on your phone?

  • Nornwen

    There isn’t really sorting, there is only filtering. Its sounds the same but it isn’t.

    Google Keep could really use sorting!

  • Thomas Madigan

    It is missing a due date (it only has alerts) and if you get the alert while you are busy —and then want to go back to see what is DUE– IT DOESN’T MARK IT DUE (Cause google forgot to include a due date option–only alerts). Hope they update and add this feature– I like this app but without due dates is not efficient.

  • crazyfeet

    I can’t multiple select notes on keep. Please help.

    • On web:
      Hover your mouse over notes and a checkmark appears in the top left corner. Then you can select that note and do the same on multiple notes.
      On iOS ( and possibly Android):
      Long tap on a note, it will then be selected, tap other notes to select them also.

  • HazzB Berry

    How about an undo button…? Not a useful feature? Too hard to program?
    Accidentally select all text and press any key BAM everything gone. No undo, no backup, nothing. Your now left with an empty note…

    • Erik Blank

      CTRL-Z is your friend…

      • Crtl-Z works the web, on iOS shake your device and get an Undo prompt.

  • erakin99

    The reminder setting could’ve be more flexible.

  • Esther Greenfield

    Hi, wondering if anyone is having trouble with going to your google keep note the next day only to find out the hour you spent editing a detailed note is not longer there. This is not something you can recover in trash because it wasn’t a deleted note just all my brain work gone because I thought it all went into the newer version of my note. Can’t find help anywhere!!

  • How to combine tag with note color – so if i choose tag color apply automatically?
    How to have 2 columns in android widget?
    Can i create folders? Groups?