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Google Chrome Retires Old ‘New Tab Page’ Option

The Redesigned Page Is Unpopular With Some

The option to re-enable the old-look New Tab Page in Google Chrome was removed in the most recent update to the stable channel.

As of Chrome 33, a redesigned landing page, which features smaller thumbnails, no apps list and a larger Google Search box, is the de-facto default; the setting that previously allowed the change to be reverted has been retired.

But not everyone appreciates the new changes, or the decision to remove the option to turn it off.

Our concise overview of how to disable the ‘Instant Extended API’ that powers it has been one of our most popular articles.

But with that method no longer available you may be looking for a new solution – and the good news is that there are plenty of them.

Alternative New Tab Pages for Chrome

Before we look at how to workaround the removal of the previous workaround I would suggest that everyone gives the revamped New Tab layout a whirl. It may shove a stick in the spokes of your old workflow, but the addition of the search box makes getting where you want to go a little easier.

If, after trying it for a while, you really can’t get on with it then don’t fret: you do have choices.

We’ve highlighted a number of different customisable New Tab Pages over the years. From the simplicity of Currently and minimalism of Momentum to the extensibility of the iGoogle-inspired iChrome. 


Other pages, like go.infinise or the Chrome Apps page, can also be set to open in a ‘new tab‘ using the ‘New Tab Redirect‘ add-on:

New Tab Redirect on the Chrome Web Store

Even Google themselves have advised anyone miffed about the removable to ‘check the Chrome Web Store’ for other options.

So while the above solutions are not as ideal as a built-in setting, they are, barring any sudden about-turn by Chrome developers, the best solution available.

Do you have a favourite tab extension or homepage? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Brennen Raimer

    ugh worst decision ever! Even more frustrating is that it started producing crazy errors every time I opened the browser. I don’t like this change at all! Now I have to dig to find tabs open on other devices!

  • I like Currently, but I’d have a huge sad if Momentum disappeared. My favorite extension not named AdBlock. I love opening a new tab, checking out the inspiring image and quote, writing down my focus for the day, and listing about three important to-do’s I need to take care of. Also, every time I lose my focus and start searching the web, it’s there to remind me.

  • Kushal Sejwal

    After switching to momentum, I will never look for another alternative for the new Tab page. Its simple, minimalistic and the developers are promising more stuff to be added in future updates.

    Thanks OMG! Chrome! for this great recommendation.

  • I use the apps page as my new new app page. Its inconvenient because I have to Ctrl+A before typing into the search bar.

    I’m usually the first to adopt change, but this is reckless. On Linux, the apps page is the only way to launch new apps since in Gnome Shell for example instead of opening apps as pinned tabs in the existing window, it does so in a new window, completely defeating the purpose of a pinned tab. I can’t wait for Aura to become stable in Linux. Chrome is becoming a bit of a mess across platforms, I feel.

    • Hermann Sorgel

      On Linux with Awesome WM I launch Chrome apps with bash scripts like:

      /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome –app-id=mmsdfngsdfobjdlefbcabngsdfmieonb

      Such scripts can be assigned to hotkeys or executed any other way your WM/DE provides.

      To get app-id create shortcut from Chrome App tab and read generated file in ~/Desktop.

      • Yeah, I run mine as shortcuts from Gnome Shell. This is reasonable, except that they don’t open in my existing browser window when they should, which annoys me.

  • Learjet

    Thanks for highlighting the new tab redirect extension. I have never been a fan of the native new tab page, so this is great. Now my new tab is the simple and classic I love it!

  • Wesley Files

    Somehow I had been randomly getting the old tab page occasionally the past few weeks. I like the old tab page, but hopefully that will cease now that they took it offline.

  • Sajith Janaprasad

    I’m pretty sure that UX designers @ google are nuts. They have forgot some main principles of UI designing. When you type something in the search box in the middle of the page, it types on the Omini box at the top. Users get confused by this.

    • Liz

      Proof that it’s pointless, I think. ;)

    • John Longson

      But how else will Google make it easy for other companies to hijack their browser AND their NTP in one fell swoop?

    • Fire the Sociopaths

      More likely those UX Designers are cringing after being commanded by some executive order from their “superiors”.

    • Pedro Martins Zamboni

      Actually, that’s only a property of the Google search bar. If you change your default search engine to, let’s say, Bing, it doesn’t do that.

  • Oddmoonlight

    All I want is my recently closed tabs in the bottom corner to come back and for that google search box to go away!!! I can search google perfectly in the address bar where it automatically searches google…

  • Liz

    I wish they’d listen to the majority; so many people dislike the omnibox on the New Tab page – when they first brought it out, so many people wanted to change it and stop using it. They don’t even give us that option anymore. It’s ridiculous. I also lost my ‘Recently Closed Tabs’, something I used quite a lot.

    • This is frustrating to me as well. I used it at least 10 times a day. I hate having tabs open when I could reopen then very quickly using this feature.

      It is still available but not as readily as it was before.

      • Liz

        Where/How is it available?

        • Christopher Mason

          Hot Dog Menu > Recent Tabs

    • Ian

      The issues are already raised: or 335251, but Google is deaf. Google’s Peter Kastings said:

      “We _have_, in fact, considered the various issues people have raised with the new NTP, and suggestions have been kicked around as to how to address those issues, so you may see changes in the future. Completely reverting the NTP, however, is not one of those suggestions, because the new NTP is massively improved on all kinds of important user satisfaction metrics. Reverting it, in our opinion, would harm the overall UX for a large fraction of our userbase, and we have a moral duty to consider their well-being, _not just the opinions of the few who complain_.”

      (comment #18 on issue 335251)

      • wirelesscord

        Deja vu (that answer from the bug tracker). Chromium devs are amazingly stubborn. From my experience following some of these recent UI changes, no amount of whining or starring on the bug tracker will ever revert anything.

  • JBZ

    Is the a new tab extension that gets rid of the obnoxious google search bar, but keeps the most visited pages?

  • Roman Zhukov

    Humble new tab page. Looks pretty cool and smart enough.

  • Тарас Мукин

    Is there any New Tab Page, whish can show me speeddial with both apps and websites on the same page? Like on the 5×4 grid or something like that

  • Jeff

    Hate having to be forced to use the current new tab. Google doesn’t seem to care for what most people want.

  • UGH, so annoying! The last thing I want to see on my desktop is small phone-sized thumbnails. Why do they want us to squint? Turrible.

  • UGH, so annoying! The last thing I want to see on my desktop is small phone-sized thumbnails. Why do they want us to squint? Turrible.

  • Peanut

    Must have recently closed tabs available in one click …. this is frustrating. Google always tries to convince us more clicks = better design. I haven’t bought into that yet. Bring back my recently closed tabs!

