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HP Officially Lifts Lid on 14-Inch Android Laptop, 2nd Gen Chromebook 11

Two natty new notebooks announced by leading PC maker

HP has formally announced a refresh to its 11-inch Chromebook and the introduction of its first Android-powered notebook, the HP SlateBook 14. 

Sadly for HP neither device will come as a surprise to our readers. We’ve already written about the latter device several times, while the second generation HP Chromebook 11 is already shipping in some parts of the world.

Even so, let’s take a quick look over what’s been announced.

HP Chromebook


The perfunctorily named “HP Chromebook” refreshes last year’s HP Chromebook 11, made in partnership with Google. The screen remains sized at 11.6-inches diagonal but swaps the 176° viewing angles afforded by the IPS display of the ‘by Google’ model for a standard backlit LCD.

Internal hardware also sees few changes, continuing to be based around a Samsung Exynos 5 dual-core ARM processor clocked at 1.7 GHz with 2GB RAM to help make multitasking more fluid and offering a 16GB eMMC flash drive for storage.

As a point of difference, HP has swapped out the clean white casing and colour accents of the first generation model to roll with a scaled down version of the chassis used by its larger 14-inch Chromebook.

HP says the device features a marginally better battery, up by about half an hour compared to the ‘by Google‘ edition. It’s best thought of as a second gen device than an entirely new offering. If priced aggressively it could find a foothold.

HP SlateBook 14

The arguably more interesting device in today’s announcement is the SlateBook.  We’ve written about it a fair bit over the last few months, but today it has finally been made official.

The device is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 4 quad-core processor, features 1GB RAM and a 16GB eMMC drive for storing files, apps and data. If you’ve been on the hunt for a 14-inch touchscreen notebook running Android 4.3 and weighing in at over 3 pounds then HP has you covered.


HP says the SlateBook will be in one colour combination, yellow and black. This is despite their own help site using a pink version to guide owners through disassembly.

Adding to the strangeness is the press shot above taken from the HP website. Notice anything out of place? It shows the Chrome App Launcher running on Android. Could this be a widget Google plans to bring to Android devices? Or is it a mistake by the graphics department tasked with mocking up the designs?

We do know that Google plans to bring support for Chrome Apps to Android eventually, but the app shell as well? And this soon? Hmm…

Release Dates

Both of these underpowered, overpriced devices will be hitting US e-tailers this summer.

The second-gen HP Chromebook 11 has an expected release date of July and price tag of $279.99 (or $249.99, depending on which press release you read).

The Android-based HP SlateBook 14 launches on July 20 with a starting price of $399.99 for 16GB, going up to $429.99 (32GB) and $459.99 (64GB).

  • view2share

    So the IPS screen is gone? Other laptops have better CPU and battery life. I have no idea why they made this one. Someone, do let me know one reason to buy this. What am I missing here?

    • Some are cynically suggesting that HP has a store room full of Exynos chips they need to shift…

      • I believe it.

        • calden74

          NO, nothing to do with overstock. HP is offering the Chromebook 11 for 250 dollars, it was all about lowering the price, that’s it, nothing else.

  • albucian

    What with the chrome os like menu?

    • jokeyrhyme

      The HP Slate 14 is an Android device, but the shot includes the Chrome Web App Launcher. Is this something Google will be announcing in a few weeks at IO? Has HP’s marketing just invented a chimera? Or is this something HP as built by themselves?

  • James Welbes

    Same 11.6 inch screen? I don’t think so. This 11.6 inch screen is very different from the 11.6 inch IPS screen of the original hp 11

  • Looks like HP is not organized at all. Leaks up the wazoo, press release after the device is already shipping, help site featuring the wrong device, inconsistent pricing in press releases, and either a misguided design with Chrome OS inside Android or a PR team who didn’t think it would be important to tout the Chrome OS features in the SlateBook. (And I’m not even talking about the degreed deficiencies in the devices themselves.)

    • Heimen Stoffels

      And don’t get me started on their webOS fiasco. Poor old webOS on phones and tablets is RIP now, only because of Leo’s cutoff. But even before that, they hadn’t organized it at all. Announcing the HP Touchpad in a press release months before it was actually available for pre-order. Same with the HP Pre 3. Yeah, HP’s PR team has been a joke. First with webOS, now with Android+ChromeOS…

  • Spacey

    What a stitch up… Chromebook 11 downgrade. Good old HP certainly know how to screw things up.

