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3 Minor Chrome OS UI Changes on the Way

A handful of minor, but notable, changes to the Chrome OS UI are on their way, including new-look click states for the App Launcher and System Tray.

15 July 2013

[How To] Install the Google+ Photos App ‘Pulsar’

If you’re any kind of Chromie fanboy worth his pixels, you have probably already come across the new Google+ Photos App, ‘Pulsar’. But have you tried it yet?

4 March 2013

Getting Started with your Chromebook

The holidays are now over and many of you may have received a Chromebook for Christmas. Welcome to the world of Google's desktop operating system. I have written this guide to help new Chromebook users to get up and running with their new device, it may also provide some tips for you Chromebook veterans.

5 January 2013

How To Set Up GiffGaff 3G on a Chromebook

UK mobile network GiffGaff offer some deliciously tempting data-only deals which are perfect for using with Chrome OS. With a trip coming up I need to have 'on the go' internet access so I can work. So I've decided to take my 3G-toting Samsung Chromebook Series 5. But how do you set-up GiffGaff 3G to work with a Chromebook? Is it even possible? Thankfully it is...

31 December 2012

Playing With the New Chrome OS Camera App

Of the several new apps being primed for ChromeOS its the 'Camera' one that intrigued me the most. Although it has been installed by default in the developer channel of Chrome OS it has only recently been made to 'work'. I decided to have a quick poke around to see what it can do...

24 October 2012
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Future ChromeOS Devices to Ship With Manufacturer Wallpaper As Default

Future ChromeOS devices will ship with vendor-specific default wallpapers.

5 October 2012
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New Cursors Coming to Chrome OS

Is news of new cursors (the icon that moves on your screen when you use a mouse or trackpad) the most exciting of changes? Probably not, but since we try to cover every facet of Chrome OS, from the big to the small, it's worth us pointing out that over 20 new cursor icons are set to arrive in the OS in the coming weeks.

4 September 2012
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Newly Released Chrome OS 21 Adds Minor UI Tweaks

The stable channel of Chrome OS has been updated to version 21 and is rolling out to Chromebooks in the next several days. There are some minor visual tweaks to the user interface here and there, as well as bug fixes.  We've got the details inside!

21 August 2012

New Look System Notifications Heading to ChromeOS

Nicer looking system notifications are on their way to Google's ChromeOS.

25 May 2012