    • ImACatRawr

      if you don’t mind an addon there’s one called Trash Can.

  • Parka1300

    I want to bum Google!

  • slim ahmed

    Download New tab direct extension from chrome store and set the direct link to (chrome://apps/) and volla back to the old new tabs page!

    • Vitor Souza

      Thank you sir, you`re my savior!

    • rh

      That isn’t the old new tab page, that’s the apps page.

  • hategoogle

    What bothers me most is the invasion of privacy with the thumbnails of the most frequently visited webpages. I don’t want people who use my computer to see what pages I go to most often. Google sucks. It should be very simple to give users the option so that they don’t appear, yet they just took it away by not letting us use the old style. Do they even think about this kind of thing? I do not want the thumbnails to appear. What are my best options to get rid of them?

    • ImACatRawr

      I don’t understand the problem, if you don’t want people to see your last visited/most used sites then just set a specific page for your new tab/startup page?

      • hategoogle

        I would, but I can’t. I’m having bigger issues with Chrome than just this, which I explained in my subsequent post–which appears just above this one. I need to figure out how to solve those problems, but I haven’t figured out what I need to do. If you or anyone has a suggestion about fixing the issues, or suggested places to look for help, I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

        • ImACatRawr

          Well are you logged in when you change settings?

  • hategoogle

    I just tried resetting my default open page to chrome://apps/ as a user below suggested. It didn’t work after I closed Chrome and reopened it. I always have problems with making changes to my chrome settings and having them save. I don’t see a “save” function. Am I missing something? Also, in this vein, I have some extensions that I can’t get rid of. I unclick them and then click the trash bin and they are removed, but reappear when I open Chrome the next time. It happens with one in particular about Vimeo video which causes me nightmares sometimes. I think the inability to save setting changes like adding the chrome://apps/ setting and this are related. FYI: I uninstalled Chrome about 1/2 hour ago, rebooted, and downloaded and reinstalled to see if I could get the old homepage back which, thanks to this thread, I now know why it didn’t work. But I don’t understand why changing my settings never save. They have in the past.

  • Propanolol

    I actually like the new design – the recents/other devices has been moved to the menu button in the top right, which means that I can use Momentum and still be able to access those links. As mentioned by someone else, thanks for highlighting Momentum – it’s incredible!

  • soupgoblin

    Who needs the dang search bar anyway, I just use the address bar, and have for years, having a search bar is utterly redundant. I did like having the larger thumbnails for often used pages… but Google really needs to stop making stupidly unnecessary changes.

    • DayTripper

      Exactly.. I search from the address bar too, what is up with everyone thinking they need more search bars, omniboxes or whatever they want to call them. It’s all OVERKILL

  • Lucy
  • Kevin

    So as one of the people dissatisfied with the forced change, I tried finding an alternative. I tried a few of the extensions such as the few metro clones and the one that takes you directly to the apps page.

    I am not satisfied with these workaround as a few features are not available such as the recently closed menu and having my bookmarks show only on my new tab page.

    I did find one solution that does revert everything back to how I like!

    I installed Comodo Dragon web browser. Everything synced up in seconds and is an open source of chrome. As far as I can tell it is as nearly as fast as chrome is too. You can find it on cnet and just sign in to your google account under settings and use the advance sync options and your back to what worked on seconds!

    • uhfoef

      Sorry, to countries where Google has centers, especially, United States, California, to represent your power and capacity go and demonstrate that you are against Google and Youtube changes, as you know youtube deleted most popular….. parts so show them your dedication, Media should help you exaggerate, if they refuse you can submit appeals to the US congress or president, so we may get new company (who listens people maybe MICROSOFT), so they will create same features of google chrome and youtube in years.

    • soupgoblin

      I’m downloading it from right now. I have seen it around but until now I never considered it since Chrome WAS a darn good browser until they decided that they needed to make everything redundant… And for whom? By the complaints I have been seeing they didn’t make the changes for the users…

  • ImACatRawr

    This is the reason I’m going back to FireFox, nice try google but your constant habit of forcing people to use stuff they don’t like (google+, real name on youtube etc) will backfire.

    • trumpet444

      Honestly, they are starting to feel a little like Apple.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      Firefox is plagued by the same cancer of braindead UIX designers, who have to justify their existence and job title. Look no further than their ‘plans’ for Firefox in the form of ‘Australis’.

  • SuperJohnson

    …and where the F*** did the recently closed tabs go!?

    • uhfoef

      :) Sorry, to countries where Google has centers, especially, United States, California, to represent your power and capacity go and demonstrate that you are against Google and Youtube changes, as you know youtube deleted most popular….. parts so show them your dedication, Media should help you exaggerate, if they refuse you can submit appeals to the US congress or president, so we may get new company (who listens people maybe MICROSOFT), so they will create same features of google chrome and youtube in years.

  • SatyapriyaCC

    They did it again! BASTARDS! All I want is my recently closed tabs button at the bottom right… I use that every day. I hate having to find the tiny little menu button in the upper right of the toolbar, clicking on it, scrolling down to “Recent Tabs”, and then moving the mouse left ever so delicately to find the one I want. That is beyond retarded! Is there any way to get this feature back with one of these work-arounds???

    • uhfoef

      :) Sorry, to countries where Google has centers, especially, United States, California, to represent your power and capacity go and demonstrate that you are against Google and Youtube changes, as you know youtube deleted most popular….. parts so show them your dedication, Media should help you exaggerate, if they refuse you can submit appeals to the US congress or president, so we may get new company (who listens people maybe MICROSOFT), so they will create same features of google chrome and youtube in 1 year.

  • MeHow

    F****** GOOGLE!!! I hate them !!!!!!!

    I found some option. Change yours default search engine for omnibox in settings to BING for example, and F**** GOOGLE disappears, after that just enlarge the view size to 125%-150% for new tab only and thats all.

  • The annoying thing about them supposedly “offering alternatives” is that they do so after shoving “their way” down our throats. How democratic and open. Pretentious douchebags

  • Guest

    This and removal of black bar on top are worst decisions made by Google. FU

  • disqus_hGzBYOUPsW

    Are they doing away with the Chrome app store and Chrome apps? Because I can’t see how users will easily get to their apps anymore… A link to chrome://apps was added to my bookmarks, but that’s it? I expect visits to my web app to take a tumble! :(

  • Guest

    Yesterday, as I always do, I left the tabs I was working on open when turning off my computer, expecting to find them again when I reopened chrome the next day. Thanks to the change, the tabs I had open were completely gone, along with all their tab history. Thanks all a lot, Google!

