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Install Puzzle Game ‘2048’ In Chrome

If you’re not hooked on the viral gaming hit du jour then congratulations. Now close this tab before you’re sucked in!

As pick-up-and-go puzzlers go 2048 is simple to play: you’re given a grid with two tiles. You move each tiles around until it touches another of the same value when it merges. After each movement a new tile (typically a ‘4’ or a ‘2’) is added to the mix. The goal is to reach the titular 2048 tile (note: tile, not score).

Inspired by a similar game called ‘Threes’, the original version of 2048 is available to play in any modern web browser and on pretty much every platform going. While this is handy, it’s not ideal. First off, it means you have to run it in a browser tab; secondly, to play it offline you have to save the webpage to your hard drive and, again, open it in web browser to play.

For an elegant solution I heartily recommend 2048 for Chrome. It takes the open-source code of the game, packages it up and makes it available to play offline, in its own window and with its own application launcher.

2048 packaged app for google chrome

Game of the moment ‘2048’ has been packaged up for Google Chrome

While it’s not the only version available for Chrome and through the Web Store, it is one of the best. Not only does it open separate from Chrome, it’s also not loaded down with excessive permissions — in fact, it requires no special permissions at all.

If there is a drawback to be found it’s the lack of ‘restart’ button. To reboot a game you must first close the application and then reopen it.

Download 2048 for Google Chrome

To get your fix of the fiendishly frustrating number game hit the link below.

Install 2048 from the Chrome Web Store

  • Juan Carlos Cornejo

    If I do not graduate, I’d like to think it is now your fault ;)

  • Jason Duca

    Great recommendation, thank you!

  • John Grow

    This is wonderful and I’m glad it’s a packaged app. I wasn’t planning to be productive anymore anyway, ever again.

  • toddh

    Not working for me on the Acer c710

  • Adam

    I really love this iPhone version of the game:
    It’s a lot snappier

  • Looking forward to get the best score in my groups having 30k people getting closer with the app:

  • Hossein
  • _KJ__

    omg I just won for the first time! I did it first try with this! :D

  • rupesh desktop version :)

    Play offline, no network connection needed,Automatically saves game state

  • We have rewritten popular 2048 game from scratch to bring it to
    ‘classic’ Windows operating system, i.e. Windows 7 8 10 PC Desktop executable.

    This is just 1 of 2048 other games we plan to port to Windows. Our games include many features & benefits, for example:

    – Freeware license allows you to use our software for any purposes, including commerce

    – Neither iPhone/Android emulator is required nor any side DLLs to be installed

    – No administrator rights are required during installation or playing

    – Built-in anti-crush and anti-Boss protection

    – Free from advertising forever for loyal users

    – Monthly money prizes for top 10 game winners (coming soon, but you can
    start to grow scores right now due to our already built-in anti-cheat

    Visit our site for more explanation: (mirror 1) (mirror 2).

  • Jessica Wright

    Good tips! I love Puzzle Game ‘2048’!

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    • Wow, that’s amazing! You cannot be in any way a terrible spambot!

      • Tika

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