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HP Chromebook 11 Takes Centre Stage in Latest Google Adverts

The HP Chromebook 11 – the plastic-fantastic pseudo-successor to Samsung’s Series 3 – takes centre stage in the latest adverts from Google aimed at promoting their cloud-centric devices. 

Style wise the short spots don’t differ from those used to promote the (wildly successful) Samsung Chromebook. They continue to mash internet memes, cult references, quirky situations and Chromebook features together to create amusing themed vignettes.

You can see all of the spots on the Google Chrome YouTube channel. Or, for the lazy, we’ve embedded  one of the videos – titled ‘For More Doing, Less Waiting’ – below.

We’ve yet to hear that these updated adverts are being shown on TV, but with HP’s newest devices only just beginning to hit retail stores this isn’t surprising. Chances are they’ll start appearing in the run up to the holiday period.

  • JPB

    I hate commercials that don’t show the product doing anything. This is worse than the Microsoft “Buy a Surface! It clicks!” commercials.

  • Devon Garber

    I’ve seen HP Chromebook 11 commercials on TV.

  • Mohan

    I love these adverts!

  • khan of quetta

    they look nice and all but still i expected price to be even lower without windows