  • BijouxBela

    Oh, I hate this new version. Had managed to revert it to the original one before. I hate that they buried the recently closed tabs. Google, a little tip from an user: Sometimes it is as good as it gets! It was excellent before, why on Earth would you change it and take away the user ability to customize to their liking?!!! Bring back the old layout!

  • eli

    I’m trying to use this app I quickly customized the tiles and got my most used sites on there, and it works more or less the same as the old new tab page, click on the arrow on the right to find extensions, and RECENTLY CLOSED TABS at the bottom, which was exactly what I needed. Crossing my fingers.

    • SatyapriyaCC

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you! <3 I'm happy with this one :D

    • Johan

      Thank you, may the sun always shine upon you!

  • zoner justzoner

    ” It may shove a stick in the spokes of your old workflow (..)”.

    It’s shoving a stick alright, but “workflow” wasn’t the target I was thinking of.

  • Face of Boe

    I use a netbook, it is a crappy computer but it does what I need it to. Because my screen is small, on the new tab page I now see a huge google logo, the search bar, and half of the top row of thumbnails for sites. To see all of my frequent sites I need to scroll. That isn’t a huge deal, but it is annoying since I used to be able to see everything on the page at once.

  • sage

    I can’t stand it. How do I fix it?
    Usually you’d go to “chrome://flags/” and disable “Instant Extended API” but it’s gone now.

  • Maxime Poulin

    It looks aweful when not having Google as the default search engine (basically if the default search engine is not Google they just removed the Google logo and the search bar, leaving the small thumbnails not even centered or anything)

    I miss the old, super-lightweight Chromium once were :/

  • DayTripper

    OMG.. now there’s a GRAY INTRUSIVE BAR AT THE BOTTOM that says CLICK ME TO GO BACK TO THE TOP……….. DANG! We have a scroll bar AND “PAGE UP” key to do those things, why do you think we need a third option?.. give me a stinking break and a cookie. Google, you’re at the top of my ugly list.

    • soupgoblin

      I right clicked on it selected “view page source” and deleted the node….

      It may just be a temporary fix, but it killed the obnoxious thing covering the bottom of the page…

      • Hans Eichler

        100 points for quick thinking and pure pwnage =)

  • anon42323

    There’s a way to pretty much get the exact same previous page back.
    Use the extension provided that allows you to customize what your new tab page is, and then set it to chrome://apps/

    • Hans Eichler

      I noticed that too and that’s what I’m doing, actually. But I appreciate the tip :) thanks! That doesn’t change the fact that Google, while full of obviously very inventive and intelligent people is absolutely stupid when it comes to understanding what their customers (i.e., the people who PAY them) want. Still at least we have OMGChrome and readers like you to help us where they can xP Syrsly thx for the tip :)

    • Stamen Yanev

      All I care about is the recently closed tabs which is missing from the chrome://apps/ …is there any other solution that pops up in your brain to bring that back? Thanks :)

      • Kim S

        recently closed can be found under the 3 bars in the upper right corner. Not the same, but at least it’s there

        • wirelesscord

          Not the same, but I think it is vastly better placement. Undirectly related to the new NTP itself, so I’m not defending that. Funnily though if the Instant Extended flag was disabled, so was this…

          Previously it made no sense that to open a recently closed tab other than the last one, you had to in practice open a new tab/window first.

  • virgil

    Please include a date with your posts for reference. Thank you.

  • jimmy

    why would i need a search field, i can search whatever i want on google by typing it in the address bar

  • The new “New Tab” page having a search is pointless. Whenever you open a new tab, the Omnibox is auto selected. You can start searching before the page is even loaded. Now it just means to get to your apps is another click. What the heck Google!

    • Shane Lee

      The whole point is that apparently some people don’t realise you can search from the omnibar.

      • anne

        It’s hard to believe there’s anyone like that left on the planet.

  • Hans Eichler

    Yes I have a favorite new tab page. It’s the new tab page that Google just got rid of. Just one more example of them getting rid of good ideas. Google pisses me off so bad. They create these awesome features and services like iGoogle and Reader and then just when people start loving them they “retire” them and screw with our workflows. If I wasn’t such a geek I’d boycott all Google products. These bastards might have innovative ideas and technologies but they’re too *stupid* to follow through with them. They start something and never finish it. Sorry about the complaining. I’m just SO sick of Google doing this crap. It’s NOT cool and they just lost yet MORE points in my book >.< @$%^$!%&# lol =)

  • Hans Eichler

    THANK YOU! I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who sees how horrible crapple and their macintrash is. I’ve known that for a long time. I never thought Google would dip that low though. This is a sad day in history. :( If this keeps up I’ll be installing Firefox too >.<

  • Na7noo7

    Im used to the “New” New tab page now.

  • Jonathan Levy

    New New tab is simply retarded.
    Why do we need google search when the omnibox is right up there >.>
    And ofc you take away easy access to closed tabs and recent stuff.

  • Runner

    When I saw this, I downloaded the redirect tab and placed chrome://apps/ into the redirect page, AND OLD TAB PAGE IS BACK…kind of.

  • I haven’t seen this new tab page yet in the linux builds.

  • Brainpicnic

    can we revert to the earlier version of chrome? At this point if Safari had favicons i’d leave in a heartbeat.

  • StyleT
  • Alex

    I dont want other people seeing (on the tiles) what websites ive previously been on. I have changed the startup page but everytime you click on a new tab the tiles are there again. For this ignorant lack of privacy im going to uninstall chrome. Also stop messing around with youtube its so annoying.

    • simon_coulter

      Exactly what I thought. No privacy. I prefer to see the apps – why can’t they provide a toggle option between the two?

      • wirelesscord

        One way or no way. “<3"

  • soupgoblin

    OK, I took the plunge and tried Comodo Dragon web browser ( ), and now it is my default browser…

    Everything looks the same as Chrome did pre-last update, and it allowed me to import everything (and I mean everything) from Chrome, it even imported my extensions, plus it is a more secure browser than Chrome was.

    I think I found my new best browser…. Thanks Kevin.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      The problem is that Comodo, like all other Chrome forks, is based on Chromium. Comodo simply hasn’t updated to the latest Chromium code. Once they do; you can kiss the functionality of the old NTP goodbye, because the code has been gutted from Cr. This also applies to CoolNovo, SWIron etc.

      • soupgoblin

        Well, then we have 2 updates worth of relief… And by then maybe the Chrome development team will have a chance to re-think their ideas about changes that aren’t needed or wanted,

        • Dr. Manhattan

          And by then maybe the Chrome development team will have a chance to re-think their ideas about changes that aren’t needed or wanted

          I admire your optimism. I certainly have none after my most recent spat with the Chrome team on their bug tracker.

          • soupgoblin

            Well, if it doesn’t pan out for me, I can still fall back on my 2nd favorite browser, Firefox… I uninstalled IE years ago, and I can uninstall Chrome/Comodo even easier. Once I burn a bridge I never look back.

