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Chrome for iOS Brings ‘Answers in Suggest’

It's now far quicker to find out the weather of a location, the stocks for a company, or answers to common questions, like how old a celebrity is, in Google Chrome for iOS.

16 March 2015

Google Chromecast for iOS Gets a Material Design Makeover

The Google Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad has been given a Material Design makeover, weeks after the Android client received its visual revamp.

21 December 2014

TED Talks, Showtime, NASA and AirParrot 2 – Chromecast Roundup

November continues to be a great one for fans of Google Chromecast, with the past week alone seeing a number of well known apps adding support for the $30 streaming stick.

24 November 2014
Google Chrome for iOS

iOS 8 Support Lands in Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad has been updated with support for new iOS 8 features, including third party activity extensions and custom keyboards.

22 September 2014
Google Search iOS App

‘Google’ App for iOS Adds Traffic Cards, New Icon, Chromecast Feature

The 'Google Search' iOS app has been updated, adding extra Now cards, Chromecast integration and a new name.

21 September 2014

Designer Reimagines Chrome for iOS 8 With Stunning Results

Google's new Material Design language is slowly creeping across the search giant's various apps, sites and services, most recently in Google Chrome for Android.

17 September 2014

Chrome 34 Rolling Out on iOS with New First-Run Tour

Fire up the App Store, Google has released Chrome 34 for iPhone and iPad.

1 May 2014

5 iPhone Apps That Now Support Google Chromecast Streaming

It may have only been a few short weeks since Google released the Chromecast SDK but the number of mobile apps making use of the streaming tech has grown phenomenally.

26 February 2014

Chrome for iPhone and iPad Adds Bandwidth Saving Feature, New Tab Page Design

iPhone and iPad users can now take advantage of Google Chrome's bandwidth compression feature.

31 January 2014