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Google Walks Through Chromecast Backdrop Feature In New Video

Know someone yet to take advantage of the 'Backdrop' personalisation features available for Chromecast? Beam them over a link to this new video from Google.

27 November 2014

Check Out The Latest Chromecast & Chromebook Adverts

No doubt keen to keep Chrome devices at the front of buyers minds this holiday season, a spate of new video ads for the Google Chromecast have gone online.

23 November 2014

For More Sales: Google Puts 2 New Chromebook Ads Online

Google has uploaded a pair of new Chromebooks ads to Youtube, both of which continue in the vein of previous promos to be brief, irrelevant and on-message.

13 November 2014

Google’s Latest Chromecast Adverts Show Mainstream Appeal

Keen to keep momentum for the Chromecast ticking over Google has released a pair of new video ads, both firmly in keeping with previous efforts.

30 September 2014
thumbnail of acer chromebook 13

Promo Spots for Acer Chromebook 13, Plus Short Hands-On Video

Yeah, we know: you can't get enough of the new Acer Chromebook 13. And to be frank neither can we.

15 August 2014
chromebook ad screen grab

These Are Google’s New Back To School Ads for Chromebooks

The 'back to school' shopping season is getting underway in the US, and Google is keen to ensure that its Chromebooks are front and centre in shoppers' minds.

25 July 2014

Karate Mom: Microsoft’s New Chromebook Attack Ad

As predictable as a malware alert on a Windows desktop, but far being as fun, Microsoft are back at the Chromebook bashing.

10 February 2014

HP Chromebook 11 Takes Centre Stage in Latest Google Adverts

The new HP Chromebook 11 takes centre stage in the latest adverts from Google aimed at promoting the benefits of their cloud-centric notebook devices.

1 November 2013

Family Guy’s Stewie & Floating Breadfish Feature in Latest Crop of Chrome Ads

New 15-second adverts for Google Chrome, one featuring Family Guy's Stewie, have made their way online.

26 March 2013