  • HappyJudas

    Following soupgoblin’s suggestion I tried Comodo Dragon as well. Whilst the auto-import didn’t work for me, doing it manually took about 10 seconds and I am very happy with my new browser. Page loads are a fraction slower than Chrome it seems, but I would rather that than being repeatedly penetrated by the dark empire of Google. Thanks for the tip soupgoblin!

    • soupgoblin

      You can improve the page load time by turning off some of Comodo’s security features. But only do that if you are certain that you won’t be visiting any malware sites.

      go to settings

      choose show advanced settings

      Under “privacy”

      uncheck “enable malware domain filtering”

      under “network”

      choose the “use direct connection” option

  • Warren g. hardon

    Google chrome can now SMD! They’re getting as bad as facebook forcing you to do what they want. Same thing when they changed g-mail. I have FB purity to handle their gestapo tactics along with adblock plus. When they tried this same thing a few months back i used the chrome:flags to fix it, now they disabled that, so now i disabled chrome altogether and am using firefox. I also started using BING just as a way to say “hey google GFY” (and it doesnt mean Good For You). If i didn’t know better, i’d swear obama was the CEO of both google and facebook.

    • SkimMillk

      Yeah. Obongo and the rest of Planet of the Apes can go KMSWA.

  • kamilos

    Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? This is what is happening. Look at Microsoft’s METRO and look at the new tab page. We are slowly being made stupid.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Google lately. They were better when they were an engineering focused company. Now that the designers are there it seems, their goal is to make previously awesome features worse for the sake of design. The Redirect from the Web Store is better than nothing but considering the level of hate, we shouldn’t have to find workarounds.

    Don’t even get me started on how much I despise YouTube these days and I hate that I despise it now because I loved YT when it was simple and easy to use. Sorry for the lengthy rant. That’s how frustrated Google has made me lately.

  • Robert

    ” the addition of the search box makes getting where you want to go a little easier.”

    Because you can’t search from the omnibox anymore? Oh wait, you still can!

    • don

      it gets even better than that – when you start typing a search into the search box, the box disappears and your cursor automatically moves to the omnibox

  • leavenworthcat

    If options to customize are not reinstated, I too will be leaving Chrome. We are not automatons, we actually are individual users with individual preferences. Stop forcing that huge a$$ Google Search box right smack in the middle of the New Tabs page. Do you realize that not all of your users are idiots? Some of us know how to search using the Omnibox, some of us even know how to open to get the huge a$$ Google search box, and some of us know how to bookmark the Google Search page. I want to see the most recently viewed sites, not as thumbnails that I have to squint to see, but as actual images that are easily viewable.

  • Oleksiy Portechyn

    I really don’t like where chrome is going, where google is going. I kinda feared this update but thought that it wouldn’t make any sense to remove tha option to go back to classic “new tab”. I heard that they also forced users to new google maps, more like disaster maps, and the day my browser goes to that garbage by default google maps will be over for me (bing looks nice…). anyway, since I don’t really use “home button” and from now won’t use “new tab” I set my home page to chrome://apps/ and it kinda works for me (for now). Waiting for opera to launch the new opera for linux…

    • Dr. Manhattan

      It’s a plague/cancer in all UIX circles right now.

      Google created the cancer that is the ‘hamburger’ menu, which gives little to no visual cue to anyone as to what it really is or does. There’s a reason why the wrench/cog is the most frequently used glyph to represent tools/settings.

      This cancer has now spread. It can be seen everywhere. From most websites, apps, and now even the Mozilla team are forging ahead with “Australis”, their ape of Google Chrome, and it too has the dreaded hamburger.

      • AnnoyedAussie

        That sounds scary. I don’t like that “Australis” makes it sound like it has something to do with Australia.

  • Dan_J

    I was confronted with this horrible truth when Chrome crashed on me last week. Even though some of the options seem interesting, like redirecting the new tab page. But just to change things up I’m gonna try the Sleipnir browser.

  • sh0ly

    Or.. use as homepage ” chrome://apps/ ”

    simple like this

    • wirelesscord

      Thanks… But that requires setting the startpage to that, and then you can’t set “Continue where I left off”. Mind-boggling why these are exclusive options (and have always been).

    • Iulie

      This worked. Thank you very much! There were only two big pet peeves I had about this change. The first was that you could never see your theme for chrome because all the “most visited” boxes were in front of the picture, even if you zoomed out. The other was that, when you closed out all your chrome tabs, and then opened chrome back up, the “recently closed” option (which was now found in the upper right-hand corner) did not have the pages you had just closed. Google fixed the second problem, and now you’ve fixed the first. Thank you again!

      For those of you who are wondering how exactly to make this web address pop up as your home page when you open chrome, simply navigate to the settings menu (the little icon with three horizontal bars at the top right-hand corner). Under the “On Startup” option, select “Open a specific page or set of pages” and then click “Set pages” to copy and paste the chrome apps address. Then, if you want to make sure that this will always be your home page appearance as well, select the “Change” option under the “Show Home button” (under the section titled “Appearance”) and then copy and paste the chrome apps address in. Make sure the option for that page is selected as well, otherwise it will take you to whatever you had selected as your home page before.

      • Iulie

        Also, as a side note, wirelesscord (below) is correct in saying that opening a new tab in the browser will still show you the new NTP. But at least, you can see your theme on your startup page.

  • thebionn

    Ctrl + Shift + T


    • Anonymous

      Dude, you just saved me HOURS of frustration. All hail the simple fix.

  • wirelesscord

    It’s pretty comical from a UI design point of view that the new NTP does not even fit on the currently most used resolution (1366×768) – there’s a scollbar, which itself is useless since it is only a question about few pixels (naturally there’s a lot of empty white space on the top).

  • Tanya Tom

    needs a “don’t like” button

  • Iz Tang

    Nooooo…..!!!! I thought I already had this problem dealt with the last time with the Instant Extended API disabled! But this time you even make that option unavailable!! What do you want to achieve with this stupid new newtab page?! I cant even see my apps and recently closed tabs in one go!

  • irritated

    I am just really grateful when this crap happens that none of these turkeys, Google, Microsoft, invented the alphabet. They’d want to change that very six months too.

  • ranjana

    i have accidentally deleted the thumbnails on my chrome browser. How can i get them back?

    • Troll

      Sorry, you will have to get a new computer.

      • Matthew

        What do you mean by the ‘thumbnails’? If they are the bookmark thumbnails in chrome, just re-visit the bookmark.