  • Ryan McNeely

    Correct me if I’m wing someone but isn’t that the same cpu as the original Samsung Series Chrome book a few years back? Or is this an updated Exynos?

    • Nope, you’re correct. It’s the same CPU as used in the Samsung Series 3.

      • Abby


  • Boothy

    Anybody who buys either of these needs their head examined!

  • Boothy

    “If you’ve been on the hunt for a 14-inch touchscreen notebook running Android 4.3 and weighing in at over 3 pounds then HP has you covered.”

    Great quote ;)

  • Curtis Mitchell

    For the “new” HP 11 to find any kind of success, it’s going to have to have a rock bottom price. Still, if they were able to bring it to market at $150-$180 new, then it might be notable. We’ll have to wait and see.

    As for that Androidbook. Color me very curious but unless it’s got a really good price tag, those specs aren’t enough to bring me on board.

    • calden74

      As far as Android devices go, these specs are pretty top notch. If this does indeed have a Google Launcher for Chrome apps then this just might be the devices to have. 1080P display, USB 3, Tegra 4, sounds good, will defiantly run circles around the new Samsung ARM Chromebook 2 and be able to handle a native Linux distro.

  • Jazzyboy1

    The Chrome OS app launcher’s already in the Windows 8 version of Chrome.(well, a whole desktop environment is there actually) So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Google also plan to bring it to their own second OS at last(Android, though chronologically, I guess it’s more like their first).

    I’m confused by this sudden obsession by a few companies to bring Android to desktops and laptops though. Sure, Windows is starting to become hated, but there are better alternatives than what started as a mobile OS. Ubuntu for example. It’d be great if instead of focusing on this Android for laptops nonsense, they tried backing Ubuntu more.

    Although I can see why that might be a problem, as Android probably does have better touchscreen support than Ubuntu, and I’m assuming most of their laptops are going to be touchscreen, as that seems to be the trend.

    • Bubba Chen

      Chrome App launcher’s been in Ubuntu for awhile, so I don’t know what you’re going on about.

      • Abby

        I don’t think he’s going on about the Chrome App Launcher being included in Android/Ubuntu, I think he’s griping over the lack of Ubuntu on major manufacturer devices. I would really like to see some more reasonably priced options for an Ubuntu laptop. I don’t want to buy a laptop with a Windows license only to wipe it.

        • Heimen Stoffels

          Talk to Dell. They’ve recently partnered up with Canonical in China, maybe if enough people beg they will expand their Ubuntu PC range outside of China?

        • calden74

          Dell, HP, Lenovo and many smaller laptop manufactures make Ubuntu laptops, just look around there is no shortage of them.

  • The ‘updated’ HP Chromebook 11 is a joke…I’ve never heard of anyone releasing a second-gen with the same specs (and worse design) than the first…why would they even think this is a good idea?

    • JusticeL

      I actually like the design of the new HP 11. This is just my opinion of course. If this chromebook is offered with an LTE version just like the HP14 I may pick it up. That is if the processing power is good enough. The thing I actually don’t like about this is the ditch of the IPS screen. With that being said I still will at least take a look at it.

    • J Cav the Great

      I’m glad they did this… the 1st gen will be cheaper!!!!!

      • calden74

        No, they will still continue to sell the IPS model at a higher price, this isn’t a replacement but an additional model.

    • calden74

      Happens all the time if the goal is to release it at a cheaper price than the original. This isn’t an update, it’s about making the current model cheaper, that’s it.

  • Tom King

    “Under powered and overpriced” Android laptop? So you’ve used it, interacted with it? No you haven’t since it hasn’t been released yet. Did you ever use the Motorola combination of the Atrix/Droid phones with their lapdock? It was actually great. You’ve made it obvious you don’t believe in a combination of a laptop form factor with the Android operating system. Rather than being biased in your reporting, give us the facts and let the market decide.

    • calden74

      Besides the 1GB RAM there is nothing underpowered about this. The Tegra 4 is still one of the most powerful ARM CPU’s on the market, more than enough power to run Android and any app that is thrown at it. The 1GB of RAM though is a travesty of biblical proportions however, I was actually interested in grabbing one for Linux ARM development but defiantly not now. HP should have learned its lesson with their abysmal HP Slate 8 sales, due solely to the lack of memory and high price tag. Android needs 2GB of RAM regardless of the promises of KitKit only needing 512MB.

