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Chromebook OEMs: It’s Time To Drop The Confusing Model Names

Dear Chrome OS Team, OEMs, Google marketing folk, and whomever else this may concernā€¦

26 May 2016

What Music is Used In The Chromebook Advert?

The Samsung Chromebook advert appears frequently on UK TV - but what is the song used in it? We have the answer...

19 April 2013

New Chrome Commercial Hits the Web

A new short but touching Chrome commercial has been uploaded to YouTube continuing Google's "The web is what you make of it" marketing campaign.

11 September 2012

6 New Google Chrome TV Ads Debut

We all love a good Chrome advert don't we? They're cute, to the point and, sometimes, rather moving. Good news for us then: Google have put 6 new Chrome adverts online for us to enjoy...

3 September 2012