    • Trev

      You can fix it by removing another one. When you do, a dialog will appear at the bottom of the page with the options “undo” and “restore all”, just hit “restore all”

  • Lenoxus

    “Searching from the omnibar” is an extremely widespread and compelling myth. You’re deluded if you think it’s even possible in theory for the same text box to do two different things. That’s like saying you can use the same hammer to bang in nails or pull them out. I’m glad Google was honest enough to stop pretending it had such an impossible, pie-in-the-sky feature.

    • Matthew

      Sarcasm, Much?
      I use auto search keywords, so if i want to search google images for something i just type “images ” before the keywords, and hey presto, searching google images without having to go to google web search first. Obviously i have a lot more than that, that’s just an example.

      • SHaGGGz

        Yeah, it was laid on a little thick, eh?
        I have all of my favorite search sites programmed to be a single hotkey, so w for Wikipedia etc. far and away the best way to use this feature, and it’s what keeps me using Chrome despite the repeated slaps in the face such as this unjustifiable reduction in functionality. Now I can’t even have an obscure way to opt out of these “improvements.”

  • Kim S

    I settled for this last night. Not exactly the same, but I am kinda digging the extra options, once I found a tiled image I could live with.

  • To all the people who are unhappy, might I suggest you find yourself a paid service that works exclusively for you and tailors everything to your preferences?

    It would be a little expensive but it would make more sense than complaining about the decisions of a company tailoring its services to billions of humans, with an eye on future features, functionality and technology that we wouldn’t be able to comprehend or visualise until the finished product is placed in front of us to use or not use, as we please. And there’s countless other complications and considerations involving technical limitations, security issues, cross-functionality and compatibility or even political hijack complications where powerful forces or governments exert pressures and make legal demands, to retain control of their exploitation of you.

    I’m not saying complaining is wrong. I’m complaining right now. I’m saying you’re complaining in a puerile fashion about changes to a free product you imagine you’re entitled to in your narcissistic universes your mothers built for one. No offence, but we must all try harder to be sane.

    • C Elijah Easton

      Google makes an average of $600 a year in profit on metadata from users. The customer does not pay, but they profit off of the customer nonetheless. With this in mind I argue that an expectation for optimal service to these customers should be a significant priority to them. If it is any significant priority, then it is only logical that if a significant portion of their customers prefer an old look, then it is in their interest to maintain the option to revert to that look. I do not agree with the logic of this argument because it seems to me to imply that Google has no incentive to cater to all significant portions of their current and potential customer bases.

      • Indeed but my argument was that there would be a very good reason for the change. I base this on the logic that Google has no motive to annoy a portion of their users for no reason, which appears to be the prevailing sentiment.

        As the world’s most powerful company (if not technically the largest), Google has very smart guys taking a host of considerations into account when making changes. But to some of these guys, it’s like they think Google just wants to annoy them with changes to be malicious or something. It’s kind of comical.

        • C Elijah Easton

          I think that it’s a bit demeaning to say that a considerable portion of the comment forum here thinks that Google is out to annoy them. As you said they are not motivated to do so, and shareholders may be concerned with such an attitude being reflected by the company that they are investing in.

          My interpretation of a common concern is that Google is in approaching an optimal final product considering the option of retrieval of an original component counterproductive regardless of the preference of the consumer. They may consider themselves at an insignificant threat by competing search engines since there is not an alternative to chrome (that I know of) that provides a functionally similar app page when it is starting up and also provides a web app store with competitive content quality and quantity.

          • You clearly haven’t read all the comments. It’s personal for some of these angry users. Like, it’s all about Google v ME ME ME. “Why is this happening to ME?”

        • derrick4104

          I have no argument one way or the other regarding the discussion going on between you two. I’m simply curious about one or two things:

          By what measure is Google the world’s most powerful or largest company?

          Most powerful – In the US, it causes far less political change than any of the major healthcare organizations, alcohol and tobacco groups, or military/industrial companies. Outside the US, it is not nearly so dominant. In China, Baidu is killing Google. In Russia, Yandex has Google whipped. And Yandex is quickly growing in the former Soviet states in eastern Europe.

          Largest – It doesn’t have the most employees, it doesn’t have the highest market cap, it doesn’t have the greatest income, and it doesn’t have the largest amount of physical real estate.

          • It has information and information is power.

        • Efjay

          This is the company that pushes it to the creepy line by policy, that wants to know everything about us, that makes huge sums of money, that is squeezing adverts into everything it can to make even more money – an you’re playing apologist?

          Google isn’t a friendly little company, kindly offering neat services, but needs to place a few ads in to keep warm in winter! It’s a friggin multi-national mega corporation that makes billions, if they pi$$ off even a potentially large section of their users to get what they want, then so be it.

          Google does offer great services, but at a large cost to the user – just not in monetary terms. It’s not grandpa offering a Werther’s Original, it’s creepily close to Big Brother, and he’s watching everything… closely.

          ..anyway I’m off to look at Chromebooks :-)

    • Geoff

      That’s because it sucks. I’ve used Google for 15 years exclusively, but it’s been going downhill fast lately. Too much emphasis on social media and allowing it to interfere with everything else. Then they remove everything that makes sense and replace it with nonsensical things. For the first time in 15 years, I’m considering switching to another service for all my online needs.

      • rarnedsoum

        Exactly my sentiments!

        After 7+ years of Gmail, and everything google, I now refer to them as Garbage, and slowly switching to other options.

        I’ve gone back to Firefox, Seamonkey, and Chromium on many of my devices.

        Garbage can go to the landfill!

      • Which service?

    • Shempster

      That is an foolish argument.. All they needed to do was keep the option in there to set it to what you want. It was already there.

      • wirelesscord

        I’ve been pissed many times when they’ve simply removed a flag I was using, but technically the flags are not really part of the options, they are experimental switches and can be removed at any time.

    • Efjay

      Somebody got out of the wrong side of bed!
      ..back to the narcissistic universe my ma built! LOL!

    • sage

      we’re only complaining to try get this fixed.
      we’re customers anyway, Google profit from us, we have a right to get what we want and pay for.

  • HLK

    Time to switch to a different browser then. The thumbnails showing off my dating websites etc. every goddamn time someone opens a new tab are absolutely not acceptable.

    • Trev

      you can still hover over them and hit the X in the corner so they don’t show up.

      • wirelesscord

        …until visiting them again?

    • ransim

      This was what I needed to move over to Chromium from Chrome. I’ve switched to the portable build of Chromium which is version 32 and has the original new tab window. It also seems to run a bit lighter and so far works just as well.

      • John Longson

        AFAIK you can’t use Google’s Photo Editor from Chromium, can you? (It doesn’t work in Iron, despite being a different flavor of Chromium.)

      • wirelesscord

        I just installed 35.0.1863.0 from, and the new NTP is there.

