Google has uploaded a pair of new Chromebooks ads to Youtube, both of which continue in the vein of previous promos to be brief, irrelevant and on-message.

For More Go extols the benefits of a long battery life by way of some crazy car acrobatics and the song ‘Get It‘ by Mojo Magnet. It’s the first Google Chromebook spot to feature the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

For No Worries relays the built-in security benefits of Chrome OS by way of an Acer Chromebook, one seriously chilled out dog, and a Karate Kid clip.  It’s soundtracked by ‘We Are The Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon’  by Let’s Wrestle.

As irreverent as they are, the ‘for everyone’ gambit of the Chromebook ad campaign is beginning to look a little ‘message anaemic’ when viewed alongside the equally energetic and wonderfully eccentric Android campaign that launched this autumn.

While there’s a world of difference between marketing a phone, a personal device we tend to view as an extension of ourselves, and a laptop, viewed as a tool, one hopes that as transitional convergence between the two platforms increases, so too might the ‘meat’ in the content of Chrome device pitches.

What do you think of these latest ads? 

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