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ASUS Chromebox Preorders Go Live, Becomes Instant Best Seller on Amazon US

ASUS Chromebox Bestseller

Instant Best Seller on Amazon

Preorders for the new ASUS Chromebox are now being accepted from three of America’s leading online retailers.

Amazon (US)  and the American technology retailers Newegg & Tiger Direct have all listed the Celeron version of the diminutive device for a preorder price of $179.99, with an expected shipping dates of March 14 (Amazon, TigerDirect) and March 17 (Newegg).

After only a few days of being on pre-sale the ASUS Chromebox has already rocketed to the #1 Best Seller spot in the Desktop Computer category on Amazon US.

These latest listings follow pre-orders briefly going live, before being pulled, from electronics e-tailer SabrePC last week.

Celeron Power

So what does $180 get you? The dual-core Intel Celeron 2955U clocked at 1.4Ghz is what makes this PC affordable.

asus-chromebox-fullresDespite the Celeron moniker the Haswell-based chip is surprisingly nimble, and is currently used in the latest batch of Chromebooks, including the Acer C720 and the 14-inch HP Chromebook. Reviews of its performance are favourable.

Elsewhere, the fanless box sports 2GB RAM, a 16GB SSD and 4x USB 3.0 ports for hooking up peripherals, such as an external hard drive, mouse and a Chrome OS keyboard that will, according to ASUS, be available to buy separately.

The usual gamut of built-in features are also on show, including an SD card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, plus the all-important HDMI and DisplayPort out.

The most impressive aspect of the ASUS Chromebox isn’t what’s inside, it’s what it’s inside of. The PC as a whole is just 4.9-inches by 4.9-inches square, with a height of 1.6 inches, and weighs in at 2.2 pounds.

In addition to this Celeron-powered model two additional versions will also be made available based around Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i7 processors respectively. The former of these will be released stateside on the same day as the Celeron model, according to ASUS.

To preorder the ASUS Chromebox hit the links below.

ASUS Chromebook (Celeron) on Newegg

ASUS Chromebox (Celeron) on Amazon US

ASUS Chromebox (Celeron) on TigerDirect

  • Stephen

    I’m really hoping we see this in the UK sometime soon. A great computer for grandparents who just want to surf the net and don’t want the hassle of updates and virus.

    • David Cole

      Exactly. Many older people would benefit immensely from chromeOS but often their eyesight is quite poor. They need larger screens than a Chromebook can offer

      • Sebastiaan Franken

        Hook a large monitor to the HDMI out of the chromebook then?

        • rcpa

          I do this with my Acer chromebook. Most of the time it acts like a desktop PC hooked up to a 24 inch 1080p monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But when I want to, I disconnect it and use it like a notebook.

          • Jason Duca

            That is exactly how I use my HP 14 I bought to replace an aging Windows machine. The HP14 is best tech buy of my life. I love the laptop, and chrome OS!

          • All I hear from HP14 owners is positive stuff — slightly jealous!

          • Claes

            Can you close the lid so that it runs with the lid closed?

  • Curtis Mitchell

    There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a great deal, but outside of education, I really thought chromeboxes would be more of a niche product. This is pretty good news. Every installed unit means the OS is that much more attractive to app developers.

  • Enjabain

    Can anyone tell me how much the chrome browser and os tracks what you do? Does it only track what you search or do using google apps/websites or can it see all of the websites you go to and what you click on and enter into them? Honestly curious, I don’t know where else to ask as doing a search doesn’t turn up much on the subject.

    • Detro

      Why do you care? I mean for real, have you thought about it.. why do you care?

      • Enjabain

        Because I don’t like paying a blank check to google for using their services. Google is making browsers, they are providing the hardware, they are providing the OS they are providing the ISP with Fiber. All which track you how much? They aren’t telling us.

        • DavidM

          Have you ever thought about how god-awful your browsing experience would be if companies didn’t monitor your behaviour so they could tailor their services to you? Yes, you’re their ‘product’, but honestly isn’t that a good thing? I much prefer websites knowing exactly what I’m looking for over having to painstakingly search for hours on Yahoo! or Ask Jeeves. If you don’t like how your data is used then you can’t have any expectation of the Internet being much use for you. There’s no conspiracy; all of these companies DO monitor you and you just need to read their TOS to see how extensive it is and what both you and they get out of it.

          • Enjabain

            Why cant a company provide good service like email without reading keywords from it again? When my search results have ads for the top 3 hits and i have to ignore them this is good search? And then I catch myself instinctively
            ignoring actual top results. I was really fine with google tracking
            me and trust me I was a big fan before but when it comes down to it they have shown that they really don’t care about us and they are changing in ways that have nothing to do with good service but just getting more money. So why keep shouting their name from the rooftops and paying them with our privacy?

          • 4r7lukm

            I have all forms of google tracking disabled in chromium, I am never logged in to google, and I use a VPN. My browsing experience is great, not “god-awful”. I use google all the time, and it works very well.

  • Alessandro

    any word on whether or not we will see this at best buy stores?

    • ForSquirel

      I’m hoping this too. I want to play with one.

  • Wally Arms

    Has anyone seen the matching keyboard/mouse set for pre-order?

    • Not yet, but I’m keeping my ear to the ground.

      The wired Samsung Chromebox keyboard from 2012 should work just dandy with this. Though, you’d have to cope with having mismatching brand logos.

  • Myles Fister

    Any word on Canadian dates?

  • Adam Greenblum

    The Chromebox is ideal for scenarios like call centers, schools libraries and small business. Like the Chromebook, Chromeboxes start up fast and are easy to manage and use.

    There are also solutions that can make Chromeboxes relevant to the enterprise as well, by allowing users to access Windows and corporate applications. Ericom’s AccessNow HTML5 RDP solution enables Chromebox users to connect to any RDP host, including virtual desktops and Terminal Server, and run their Windows applications and desktops in the Chrome browser tab.

    There’s nothing to install on the Chromebox, as AccessNow runs within the Chrome browser, which reduces hassles for IT. The user simply connects to the URL given him by the IT admin, logs in and then connects to their applications or virtual desktop.

    For an online demo, open your Chrome browser and visit:

    Please note that I work for Ericom.

  • mthiker52

    New reports note that the asus chromebox unit does have an internal fan.

    • mediumsizedrob

      it does, but you won’t hear it unless you’re superman with your head 2 inches from it.

  • David Abner

    This would be pretty much perfect for my wife

  • dcphoto

    Amazon not delivering chromebox… I placed an order within minutes of the listing on March 7th. I received a delivery ETA of Mon 17th. Other resellers in Amazon showed the item in stock on Friday and Saturday but I did not worry about this because having ordered 10 days earlier it never occurred to me that Amazon would not deliver.

    Today, Mon the 17th I got an email from Amazon telling me that it is not going to be deliver the order and what to do if I want to cancel. Had they informed me timely of their stock levels I would have ordered it from one of the other resellers in the Amazon site that had it in stock even as of Saturday. Next time I will not bother to pre-order with Amazon.

    • s

      You are not alone. I am in the same boat

  • Danny McVey

    For the same price (or less, even) I can buy a monitor and keyboard/mouse and hook them up to my Acer C720 and VOILA! My own makeshift Chromebox.

    • mediumsizedrob

      of course that only works if you already own a chromebook.

  • Claes

    And more importantly… linux compatible.