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5 Features of Google Keep You Should Start Using

Google Keep is a great app with near-instant sync, collaborative features, and apps for Android, Chrome and the web — but are you getting the most from it?

16 January 2015

Task Collaboration, Improved Filters Land in Google Keep for Chrome

Helping you keep on top of your to-dos, there's a freshly pressed version of Google Keep now rolling out on the Chrome Web Store (and on the web and on Android).

18 November 2014

Google Update ‘Keep’ for Chrome With New Features, Visual Changes

Google Keep for Chrome, the desktop tool for the search giant's note taking service, has gained a sizeable update this week.

11 March 2014

Google Confirm ‘Keep’ to Replace ‘Scratchpad’, Offer Notes Migration Help

Here's one to file under 'totally saw that coming': Google Keep has been confirmed as the official replacement for Scratchpad, Google's old note-taking web-app.

11 May 2013

Official Google Keep Chrome App Launched, Includes Offline Access

Google's note-taking service, Google Keep, launched a few weeks ago with much fanfare with a Android app and web app. Today sees the release of the much anticipated Chrome App.

2 May 2013

Google Launch ‘Keep’ – New Note-Taking Service

Google has unveiled their latest productivity tool - a new note-taking app called Keep.

20 March 2013