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Google Pulls RSS Extension from Chrome Web Store

And it’s back! Google say removing it was a mistake. But it’s not returned to the store entirely as it was – read this post for more.

After nixing the popular Google Reader service, Google’s apparent assault on the humble RSS continues, as the company pulls its RSS Subscription Extension from the Chrome Web Store. 

Google's Own RSS Extension - Now Dead, Too?

Google’s Own RSS Extension – Now Dead, Too?

Google Chrome doesn’t natively support subscripting to RSS feeds (or, in fact, any notification that a site has one). To remedy this Google crafted an add-on for Chrome that enabled you to see, and quickly subscribe to, feeds from sites as you visited them.

But that extension has now been removed from the Chrome Web Store, depriving Chrome users of a way to easily subscribe to RSS feeds.

At the time of its removal the add on has amassed nearly 900,000 users.

The good news for fans of the utility is that it won’t be uninstalled; if you have added it, you can keep it.

The bad news is that it won’t be updated any-longer, so if a future version of Chrome introduces a conflict or newer extension API the add-on will break. Further more, should you uninstall it you won’t be able to re-install it.

  • Luís Miranda

    Really google?? Go Fu*** yourself!

  • jose Mendoza

    hhmm… there must be a reason why they are dropping support for google reader, which can read rss feeds and this rss extension….

    • There’s speculation that they may be rolling something similar, of sorts, into Google+.

  • Brian Bentsen

    I’ve moved to Feedly, it’s not quite as well set up as Reader, and their Chrome extension doesn’t alert you of unread news (it’s just an icon shortcut to the Feedly front page, basically) – but it’s OK.

  • Chariblaze

    Tutorial on how to export the extension data? I rely on this for subscribing to things like YouTube channels, where the RSS feed is practically invisible.

  • Pablo B. Boldrini

    ### English ###

    I managed to configure the extension to work with feedly.

    Just click with the left mouse button and go into the extension options, just add url ” “, and makes it as standard, ready, he ‘ll be running for Feedly.

    ### Portugues-BR ###

    consegui configurar a extensao para funcionar com o feedly.

    Basta clicar com o botao esquerdo do mouse na extensao e ir em opcoes, basta adicionar a url “ “, e torna-la como padrao, pronto, ele estara funcionando para o Feedly.

  • I saw that they removed it from the store. I assumed they added native support so i removed it. Damn

  • As soon as I paid a developer nice bucks to implement RSS for my custom made blog, Google decides to axe RSS. Lame but kinda had a feeling about this, heh.

  • Justin Kelly

    i’ve forked the google rss extension, updated it and loaded it to the chrome store – so that it works with feedly, newsblur and theoldread * have removed google reader, igoogle etc.. from the list