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$35 ‘Chromekey’ To Open Up Wireless Media Streaming Between Chrome & Your TV?

A new device that will allow smartphones, tablets and computers running Chrome to wirelessly stream content on a  TV is reportedly in development by Google.

Dubbed the Google Chromekey, the device is said to be a cheap $35 HDMI WiFi receiver designed to mirror the screen of any device running Google Chrome on an external display using a WiFi technology called ‘Miracast‘.

Miracast support will be added to Chrome shortly, according to Android news-site Droidlife.

The dongle itself wouldn’t be anything particularly impressive hardware wise. A HDMI port, some form of USB power, and some basic hardware for processing the streams, and minimal storage for cache.

Little else is currently known about the so-called Chromekey so, like all rumours, take this one with a pinch of salt until more conclusive proof emerges.

That said, such a device would explain the often puzzling decisions taken by Google to not include HDMI out facilities (even via mini-usb) on some of their more recent devices.

Would you buy a Chromekey?

  • It would be great to have a little memory stick on-board with Chrome on there as well, just because

  • FirstLine

    yes please. Isn’t it Miracast?

    • D. Paquette

      Indeed, Android (starting with 4.2) is Miracast (and not ‘cast’ lol) enabled. This looks like a Miracast adapter, but I don’t see why Google would to that, they’re not into competing with hardware companies. Within the next year there will be quite a few Miracast adapters on the market, that you could likely acquire for sub-20$ from China. I don’t see Google making ‘just another Miracast adapter’. When they do something, they make it big (Chromebook Pixel, Nexus phones/tablets, etc.). Here’s hoping they throw in some extra features, or something.

      • Andrei Zisu

        You know how rumours are… If Google’s on it, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be just an adapter.

  • Neither my Nexus 10 or Galaxy Nexus have Miracast enabled :/

    • ddevito

      but both have chrome and that is all you will need

  • vishnubk

    Does seem interesting to see where Google is taking the world :)

  • Michael Morrison

    This should be interesting for education. We were looking for something that would compete with the AppleTV to allow students to share what they are working on with the class.

  • I look forward to the development of this. The idea of plugging this in and launching up YouTube right from my Chrome browser or possibly Chrome OS devices to my TV sounds ultimately pleasing.

  • Caleb N. Diffell

    I would definitely buy one at the $35 price point. Screencasting is a much more inefficient way to watch content than having a dedicated streaming box, but it appears that Roku will never have have YouTube. So for a way to cast stuff from my Chromebook without wiring in via HDMI is welcome.

  • p3ngwin

    “Miracast support will be added to Chrome shortly, according to Android news-site Droidlife.”

    nowhere in that article does it say Miracast will be added to Chromecast, the word doesn’t even appear int he article.

  • Kaye Pendleton

    My zip is 74015 and it says its wrong