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ASUS Chromebook C202 – A Modular Notebook Built for the Classroom

ASUS has come up with a Chromebook that it hopes will come top of the class with American teachers and students.

asus c202 chromebook

The ASUS C202 Chromebook (Image: ASUS)

The ASUS Chromebook C202 is a traditional clamshell notebook but has a reinforced, ruggedised chassis to withstand the rough and tumble of rowdy classrooms.

A rubber bumper with reinforced corners helps to protect against knocks and drops, while a spill-resistant keyboard and scratch-resistant finish will minimise damage caused by tiny hands. 

The classroom-based considerations don’t stop there, either.

The C202 has a modular design. The keyboard, battery pack and power socket are easily replaced, and entire device disassembly requires just a few simple tools.

ASUS has clearly done its homework on what educators need.

‘ASUS has clearly done its homework on what educators need.’

C202 Specifications

Specs wise things is where things start to slip behind. Fairly standard specs sit inside: there’s an Intel Celeron N3060 processor, either 2GB or 4GB RAM and 16GB of on-board flash storage.

The 11.6-inch anti-glare display (1366×768) will be kind on eyes, while a selection of HDMI, SD card and USB 3.0 ports add to the expansibility.

A 10 hours battery life should help the notebook last even the most demanding of school days.

asus c202 side view

“The ASUS Chromebook C202 demonstrates our commitment to providing inspired solutions for the education sector,” says President of ASUS North America Steve Chang in the press release accompanying the news.

“The incredibly tough chassis of the C202, combined with the proven and popular Chrome operating system, creates an education solution that helps minimize downtime and maximize learning time.”

The Chromebook C202 will be available through approved education device sellers in the USA within the next few months. priced from $199 for the 2GB model, and $229 for the 4GB version.

  • Some video or pictures of the modules and how easy it is to replace them would be awesome to see!

  • Melih İlker Güngör

    I think 2 GB of RAM model should have gone for ever.

  • calden74

    Ouch, a Celeron N3060, that is one of the slowest Celerons you can get, not as bad as the N3050 found in the new Sony, which isn’t saying much though as the N3050 variant is literally only 10% faster. Thankfully and this is where it get’s interesting, the CPU is upgrade able which means an i3 or even an i5 would be possible as it’s the same power requirements as the Celeron. Especially when you can pickup an i3 FCBGA1168 for about 80 bucks on eBay.

    • FishBowlKraken

      I don’t know why you think you can easily replace a BGA processor. A Ball Grid Array processor is put in place by heating up solder balls to fuse the processor to the motherboard. While it’s technically possible to replace, you’re talking about using a needle thin soldering iron to melt 1168 (the name of the socket stands for the amount of access points it has to the board) individual tiny balls to the board.

      • angellacoleman

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  • Mi Pen

    I’m still doing fine on a Haswell Celeron and 2GB ram. Remember this OS is not Windows, so my C720 still runs fast. The savings have gone into a tough case and easy repair-ability. Compared to a Toughbook, this school Chromebook is still dirt cheap.

  • BernardP

    The Celeron N3060 is 2nd-gen Braswell and has faster turbo speed (2.48 GHz) than first-gen N3050 (2.16 GHz). People (like me) who look at these low-performance Chromebooks are putting fanless operation and long battery life first.
    I have found that in the real world, it’s often not the CPU that limits a Chromebook’s performance, but the speed of the network it’s connected to. There are lots of slow networks out there…

  • juanjeremy2012

    Whatever happened to this thing man it’s still not in the stores

  • Jason Appah

    Think: As an education user, will I be doing heavy video editing? Any power-hungry applications? The simple answer: no. There is no point in putting a processor you won’t fully use inside a computer. Also, the price would increase.

  • fabio

    Can be useful for an ESL learner?

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