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Chromebook Bill Nye

Bill Nye Pimps Chromebooks in Brand New Video Ad

Bill Nye, aka 'The Science Guy', stars in a new Chromebook ad aimed at persuading people to 'switch to Chromebook' from Windows and macOS devices.

13 August 2019

New Chromebooks Shown Off In Latest Google Ad

The ASUS Chromebook Flip, and new XOLO and Nexian Chromebook are among several Chromebooks to be showcased in the latest video spot from Google to promote the Chromebook family.

2 April 2015

Google’s Latest Chromecast Adverts Show Mainstream Appeal

Keen to keep momentum for the Chromecast ticking over Google has released a pair of new video ads, both firmly in keeping with previous efforts.

30 September 2014
chromebook ad screen grab

These Are Google’s New Back To School Ads for Chromebooks

The 'back to school' shopping season is getting underway in the US, and Google is keen to ensure that its Chromebooks are front and centre in shoppers' minds.

25 July 2014

Karate Mom: Microsoft’s New Chromebook Attack Ad

As predictable as a malware alert on a Windows desktop, but far being as fun, Microsoft are back at the Chromebook bashing.

10 February 2014

New HP Chromebook Ad Is Funny, Informative And Not As Weird As Google’s Efforts

Chromebook video commercials are fun, lively affairs and the latest effort by HP to promote their new devices certainly sees that trend continue.

3 December 2013

HP Chromebook 11 Takes Centre Stage in Latest Google Adverts

The new HP Chromebook 11 takes centre stage in the latest adverts from Google aimed at promoting the benefits of their cloud-centric notebook devices.

1 November 2013

What Music is Used In The Chromebook Advert?

The Samsung Chromebook advert appears frequently on UK TV - but what is the song used in it? We have the answer...

19 April 2013

Google Advertising Chromebook in Chrome New Tab Page

Google are once again display adverts for their Chromebook's on Google Chrome's 'New Tab' page. And what a billboard that is: there are over 300 million active users of Google Chrome.

18 February 2013