We all love a good Chrome advert don’t we? They’re cute, to the point and, sometimes, rather moving. 

Good news for us then: Google UK have uploaded 6 new Chrome adverts to their YouTube channel…

“Julie Deane”

I had the pleasure of seeing this advert on TV last night here in the UK (which is how I came to see if there were other adverts, fact fans).

It tells the story of Julie Deane, a mother of one who ends up starting a world-wide fashion trend for Satchels from her kitchen.

“Tab Remix”

Did you know with Chrome you can open tabs – lots of them – and not have your browser slow down?

Of course you did! But many don’t, so that’s what this advert aims to educate people on.


Don’t speak a language? No problem in Chrome…

“No More Waiting”

Not sure only featuring ‘Angry Birds’ is the best way to show that the Chrome Web Store is packed with ‘thousand of gaming apps’, but still…

“Second Chance”

Soppy but undeniably sweet. ‘Second Chance’ shows how one guy manages to woo ‘the one that go away’ using Google’s various web services…


A pitch for various apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Which is your favourite? Do you think these adverts will be effective in “selling” Chrome to viewers? 

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