Yeah, we know: you can’t get enough of the new Acer Chromebook 13. And to be frank neither can we.

To help tide us over until it hits retail shelves, both physical and digital, in the US later this month, we can sit glass-eyed watching other people using them.


Official Acer Chromebook Promo Videos

First up for our entertainment is a pair of official adverts from Acer. These follow the standard drill for tech promos: slick editing, clichéd platitudes, dubious elevator music. But predictable or otherwise they do their job of selling the device well. In fact, the first of the two spots is incredibly sweet.

Basic Overview

For a less showboat-y take we’ll turn to German technology site Deutsch bloggers have been pretty fortunate with Acer models of late, with fellow countrymen at having earlier presented a very literal ‘hands-on’ with the Acer Bay Trail Chromebook.

While not long enough to be able to venture forth much of an opinion, we are walked though those incredible specs once again and get a nice look at the overall form factor.

Nvidia Recap

Finally, just in case you missed it earlier in the week, Nvidia has also shared a thorough review of the device (like a proud parent). It includes a speed comparison with a Haswell-based Chromebook and further details on the graphics capabilities provided by the Kepler GPU.

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