Google have updated their Chrome app for iPhones and iPads following Apple’s release of iOS 7.

Google accounts are shared amongst all your Google apps.
Google accounts are shared amongst all your Google apps.

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system features a radically different user interface from previous versions of iOS – opting for a flatter UI and noticeably less skeumorphic apps than before. The Chrome team have undertaken a handful of visual tweaks, but overall the interface hasn’t been as significantly altered as other popular iOS apps.

But Google’s latest release of Chrome for iOS isn’t just about looks. Integration with Google’s other iOS apps has also been improved.

Google accounts set up in Chrome will now show up in your other Google apps for one-click sign ins. Links for emails and maps will now launch the Gmail and Google Maps apps automatically, but this can, of course, be configured along with the launch behaviour for other Google apps.

The Chrome 30 release for iOS comes just shy of a week after the Chrome 29 release for the platform. Though mentioned in Google’s post for this release, Chrome 29 included follow up questions for voice searches that can take a query like “Who is the president of the United States?” and use it as the context for “Where did he go to school?”.

Chrome 30 for iOS is available for iPhones and iPads running at least iOS 6.

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