A new version of Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad is rolling out on the App Store, bringing with it a faster way to glean answers to common queries. 

The latest version of Chrome for iOS makes it quicker to get answers to certain topics from the omnibox, no need to hit return and load up a page of search results.

The feature, which has been in testing for several months on both Android and desktop versions of Chrome, uses the ‘suggestions’ sheet to highlight answers.

For example, typing ‘what’s the weather in…‘ will list the most popular matching terms as usual but, for the one Google considers most relevant, the weather conditions and current temperature will be visible, too.

You can also complete the location for yourself if you need a more specific answer:


‘Answers in suggest’ covers a broad range of topics, including answers to more precise queries.

Typing “How old is Barack Obama” will show his age and date of birth, while typing in ‘When was Amazon founded’ will spit out the exact date.

IMG_1613 These same features can also be played with in desktop builds of Chrome (excluding Mac OS X for now) by enabling the ‘Enable Answers in Suggest’ flag.


Other Changes

Google’s official change log for this latest Chrome update release is light on any other use facing changes but does tout the (always welcome) ‘stability improvements and bug fixes’.

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad is a free download available from the App Store.

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