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Google Advertising Chromebook in Chrome New Tab Page


Google are once again displaying adverts for their Chromebook’s on Google Chrome’s ‘New Tab’ page.

And what a billboard that is: there are over 300 million active users of Google Chrome.


The power of cross-promotion was, in part, what spurred adoption of the Chrome browser. Users visiting the Google homepage would be (and indeed, still are) presented with a small advert suggesting they download ‘a faster browser’.

But will this work for Chromebooks?

Google attempted a similar ‘in-Chrome ad’ campaign during the launch of  the first Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. But given that both devices were met with tepid sales, it’s hard to tell quite how successful this was.

The good news for Google is that, even before this latest ad campaign, newer – and cheaper – Chromebooks have seen phenomenal success – both sales and in consumer perception.

So, at the very least, this not-so-suble insertion is an indication that Google are keen to maintain momentum on that.

  • The more advertising for linux stuff, the better.

  • Dave

    I think the’re gaining traction, especially now with all the extra OEMs.

  • Cydonos

    My browser really shouldn’t be trying to tell me what laptop to buy.

    • Neutral Nets OP

      Couldn’t agree more. With Google’s history of being pretty cool on the net neutrality front, it makes me sad to see them taking this first step to exploiting their influence for capital gain. I’d love to see Google succeed; I just hope this is where their use of privileged advertising space ends.