        I think 32 simply does not have the new NTP yet, or it has the flag option set. So if you intend to keep using always a recent release, you can’t get away from the new NTP…

  • Tal Tamir

    >the addition of the search box makes getting where you want to go a little easier.
    Nonsense, the search box is completely and utterly redundant thanks to the omnibar, which is just above it, which performs searches.
    The only possible reason to the redesign is because google decided too many people are switching their omnibar away from google, or to get people who know where they want to go (aka, to see some google search ad results

    • MrMiketheripper

      Kinda funny also because when I click the new tab search bar and start typing, it shows up in the omnibar anyway lol (least on my Chromebook)

      • witty_mac

        Funny In noticed the same thing too.

  • Awhile back, maybe as far back as Chrome 11, Google instituted a security check which rejected downloads in line with RFC specs. More security to protect the user is a good thing right?

    The users didn’t think so. They were furious. They were threatening to use FF and IE if Google didn’t change the logic back to allow them to download their incorrectly-sized files. At first Google held firm, explaining it was an attack vector and that the other browsers had been ignoring the exploit. They were clearly trying to tighten lax security, one gets the feeling there are many of these exploits ignored by the browsers to allow for easier browsing but at the cost of security.

    The Users didn’t care. They wanted their downloads. They yelled, Google’s stance weakened, they threatened, Google wavered, they made ultimatums and I watched as Google buckled. “The logic has been changed back…”

    The logic was changed back to illogical. You can’t protect people from themselves but Google tried and is trying under substantial duress from plantation-state owners, who want to protect their little bastions of control. Whenever I see complaints from users for a free product, I roll my eyes. People resist change but it’s just a part of life, there’s so many more things worth complaining about than user preferences.

    • C Elijah Easton

      As was stated above, I disagree with the idea that Google is free to use. It does not cost money, but it costs privacy and yields an average of ~$600 a year from selling your privacy. I argue that the cost is expensive, and merely moved from consumer expense to the provision of a consumer’s resources (in this case personal information).

  • Hi. I’m the developer for New Tab Redirect. Thanks for mentioning it as an alternative.

    Since 2009, I tried to be very stubborn about keeping the functionality of the extension as a redirect-only alternative so users could input any URL, built-in chrome page, or local file location. I personally used the chrome-internal://newtab in the extension, and I was really annoyed that it was removed.

    I’ve been working on a major change (version 3.0) that I plan to release sometime next week.. maybe March 5-ish. Here are some screenshots:

    I’ve had to add quite a few permissions in order to create a new tab page alternative: “topSites”, “management”, “bookmarks”, “chrome://favicon/”. Believe me, I hate when extensions add permissions. When I added the storage permission, it seemed to make a lot of people angry even though it is the recommended approach to storing settings. With 4 new permissions, I’ve been doing quite a bit of testing to make sure as few people as possible get angry.

    The good news about version 3.0 is that many users use New Tab Redirect to access chrome://apps, but want the omnibar to clear and focus. My extension couldn’t clear and focus the omnibar for URLs because the new tab replacement page (the one that clears and focuses) just redirects to another page causing the bar to lose all of that functionality. Now that I’ve given in an implemented a proper new tab replacement page users can get the apps functionality with the clear/focused search bar. The whole concept of a redirect is now an option.

    I’m still debating on the initial installation workflow. Currently, users are presented with a welcome page which some people hate but too many emailed me with “How I use ur app”. From the welcome page, you can set options. If no options are configured, opening a new tab takes the user to the options page. I’m considering changing this to display the custom apps/bookmarks/top sites page.

    • drrelyea

      Thank you SO MUCH for actually fixing this, since it’s clearly the only problem with your software. Don’t change the welcome page – just change it so it says, in something cartoonish or clear enough for the “how r to use app i not know” crowd, “How to use this app.”

      The permissions thing is annoying (but completely understandable) – put a big splash on your chrome store page so you can explain why they’re needed.

      Thanks so much – your app is the only thing keeping me from throwing Chrome away.

      • Hey, thanks for the comment. I have been looking at the welcome page a bit and it may not be clear to many users that there are ‘pages’ for a usage tutorial, contact info, and other things.

        I will work to display clearly that there are multiple pages and highlight the version 3.0 changes.


  • Ilianna Kli

    Listen everyone! I found a way to restore old version of new-tab!

    All you need to do is to follow those simple instructions:
    1. Go to chrome web store.
    2. Type “New Tab Redirect!” (without the ” “).
    3. Download the first extension called so (New Tab Redirect, by Jim Schubert (that’s the one I have)).
    4. Once the download is complete type “chrome://apps” (without the ” “) in the bar that asks you which page you want as new-tab.
    5. Press Save and it’s done!

    I know it isn’t exactly removing the new version and restoring the previous one, BUT it is the best I could find out-there.
    The only drawback is that it takes just a tad slower to open but still it’s fast.

    Anyway I hope I helped you guys and you can be happy by keeping the old new-tab (the new one sucks) :)

    Have a good day :)

  • wjywbs

    I made an extension for Chrome 33 to revert to the old new tab page. Remove the instant extended search bars for chrome 33+!

    New Tab Reloaded

    • madleneleen

      What’s up with the new permission? Why do the plugin need this?

  • SickOfStupidThings

    Well, having been frustrated by Google stuff more and more in the last few weeks, starting with their hideous destruction of Google Maps, this little gem – while admittedly trivial – was enough to make me install ol’ FireFox.

  • Everette Beatley
  • Exchromeuser

    Well !! That’s it !!! I give up. FU Google Chrome !!!!!!!
    I’m going back to (godforbid) FIREFOX !!!!!
    Don’t really want to, but i’ve HAD ENOUGH

  • Cam

    yeah screw this, Google stuffed up maps completely and now force this horrible new tab page.

    going to try maxthon again, otherwise back to Firefox.

  • felipa

    i just know that i’m trying to do my homework and doing research and everytime it opens a new tab, this is driving me crazy i thought it was my settings but i actually havent change a thing, hopefully something good happens soon, because is very stressful, and i do not want to go back to internet explorer but if i have no choice i will, thank you.

  • Bill Freese

    I have built and used for decades my own homepage with all the links I need every moment of every day. Why on Earth would I want to have my new tabs open to some page designed by someone who does not know me or how I work. This new “feature” is a deal breaker for me if I cannot break the feature.

    • wirelesscord

      Assuming you have used the “Open a specific page or set of pages” setting this far, then there should be no change for you.

      Ever heard of bookmarks though?

      • usps11

        “Open a specific page or set of pages” only applies to starting the browser. Bill Freese is referring to being forced to the new landing page when a new tab is opened.

        • wirelesscord

          But the behaviour of that setting has not changed?

