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Google for iOS

The ‘Google Search’ iOS app has been updated, adding extra Now cards, Chromecast integration and a new name.

The change log for version 4.2 of the app touts “new Google Now cards for personalised TV recommendations and traffic information”.

As with Google Now on Android, you will need to ‘sign in’ to the Google App with your account in order to use the new features.

The name of the app has also been shortened, going from ‘Google Search’ to the truncated title of just ‘Google‘.

Other changes

A small dose of Chromecast integration is included, if a little basic. When asking Google Now “What’s on Chromecast?” the app will launch you into the Chromecast app (if installed) so you can begin casting content.

The iOS icon now follows that of Chrome and Gmail, dropping the ‘pedestal’ from the bottom edge for a flatter, iOS-friendly look.

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Since the app is more than just a search conduit, with Google Now features, new Chromecast support and a built-in browser with Material Design stylings, the change in name is a sensible one.

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Google has a built-in browser

Google say the update also brings with it “improvements to speed up your browsing experience”.

Version 4.2.0 of the Google app is available to install from the Apple App Store now on iOS 7 or above.

Download Google for iOS on the Apple App Store

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