Recent commits to the  ChromiumOS source code appear to hint at work on porting the OS to run on the $25 Raspberry Pi development board.

The news comes via a code push made today titled ‘Initial commit of Raspberry Pi board’. 

Liam McLoughlin – better known to many as ‘hexxeh’ – is behind the work, which won’t be ripening anytime soon based on one code commit that mentions a successful botting but lack of UI!

What does this mean?

So does this mean that support for Raspberry Pi will be added to ChromeOS itself? Potentially.

Chromium is certainly the ‘breeding’ ground for all major changes that come ChromeOS’s way.

But from looking closer the work on Pi support falls under a sub-project termed ‘board overlays’.  Contained within this are effort to add ChromeOS support for the NVidia Cardhu Board, amongst others.

It therefore seems likely that this work is going towards the release of developer specific images of Chrome/ium OS for these micro development boards.

You can find the code and commits @,22836

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