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New ASUS C200 Chromebook Listed on Amazon UK for £197

Upcoming ASUS Chromebook already available to buy — just not available for delivery

asus c200Brits wanting to bag the new ASUS C200 Chromebook can now grab one from Amazon UK — providing they don’t mind a 1-3 month wait.

Despite the first Chrome OS notebook from ASUS yet to get a formal UK or European release date, Amazon UK is already selling the device directly, albeit with an estimated dispatch time of ‘1 to 3 months’.

It’s likely that this is a mangled pre-order listing and the device will formally be released at some stage in the next 1-3 months.


Amazon lists the 11.6-inch notebook at £197.99 — making it cheaper than the HP Chromebook 11 (1st Gen) and only marginally more expensive than the Acer C720 (16GB), which one Amazon reseller is hawking for just £159. 

If ASUS maintains the US pricing then we can expect the 13.3-inch C300 Chromebook to retail at the same price. Yes, you read that right: ASUS is selling both models at the same price in the US. That means UK buyers may be able to pay £197.99 for an 11-inch version, or £197.99 for one with a 13.3-inch screen.

I know which I’d choose! 

The C200 is already available to buy in the states from Amazon US for $249, as well as from a handful of other retailers. The larger C300 model is, as of writing, currently unavailable for pre-order on either the US or UK site.

For more details, pictures and purchase information on the ASUS C200 just jump on over to the Amazon listing.

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  • Fancy.

  • So, why exactly is ASUS selling both sizes for the exact same price?

    • dourscot

      Presumably because they want to make the 13.3 inch model competitive for the people who prefer that screen size.

  • Alois

    I think that the 11inch model could offer you better build quality :)

  • The_Toaster
  • Frederic MANSON

    No sign of the C200 nor the C300 on Amazon France… Fortunately, the power unit plug can be changed for an European version! BUT, I will wait for the first reviews. I want a fanless Chromebook with enough horsepower for heavy web pages. Maybe in the months to come, these preciousssss ones will be announced or released…