Keen to keep momentum for the Chromecast ticking over Google has released a pair of new video ads.

In keeping with the company’s previous promotional spots for the cheap n’ cheerful media-streaming stick, the latest batch are short, irreverent but firmly on message. They both continue to trumpet the Chromecast as a great social gadget, ideal for watching movies, TV shows or sports events with others.

And with an estimated million-plus sales now under its belt it’s a message that clearly resonates.

New Chromecast Adverts

Family is central to the first spot entitled “…for bigger sidekicks”. It offers a glimpse at how easy it is to keep kids entertained by ‘casting’ popular movies.

The second of the two 15-second promos focuses, again, on casting sports from a tablet to a TV, “…for bigger hang times”:

Sporting events are easy visual shorthand that help emphasise the “social” aspect. Sports matches feature in other recent Chromecast ads, including one on baseball and another on American football.

But, for me, Google has yet to top its lengthy Chromecast video from earlier in the year titled:“Chromecast: A New Era of Squirrel Entertainment”:

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