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HP Chromebook Revealed in Leaked Spec Sheet [Update]

A few weeks into 2013, it appears Google is turning the heat up on its Chrome OS platform with Lenovo releasing their first Chromebook last week. It now appears HP is set to do the same with its first Chromebook.

The leaked spec sheet discovered on HP’s website shows the HP Pavilion Chromebook 14-c010us, a new 14-inch Chromebook.

The device will feature a Intel Celeron 1.1GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD. While HP’s Chromebook has the largest display we have seen on any Chromebook, its resolution is still 1366×768.

The device will also feature WiFi N, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Muilt-Card reader, HD Webcam, 3 USB ports and a HDMI port. It’s disappointing to see that the battery life is around 4 hours, which is considerably less than Samsung’s 7 hour Chromebook.

Update! HP has released a statement informing us that the HP Chromebook will be released on 17th February.  No news on pricing or regional availability.




  • Another manufacturer? Where did all this support suddenly come from? Windows 8?

  • symbolset

    Looks like a nice device. I hope they got the price right.

  • Is nice to see Chrome OS receiving some attention. Seems like every mayor manufacturer wants to be on board, sadly I still think the overall price for the Chrome OS based devices is a bit a too high. Still can’t wait to look at the finished product and what else comes for the Chrome OS environment.

  • ubuchromeOS

    14″ Chromebook? now we’re talking. I was hoping for this day to come….but then I saw Intel Celeron chip on it and all my hopes gone way!

    4 hours of battery life isn’t good at all!

    • Ed Hewitt

      An Intel Celeron processor is great for a Chromebook. Chrome OS is incredibly lightweight, and has been optimised for the hardware. I am rocking a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which only an Atom CPU and its plenty fast for Chrome device.

      The only thing disappointing about this device is the resolution, RAM is only 2GB and battery life is bad.

      • Doc!!!

        I have the 3g 550 chromebook LOVE IT but have ubuntu 12.04 running on it i need to send it in to have the SD Card slot repaired but even on 12.04 its amazingly fast

      • S_Deemer

        Like the Acer C7, the HP has two memory slots, and can take up to 16gb of physical memory (although anything over 8 is probably not cost effective). The battery is external, and can be replaced by one with a higher capacity.

  • Craig

    21st century calling HP — no one wants or needs hard trackpad buttons.

    • S_Deemer

      The HP Chromebook is out and available. I played with one a week ago, and I far prefer its trackpad to the default buttonless Chromebook trackpad.

  • S_Deemer

    I played around with an HP Chromebook a week ago. It’s quite nice, with the best build quality of any of the new generation Chromebooks (Samsung S5 and 550 are still, arguably the best to date). The sound from the speakers was, by far, the best I have heard from any Chromebook — actually usable.

  • Hazique Quazi

    i don’t understand why hardware manufacturers are making notebooks for chrome OS when it’s user interface is more suitable for a tablet…
    it totally has android like form factor. chrome os will reach a larger audience if it is shipped with a tablet