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Acer Beats Samsung to Become World’s Most Popular Chromebook Maker

New figures show Acer now most popular Chromebook maker

Chromebook 2 lidTitanium Gray

Samsung Shipments Slipped During 2Q14

More than 1.8 million Chromebooks were shipped worldwide between April and June this year, according to newly released industry figures.

Data from global research firm TrendForce also claims that Acer saw the biggest growth in second quarter shipments of Chrome OS notebooks, jumping 6 percentage points on its performance for the previous quarter.

This rise means almost one third of all Chromebook shipments in the last three months were Acer models. The Taiwan-based tech giant now edges ahead of rival Samsung to become the most popular Chromebook maker, having been narrowly beaten by the South Korean electronics company earlier in the year.

Acer recently announced that its consumer Chromebook sales in the U.S. hit nearly 47% during the first quarter of the year.

chromebook shipments in q2 2014

1% discrepancy in total likely due to TrendForce rounding up

A mix of higher pricing of the second-generation Samsung Chromebook 2 and reportedly average performance from the eight-core Exynos Octa processor used has resulted in cheaper and more powerful Intel-based devices flourishing. 

Good News, Getting Better

These TrendForce figures underline the momentum behind the sector as a whole. Earlier this month Google announced that sales of Chrome laptops to schools in the U.S. had topped a million during the same three-month period.

Industry insiders are predicting that global Chromebook shipments will rise to as much as 5 million units this year.

With worldwide marketshare rising fast and newer, more diverse devices arriving almost monthly, one expects strong sales to continue well into the rest of the year. 

  • I believe that ARM is not quite ready for desktop usage, but it’s really getting there.

    • AyeCapn

      depends on what you;re using your desktop for. My parents and in-laws get by just fine.

      • I’m a bit of an extreme user of a Chromebook, my mother can also use my laptop just fine with no complains whereas I’m a bit annoyed by it at times. (First-gen Samsung Series 3)

    • Frederic MANSON

      I have the HP 11 and I am fully enjoyed with it. I do not have the utility of a powerful CPU. If I am doing video/photo/sound things, then I would look to the Intel based Chromebooks.

      I want to code on Chromium. I will buy a “normal” small laptop, Intel based CPU, a bigger SSD. But that’s all. All my tests will be made on the HP 11. That way, I could easily optimized my codes to run faster on “slower” CPU.

      So, yes, it really depends on what you do on your desktop.

    • João Victor Schiavo

      Absolutely! But the mystery of this tegra k1 is driving me insane…

      • What mystery?

        • João Victor Schiavo

          I expressed myself wrong. I wanted to say that it’s arm, and we think it sucks then, but it seems to be really good actually.
          By the way, você é brasileiro né? Me add no Google Plus e entra na comunidade de Chromebooks Brasil. :)

          • Eu nao sou braziliero, pero (?) estou aprendendo Portugues entau eu entendi.

            (Spanish is very similar to Portuguese!)

          • João Victor Schiavo

            Oh, sorry. I’ve saw a comment from you (that I don’t remember which one is) and I had this wrong conclusion. XD

            but = pero = mas (in portuguese)

          • Ah, thanks for clarifying. Learning Portuguese right now so I tend to get it mixed with Spanish.

  • view2share

    I got the Toshiba Chromebook with Intel processor. I have no idea why people pay more for the slower Samsung Chromebook. The ASUS desktop mini for $169 is a killer deal — uses Intel.

  • Lauri

    The Samsung Chromebook 2s are also not really in sale in the UK yet either or at least I haven’t seen them. The cheapest Acer is fast, costs the same as the HP Chromebook 11 now and they’re available everywhere.

  • bimsebasse

    Hopefully good news in terms of there soon being more chromebook laptops and not almost only chromebook netbooks to choose from.

  • David Li

    Others: Lenovo, ASUS, Google (Pixel), Toshiba, LG, Dell
    I’m surprised they made up 26%

    • fuzzylumpkins

      Not sure LG would be included. It specifically says Chromebook, not Chrome devices. Samsung has a fairly popular Chromebox as well.

  • Frederic MANSON

    It should have been better if this diag shown the market numbers by CPU architectures. I am curious to see the ARM numbers, don’t you???

    • That certainly would’ve been interested wrt to HP as they have both concurrent generations of ARM and x86 devices. Samsung shipments are unlikely to count their old x86 stock being shifted by third-party resellers so one can assume it only includes ARM.

  • Christopher Knapp

    Neat! Now start selling the i3 C720 in Canada … NOW!

  • pirate78

    They have finally found their niche. Good for them.
    I would be interested in seeing companies create an ARM chrome tablet.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    I wouldn’t doubt that a lot of people who bought the Series 3 when it first came out, upgraded to the C720 when it was released. The Series 3 and HP 11 were just too underpowered for people to tollerate for more than a year, I say this as a previous HP 11 and S3 owner.

    • João Victor Schiavo

      The improvement comes with updates. My Samsung chromebook (arm) is quite faster, and not so laggy as it was used to. =)

  • miri

    Good for them. Now if only they could do hardware design worth pants…

  • sedremier

    So far, I have only ever seen ONE chromebook, that looked good. Everything from then on was kindof like… getting a toshiba instead of a thinkpad in 1990…