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Get Your Dev On: 5 Offline Text Editor Apps for Chrome

Workflows and environments change, but a developer always needs an editor. We've rounded up 5 offline-capable editors that might just be your next favourite Chrome app.

25 November 2013

New ‘Chrome Apps Developer Tool’ Streamlines Add-On Development

A new packaged app from Google makes Chrome app and extension development even easier than before.

8 November 2013

Aura Update Brings Visual Enhancements to Chrome

Even though Google has been bringing features, performance and technology updates to Chrome regularly, the interface hasn't seen much change since the first version of Chrome.

8 September 2013

3 Minor Chrome OS UI Changes on the Way

A handful of minor, but notable, changes to the Chrome OS UI are on their way, including new-look click states for the App Launcher and System Tray.

15 July 2013
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Chrome Gets a Beta Channel for Android

Google has recently added a Chrome Beta to the Play Store, allowing users to test more bleeding edge versions of the browser.

11 January 2013

Simpler App Launcher Lands in ChromeOS Dev

Not a fan of the current 'full screen' ChromeOS application menu? Well, it seems neither are the Chrome developers; a new look app launcher has been introduced in to the developer channel of ChromeOS.

19 June 2012

Is ChromeOS Heading to the Raspberry Pi?

Recent commits to the ChromiumOS source code appear to hint at work on porting the OS to run on the $25 Raspberry Pi development board.

18 June 2012