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Promo Spots for Acer Chromebook 13, Plus Short Hands-On Video

Yeah, we know: you can’t get enough of the new Acer Chromebook 13. And to be frank neither can we.

To help tide us over until it hits retail shelves, both physical and digital, in the US later this month, we can sit glass-eyed watching other people using them.


Official Acer Chromebook Promo Videos

First up for our entertainment is a pair of official adverts from Acer. These follow the standard drill for tech promos: slick editing, clichéd platitudes, dubious elevator music. But predictable or otherwise they do their job of selling the device well. In fact, the first of the two spots is incredibly sweet.

Basic Overview

For a less showboat-y take we’ll turn to German technology site Deutsch bloggers have been pretty fortunate with Acer models of late, with fellow countrymen at having earlier presented a very literal ‘hands-on’ with the Acer Bay Trail Chromebook.

While not long enough to be able to venture forth much of an opinion, we are walked though those incredible specs once again and get a nice look at the overall form factor.

Nvidia Recap

Finally, just in case you missed it earlier in the week, Nvidia has also shared a thorough review of the device (like a proud parent). It includes a speed comparison with a Haswell-based Chromebook and further details on the graphics capabilities provided by the Kepler GPU.

  • Fancy.

  • Seth Gill

    I like the look of the touchscreen one. I wonder if the screen is different from the others as well.

    • Not that I know of, no. It’s also worth bearing in mind that not all non-IPS screens are equal, either. This screen is getting some good reviews for its colour, brightness and viewing angles, something that other non-IPS Chromebook displays haven’t.

  • Franco Troncoso

    *still waiting for a new google chromebook*

  • Frederic MANSON

    It seems that the full HD screen is a TN screen. I think that we must wait for the touchscreen one, maybe despite being a little glossy we may have a better screen!!

    • miri

      They’re likely both TN

  • fuzzylumpkins

    I have a strong feeling that real world use will be disappointing. : (

    • Brian Hinton

      I’d agree. I have little faith in Tegra.

  • Badouken

    I want one… I just wish it came in black… Also none of the ones coming out actually have a touchscreen despite acer constantly advertising that they do…

  • Edward Ashdown

    Considering that Acer has released these promo’s, is there any news on the touchscreen’s release date/price tag?
    I’ve looked everywhere, most outlets aren’t even mentioning the touchscreen, some even say that no touchscreen model is available…

    • Giuseppe Muratori

      This is what I want, the full 1920×1080 touchscreen 4gb ram.

      • Edward Ashdown

        Yeah, I wasn’t interested in a touchscreen until I saw the promo vids and considering the Material Design remakes coming, it may be useful and has made the Acer 13 1080p 4GB Ram touch, my current number 1 chromebook desire!

  • I am loving this machine, but that first ad looks very silly. Touchscreens in Chromebooks are a gimmick. Very unnecessary.

  • Richard Borkovec

    I’ve recently been looking at getting a Chromebook, but have yet to find one that fills all my wants. This just may be it (and though that touchscreen looks cool, I don’t need it). Now for it to be released!