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5 Must-Have Chromebook Travel Accessories

A few well chosen and inexpensive accessories can help you get the most out your Chromebook when you're out and about. Here are our top tips...

13 January 2014

Meet The Samsung Chromebook Case That’s Colourful, Durable and Cheap

If you're in the market for a Samsung Chromebook case these colourful choices from mCover are just the fit - they're light, bright and cheap.

12 September 2013

Google Recommend ‘Booq Viper Hardcase’ for Samsung Chromebook

The newly-launched Samsung Chromebook Series 3 - aka 'the ARM one' - may be new to the market, but Google are already pimping an after-market case for it. The 'Booq Viper Hardcase 11" for Chromebook' is listed on the US Google Play Store alongside the Samsung Series 3 under 'accessories'.

28 October 2012