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Google To ‘Investigate’ Bringing Chrome to Windows Phone


Could Windows Phone 8 Get Chrome?

Google Chrome could soon be available to install on Windows Phone smartphones.

Google brushed off calls for a Windows Phone port last year, but added that while it was not in their plans for 2013 they were willing to “keep an open mind to any and all platforms”.

Now we’re in 2014 and it seems they’re making good on that promise.

Earlier this week Google Software Engineer Carlos Pizano reopened the ticket requesting a WP8 port, to assign it to another Chromium developer, dxie, ‘for investigation’.

Microsoft is set to announce a notable upgrade to their mobile OS  next month, something that should see it build on its successes in Europe, where it has become the fastest growing mobile OS. Recent analyst reports put its European marketshare at over 10%, with a share of 11% in the UK alone.

With Microsoft currently only allowing Internet Explorer-based browsers to be listed in the Windows Phone Store, not to mention a vocal disdain for anything Google from many users in the Windows Phone camp, it’s unclear precisely how, or even if, a Chrome port would work.

Even so, it makes sense for Google to, as they state, ‘investigate’ the possibility. The number of Windows Phone users who would benefit from a seamless continuation of the desktop Chrome experience on their Windows-based smartphones is considerable.

  • Daniel Ag

    “Carols Pizano”, maybe you meant “Carlos”?

  • Francisco Gómez García

    Well, if Microsoft lets them do it, I don’t see any reason why Chrome shouldn’t be released on WP8. It’s already on iOS as you know (and that’s a more limited platform), and if they do release it, they would be able to re-use the code for the new Windows convergence. So seems like a nice idea.

    • mamemame187

      Microsoft will. It’s been the other way around for a lot of things. Microsoft made a native YouTube app that fully complied with what Google told them to do, then Google blocked it. So this is quite good.

  • AnsonKlavs

    Better bring Chrome to Ubuntu Touch!

    • fakename123

      Worst case scenerio: wait until ‘convergence’ happens….. *cricket cricket*

  • Gaus Sianblur

    That’s like asking your wife if you can give your new phone number to your ex girlfriends.

  • Robert Trance

    Yeah, finally! And bring the G+ app with it please Big G! Really time for now, WP8 has 10% in Europe, and can see growth for sure, and 11 in UK alone from the countries…so….

  • Boothy

    As WP market share rises, once at a certain level Google will support it.
    Having their service everywhere is probably more important to Google than pushing their own OS.

    • Michael O’Hara

      How about Surface RT while we’re at it?

      • Boothy

        No chance.

        No market share and on life support.
        RT will go within the year to be replaced with a unified WP for phones and tablets anyway.

      • Arry Areizaga

        That would compete with Chromebooks. Google has a winner there. Why show your cards?

  • James Bell

    If Ubuntu has Chrome, it only makes sense to bring it to Windows Phone. And how about the whole array of Google apps while they’re at it?

    • Arry Areizaga

      On top of that, why not instead of allowing apps, only allow Google services through webapps just like chrome on a windows PC.

  • zigglefriggle

    Firefox user but would switch to Chrome if I could just get integration with my PC. IE mobile isn’t horrible, but seeing as I’ll never use IE on my PC kind of takes half of the potential practicality and throws it out of the window(s phone).

  • JupiterToMars

    Since Scroogle’s becoming good pals with MS again, how about investigating YouTube’s potential to land on WP devices too?

    • Jonah Hakkola

      I have a youtube app on my WP8 . . . maybe it’s a third party app, but it works as well as anything.

      • JupiterToMars

        MetroTube, right? Awesome app, butit misses some features. Also many official videos won’t work, because of the restricted APIs.

        I’ve got a Z1 and there’s obviously differences between the 3rd party WP app and Google’s proprietary.

        • Jonah Hakkola

          I believe the one I use is called Youtube Touch.

          • JupiterToMars

            I think you should try MetroTube. It’s better, probably the best. I remember it from my WP days.

  • I have IE on my WP, you don’t need to make chrome for WP… hahaha… poor google…

  • DCMilwaukee

    There are many things the Chrome browser does better than IE on a Windows phone, so no “hahaha… poor Google”. Its more like hahaha, poor Windows phone for that.

    And, generally I like my Windows phone better than Android until you start using the browser.

  • Iulian Dumitru

    i give up android for its bad behavior. now im happy with my windows phone and to be honest i dont need google chrome in my windows phone. i use chrome on notebook and yes is great but on my phone?? im not sure i need it. IE DOES ALL THE WORK I NEED.

  • Lee Martin

    Chrome should be on windows phones, now that chromcast is about its needed to be able to connect from your phone, its annoying that you cant

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  • Zubair Ismail

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