A new device that will allow smartphones, tablets and computers running Chrome to wirelessly stream content on a  TV is reportedly in development by Google.

Dubbed the Google Chromekey, the device is said to be a cheap $35 HDMI WiFi receiver designed to mirror the screen of any device running Google Chrome on an external display using a WiFi technology called ‘Miracast‘.

Miracast support will be added to Chrome shortly, according to Android news-site Droidlife.

The dongle itself wouldn’t be anything particularly impressive hardware wise. A HDMI port, some form of USB power, and some basic hardware for processing the streams, and minimal storage for cache.

Little else is currently known about the so-called Chromekey so, like all rumours, take this one with a pinch of salt until more conclusive proof emerges.

That said, such a device would explain the often puzzling decisions taken by Google to not include HDMI out facilities (even via mini-usb) on some of their more recent devices.

Would you buy a Chromekey?

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