    • MrMiketheripper

      Tegra 4 is a powerful processor and 2gb of RAM is more than enough for Android
      I still just find a bit too expensive for me though

  • cylonlinux

    You beast! I thought this is OMG!Ubuntu!

  • Roberto Estrada

    hp?? HP??? mmmm this smells like planned obsolescence

  • calden74

    The HP SlateBook comes with 2GB of RAM not 1, please update your above article as it makes a big difference in the performance of Android.

    • J Cav the Great

      TY…I figured 1GB RAM to be to small for a Tegra 4….

  • Smallwheels

    Has anybody heard of the Nvidia Note 7 tablet under the brand name EVGA? It has the exact chip innards as the Android 14 laptop here. It sells for $179.99 at Newegg. Of course it is a tablet form factor. It is an awesome unit with a micro SD card reader. The only downside is the screen resolution isn’t as good as the Nexus 7. Then again almost nothing has that resolution. I want to get one of these.

    Would I buy an Android laptop? No. Then again I don’t own a smart phone running Android. There are millions of people out there who probably at one time wished they could do more with their Android phone if only it had a keyboard. An Android laptop makes a lot of sense for the people out there who love their phones and would like to have a bigger better experience.

    Since I don’t own an Android device I don’t really know its capabilities. Can Android do as much as Chrome OS does now? Can it do more since it has been out much longer? The benefits of owning an Android laptop are huge compared to an android phone. Comparing it to other computer operating systems is where it might seem lame but only if you don’t want Android. If you do want Android then it will be great to have one. Doesn’t this make sense?

    I do believe the price is just too high for the hardware they are selling. That seems clear to us. Why not HP?

  • MrMiketheripper

    So why would I buy a 16gb Android laptop for 400 when I could get a Chromebook for cheaper? Can someone please explain the price lift for it being Android?

    • calden74

      It does have a 1080P Display and USB 3 but yea it’s still on the high side.

      • MrMiketheripper

        That’s true. Also, I wonder if its touch screen? I’m assuming so since it shows software keys so that could also bring up the price a little.

        • Cass W.

          Yeah, it’s touch screen, as the article says,

          “If you’ve been on the hunt for a 14-inch touchscreen notebook running Android 4.3 and weighing in at over 3 pounds then HP has you covered.”


          • MrMiketheripper

            Oop, skimmed right over that. Thank you!

  • Yvan Philogène

    I would rather but an Asus C200 instead of this new HP 11…

    And what the f… is that Chrome App Launcher doing on the Slatebook?! Confusing every average consumers.

  • Steve Eaton

    HP really are doing a disservice to the Chromebook ideals with this offering. The iPS panel on the gen one machines really made them stand out from the crowd (well the small table in Best Buy where Chromebooks are on display!). The Intel powered 720 remains the best budget 11.6″ you can buy.
    Android on a laptop! Whatever next? Someone will try and put Windows on a tablet…..

    • calden74

      Actually, Windows was one of the first OS’s to be put on a tablet, many years before iOS or Android was even on paper. I know you were just joking though.

    • Marshall Staxx

      “HP really are doing a disservice to the Chromebook ideals with this offering.”

      Agreed. And, sadly, the other hardware makers are not doing much better. They’re in the same race to the bottom that made Windows PCs so unappealing. I wish Google would give us another, more Pixel-like, offering branded as their own, just this time with a more moderate price. It’s clear that HP, Dell, et. al. are out of ideas.

  • Hayden Bridges

    I get the appeal of having a light-weight OS but Android? Multitasking is painful.

  • Diego Deleon

    i was hoping the android laptops would be like a standard PC, but apparently is another cloud laptop. Oh well it seems I’m gonna have to keep my macs

  • eb

    What the crap? Android Laptop? The faq?

    • eb

      Also, seizure.

  • Cass W.

    HP is doing this because thy’re trying to get the price down further. Its starting high I know, but I beleive they’re trying to set themselves up to drop the price so they have an appeal to different budgeted crowds. ;)

  • Joe Lloyd

    1GB of RAM? Really?