Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 15.05.50The ‘back to school’ shopping season is getting underway in the US, and Google is keen to ensure that its Chromebooks are front and centre in shoppers’ minds. 

In three new video Chromebook adverts posted to YouTube this week the search giant is hoping to appeal directly to schoolers, describing its ‘family’ of Chrome portables as “everything a student needs in a laptop”. 

Files that save themselves means never losing a paper,” reads one education-centric caption, while built-in security, fast start-up times and productivity are touted in others.

All three clips are bookended by the same captions. They open with the tag line ‘Meet the Chromebook Family’ (emphasising family during back to school is marketing 101) and end by highlighting the price point of ‘from $199′ . During a season where shoppers expect bargains and discounts this, again, appeals to the incumbent cash conscious mentality.

With sales of Chromebooks direct to schools hitting new highs it will be interesting to see if individual student sales can demonstrate similar demand. While the 2014 back to school season is predicted to generate lower sales for retailers than previous years the low price point and general versatility of Chromebooks may buck the trend.

‘For Students’

‘For Get Up and Go Built In’

‘For Never Losing a Paper’

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