    • If you don’t use the custom apps page, the code for that page is not executed. You’re redirected to whatever URL you had previously entered.

      • usps11

        I do not use the custom apps page. My home page and my new tabs page was set to, yet now opening a new tab forces me to chrome’s new landing page. I am not being redirected to the URL I had previously entered.

  • Saurabh

    I observed unwanted bandwidth usage (mostly data upload) when I used the plugin ‘New Tab Redirect‘. Did anyone else also notice this?

  • OhMyWord

    so its not Bing highjacking my computer again?

  • Todd

    Looks like I’ll be retiring Chrome then, until they stop making stupid decisions like this and destroying the browser.

  • The_Em_Key_Sun

    Extension: “IOS 07 NEW TAB PAGE”
    its awsm..

  • just me

    Google didn’t even consult me on this. The worst part is they didn’t even tell me they were going to change things. I wasted several hours trying to fix the damn thing not knowing it had been changed.
    Your really starting to piss me off Google, your becoming worse that Microsoft ever aspired to be. I will change to Tizen when it comes on, and I will delete Chrome if you keep up this holier than thou attitude.
    a loyal and obedient servant (for now)

  • Austin2222

    They need to fix the NTP first. It takes longer to load than 90% of websites

  • Anthonytonyboy

    Ty for this extension, makes me more fast load than original google chrome <.<
    My pc is weak :3

  • Volleypopas

    Ugh, I’m so fed up with companies taking away customizability and forcing what they want down our throats. I also despise how I always get switched to Bing without my saying so. If I was interested in using Bing, I would seek it out. Google, I had so much respect for you and absolutely loved you, but now you are just as annoying as Microsoft.

  • Daphni

    Easily fixed. To get disable the eight tab boxes on Chrome homepage:

    1. Go to ‘SETTINGS’
    2. Next ‘APPEARANCE’
    3. Click on ‘SHOW HOME BUTTON’ (not shown by default).
    4. Click ‘CHANGE’
    5. Click on ‘OPEN THIS PAGE’ and make sure your preferred homepage is entered in the box.
    6. Click ‘OK’.

    The annoying tabs will now be gone!

    • Killing Fr3nzzy

      This worked, Brought back the old chrome by doing this . . . at least the app page which has everything I want and need. Thanks for reminding me about that feature.

    • wirelesscord

      Gone? As long as you don’t ever open a new tab.

      • I believe your comment is only partially correct. After implementing Daphni’s suggestion, I found that, even after opening up a new tab, once you close Chrome, when you reopen it you are returned to the desired page, sans the eight tab boxes. So at least you have the satisfaction of not having to stare at those eight boxes every time you reopen Chrome.

        • wirelesscord

          But in no way does that affect Ctrl+T kind of new tab opening. which is probably the biggest issue here.

  • Strani

    I just use a third-party start page, , to avoid these issues. It always stays the same this way, no matter what the people at Google or Mozilla come up with.

  • Why isn’t Momentum linked in the article even though the screenshot shows it? o.O I thought it would be Currently but it looks quite different :)

    • Mainly because, at the time this article was written, Momentum was pretty much everywhere on this site. It was the most read article; had a banner in the carousel and appeared in the ‘related posts’ bit.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I was satisfied with Chrome for a long time but it sucks more and more after every update. That’s how I got here ;) Subscribed!

  • guest

    Aliased chrome to chrome –incognito
    Generally beneficial move that has the side effect of disabling the new page.
    Thanks for the motivation, google! :)

  • Pc

    Honestly, the only thing I want gone is the google doodle notifier

  • Twiteroso Guy

    I really prefer the old page. It had short cuts to other devices and the recently closed pages was a big help.

  • Chrome bullshit!!

  • crystal

    Please someone tell me where the menu button is

    • kraigeriginal

      which menu button? the three bars in the upper-right corner (of the program, not the window if that makes sense) is probably what you’re looking for.

  • ericd1112

    How could I possibly set up my New Tabs page to be like the image above (17:10 Good Morning, Joey), including that gorgeous picture? Please email how to ericd1112 at yahoo. Thanks in advance.

    • Al Okyne

      Did you ever figure this out? I want to have this same one pictured above too!

  • George Platko

    200th comment woo.
    I am one of those people who didn’t like the change, but I didn’t know about that extension. Thanks for that!

  • Lynn

    i really hate what i see every time i i open a new tab.

  • WriterCraft

    I want the thumbnails OFF !!!! How can I do it?

  • token420

    My impression here is that users want something they aren’t getting. I personally agree and want the choice to make it look however I want. Trips to the webstore are unsavory for issues of basic functionality. Google, are you listening?

  • bananabird

    April 20: what is the threatening new warning about apparently-uberinvasive new capabilities of New Tab Redirect? “It can now: Access the icons of the websites you visit. Read and modify your bookmarks. Read and modify your browsing history. Access your tabs and browsing activity. Manage your apps and extension themes.” Does this mean that our wish to not show our frequently-visited websites to our coworkers mean that we have to be subjected to outside control? Who is trying to scare us, and why?

    • Hi. I’m the developer of New Tab Redirect. The permissions warnings you see are for the new features of the custom Apps page in the extension (the redirect when an empty URL is saved). When I released version 3.0, I wasn’t aware that permissions could be granted on demand. I have been working hard this past month on version 3.1 to allow users of the redirect feature to completely remove the optional permissions. In version 3.1, users of the new apps page can pick and choose the optional permissions. In the new version, I have also added a lengthy description of the optional permissions to the options page (where they’re used, what they mean, and what subset of the permission is used in the extension). I’ve only been able to get 5 beta testers for this next release, which is why it is taking a while.

      There is a quick explanation of the permissions additions on the wiki: The explanation is heartfelt because it is in response to personal attacks on my character by some users. The gist of it is that I release New Tab Redirect with no other motive than to use it myself. As a developer, I hate the permissions structure and all of the scary warnings chrome throws in your face… but I think users should be more aware of what free software has access to.

      • bananabird

        Hi, good to hear from you. And sorry people have mistakenly vented on you (I hope you didn’t read my post that way). But we’re all confused out here, we who don’t code, and feel under attack. Especially after Chrome’s thick-headed failure to give us an option to not show our history to our co-workers. I sent multiple feedback messages to them. Including pointing out that in a hospital environment, the display of frequently-visited pages could expose patient information. So to put it in plain language, should we understand that following up on the permissions warnings is our opportunity to “just say no” to all of the things in the warning?

        • I didn’t see your post as a vent ;)

          I planned to release the new version today, then I noticed that Chrome 34 broke the bookmarks functionality in the custom Apps page. If the user has the ‘bookmarks’ permissions, I query for “Bookmarks Bar” to retrieve those links and this apparently doesn’t work anymore. I’m going to look at this tonight to see if I can quickly resolve the issue. Otherwise, I may just release tomorrow knowing the feature is broken by the Chrome 34 update and release a fix for that later. There’s no point pushing version 3.1 back further since Chrome would have also broken the bookmarks in version 3.0.

