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Pixlr Touch Up Is a Robust Offline Image Editor for Chrome

pixlr touch up for CHrome

Whether you’re a pro-photographer or just wanting to tweak some photos of your cats, Pixlr Touch Up is a Chrome app well worth checking out, especially for Chromebook owners. 

Made by software giant Autodesk, a company with pedigree and experience in making photographic applications,   Pixlr Touch Up boasts an impressive set of editing tools.

pixlr effects

pixlr effects

These range from self-explanatory editing basics like ‘Crop’, ‘Rotate’ and ‘Resize’, to advanced options for tweaking colour, contrast and focus. Bowing to popular trends, a slew of Instagram-esque effects are also included.

For most, however, the biggest draw will be the “Touch Up” tool. Using a resizable brush, this feature lets you quickly remove unwanted flaws from images, such as spots, misplaced hairs, etc.

Those who regularly convert images to different formats will also find the live JPG export preview another highlight.

Works Offline

Key Stats of Pixlr Up Touch

As Pixlr Touch Up is a Chrome App it runs outside of Chrome and in its own window. This helps the app feel more like a traditional desktop app. For example, it can open files directly from your local folders or, by connecting to Google Drive, those stored in the cloud.

But the best bit for Chromebook owners is that, like the built-in image editor in Chrome OS, this also works offline.

Whether you’re on a Chromebook or on a regular computer, and regardless of whether you need an offline editor or not, Pixlr Touch Up is best in class.

‘Pixlr Touch Up’ on Chrome Web Store

  • Wesley Files

    The Pixlr Editor that runs in a browser and online has the tools I want to use. And frankly, I prefer the in-browser formatting. I think it just keeps everything neat and tidy so I’m not totally thrilled with this move to bring apps outside of the browser just so they’re more familiar to users of traditional computer OSs.

  • Kenny Strawn

    I happen to be uploading a Scroogled-mythbusting video to YouTube as I type that indeed features this app, along with WeVideo Next and Google’s offline-enabled productivity tools (Docs, Slides, and beta-Sheets), just to get the point across that Chromebooks are NOT the bricks that the Pawn Stars say they are.

  • jonny

    I wish there was an equivalent to MS Paint. I can’t find one.

    • Sam Hollis

      Try Sketchpad 3.3

      • jonny

        Thanks, but doesn’t have the MS Paint simplicity and missing some functions I need. Appreciate the tip cheers.

        • Daniel

          Why on earth would anyone want to find something equivalent to Microsoft Paint when there are so many better software packages out there for drawing that are also simple? What a lousy benchmark!

          • jonny

            If you held a gun to my head, I would guess that a specific desired functionality of MS Paint was needed.

    • Wesley Files
      • jonny

        Bingo. You’re a legend, cheers!

  • Anthony Tumiwa

    i like Pixlr, they build their app to many platform/system