        • I was able to fix the few bugs Chrome 34 introduced and I’ve released version 3.1 to the Chrome Web Store.

          You’ll get an upgrade page with a button to remove the (now) optional permissions. You can also individually remove the topSites permission. However, this will only prevent the new custom Apps page from displaying the frequently accessed sites, the built-in new tab page. You could use the built-in chrome://apps page, which doesn’t contain history.

          If you’re working with sensitive data and you don’t want coworkers with physical access to the machine to see it, you could always open an incognito session (CTRL+SHIFT+N). As far as I know, nothing like cookies or bookmarks get saved when you close one of these sessions. I don’t use them often, so I don’t know the incognito limits.

          You could always file a bug about the display of top sites against the Chromium project (the source code Chrome is derived from) here:

      • Martin

        Hi Jim. I use your extension to be able to use Google “apps” as my start/tab page. One thing that bothers me about it is that I have to use Ctrl + A every time I’m manuallty typing in an URL. Would it be possible to have the extension select/mark the entire URL after it has redirected the user? That way, one can simply type in the URL without having to mark/clear the URL field first. Cheers :)

        • Hi, Martin. It’s not possible because of the design of the extension. After the extension notifies the browser to load the new page, the extension is basically ‘closed’ and no longer in memory. Instead of manually highlighting the bar and pressing CTRL+A, you can use CTRL+L or ALT+D. The first one is for ‘Location’ and I believe the second is for ‘Destination’, I’m not sure why CTRL+L is CTRL and the other is ALT, though.

  • hyhy
  • Vinstor

    Alternatively, go back to Firefox, delete Chrome, and block the download url so as to avoid repeating this mistake.


    My solution is to go back to IE, Chrome is now history for me.

  • Lene

    new tabs used to open along my ONE page Chrome, in the tab bar. Now each time I click a link in my email etc, it opens a new page and eventually I have waaaay to many separate pages cluttering my desire to navigate between recent tabs while they are still active for me. ??? Can I get back to onepage Chrome with multi tabs?

    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing: each new link opens a new chrome window rather than, as it should, a new tab in the same window?

  • Julliette Julie

    When I sign in my pages open in full page…one page without the top showing instead of tabs. This drives me crazy and makes it very difficult to open another page. I have to close out the current page and bring down the top minimize it to open another page and you can only do one page at a time. Eventually, it will fix itself and do tabs.I want to open in tabs like it use to do. That is what I like. Please help me. Thank you.

    • If you go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > ‘Reset Browser to default settings.

      This will disable any extensions and apps you have install and will clear other temporary and cached data, such as cookies, content and site data.

  • rus432

    The new tab layout F**king S*cks…how is that for an opinion after “giving it a whirl”. Yes change is good…but not when it is FORCED on you!! Damn it sounds like I am starting to refer to the Obama administration…lol.

    There should be a way of going back to classic view if one so chooses….IE used to be worse…however now that the “new tab” is no longer a choice…I guess its back to IE again.

  • Fed Up

    Google has been screwed ever since MS took it over. Why do these morrons have to keep changing things. We have enough to contend with in our daily lives without learning a new way to use the damn computer every week or two. Leave the f***ing thing alone. Better yet I am switching to Firefox.

  • Nyimeh Gerald

    when i open a website, i see small pop up pictures all the four corners of the page. please help! i don’t like them. How can i stop see these pop up pictures? you will one with a title “Today’s Best Online Deals” and another with “Click and Create”

    • karinagw

      You might want to run a virus checker on your system.

  • Andrew

    Hi, Can someone tell me how to customize new tab/home page to the page above with the “Hello Joey…” inspirational quote included? Thanks so much!

  • Judy

    I’m a computer dummy so how do I get to my email from this damm new tab

  • aaphid

    These are much better than Redirect as there is no text in the url field/awesome bar.
    New Tab Reloaded
    New Tab Reloaded (Extended)

  • Harrison Salzman

    I just want a blank page. That’s all. It’s not an unreasonable request.

  • GlocKittyXe

    why is everything zoomed 100x now with the last update??? this is sht!!

  • Dave

    Thank you. That’s exactly what I want: Click Tab > Google opens > I type my search in the center of the page. My cursor stays there in the middle of the page and does NOT jump to the address bar!

    How do I do this? This should be simple, not complicated. I can turn off the disable Instant Search BS, but it comes back every time I close out of Chrome! Argh.

    • jason bulman

      just search using the URL / Address bar at the top. Thats its purpose. That search box on the new tabs page was added for idiots that didnt think you could use the URL bar to search for things. I wish it would be removed. it serves no purpose

  • Fr33Th1nk3r

    When I tell it to load last know pages upon opening google, it does. But it also opens a new window with a blank page. SO ANNOYING. I checked settings and I can’t figure it out.

  • MahalKita

    Wow thank you for the help it works in me thank you very much from the philippines :) try this one guyss!
    Click the new tab Redirect :)

  • Hi :-) , I’m KJL, sorry, i’m trying to put in new tab of chrome: Instant view of Youtube. How you doing? thanks;-) I like this site!

  • Pedro Martins Zamboni

    I really like the new New Tab page! It still contains the “most visited” websites, which is really useful, it also contains Google+ notifications, which is a really useful feature, in my opinion. It’s also pretty good-looking as well. Even if there are more features on the screen (Google+ notifications, the Google logo, the fakebox) it still feels more minimalistic than the old one. The Google logo, the fakebox, and the Material design makes the page look that bit more comfortable and welcoming, and the most visited websites at the bottom make it feels like your own. I also couldn’t help noticing the “recently closed tabs” was moved to the hamburger menu, which means I can access them from any tab, without having to open a new one. In my opinion, it’s one of the best U.I. changes Google have made to Chrome in some time. I’m mostly glad to see the new material design kicking in, it really felt like it was missing from Chrome, and it’s good to see it coming little by little every update, without ruining the classical Chrome look we all know and love. After several years, it’s good to see Google thinking more and more about design, and still improving on the user experience. Neat! :-)

  • viper

    this doesnt tell me how I can regain all the stuff in my menu, I had all my most important stuff saved there and now I lost it all, I cant remember not even half of em. In the tab page-the saved pages there (I think their called dials) I lost em all (sorry if I can’t explain myself well, I’m not a native english speaker) Does anyone know how to get them back?.

  • Sledge Hammer

    funny this article is from two years ago ,and mine just now eliminated my frequently visited sites links in the new tab area,weird.