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ASUS C300 Chromebook Hits Amazon US at $249

asus c300 blackIt’s taken a while to appear online, but if you’re quick you can nab the 13-inch ASUS C300 Chromebook from Amazon in the US.

Why hurry? At the time of writing has just two units left in stock, despite only having carried a listing for the notebook for 24 hours!


ASUS unveiled the C300, and its demure sibling, the ASUS C200, back in May. Screen size aside, both devices feature the same internal specifications and, rather uniquely, the same price: just $249.

But while the smaller of these has been readily available to buy in the US and the UK for some time, the larger, more appealing model hasn’t. Until this week, that is. Amazon has the C300 notebook priced at $249.00 with free shipping. For this you get a 13.3-inch HD (1366×768) display, Intel Bay Trail dual-core processor running at 2.16GHz, 2GB memory and a 16GB SSD.

ASUS touts a battery life good for around 10 hours, which is an hour less than the 11.6-inch ASUS C200 Chromebook which the company says will do you for 11 hours on a single charge.

Amidst its peers, the C300 is not a bad little device overall, and the Bay Trail CPU should offer a nice balance of performance and power efficiency. While there is still no sign of the white/colour variant touted in press shots for the model, the black version is sleek, slim and very stylish.

No word (yet) on when other online retailers will start stocking the device, nor if/when it will hit the UK and Europe. But if you’re in the states and want more ‘book for your buck, hit the link below.

Buy ASUS C300 on

  • The Chrome Android

    The C300 has been available in the UK for the last month. It is a worse value than the US price as it is £239 currently at But Very do have a wider selection than anywhere else online in the UK.

    • Thanks for that. I imagine it’s marginally more expensive as it’s the 32GB model rather than the base 16GB. Still, nice to see it available. Honestly never crossed my mind to check a site like Very

      • The Chrome Android

        It is worth waiting until the weekend, as Very and it’s other incarnations like Isme and KandCo, play around with their prices sometimes on a daily basis. The HP 11 has fluctuated between £229 and £179 in the last 4 weeks. As I post this the original HP 11 is at £179 and that’s damned good pricing.

        • The Chrome Android

          I hope it’s ok to post my G+ page here, as I try to keep up to date on Chrome and Android offers for the UK. I do not receive payment of any kind but there are some good deals available, like a Chromecast from Wuaki for free, when you purchase an online season of Game of Thrones for £23.99. Please check out my G+ page at

  • bp

    I picked one up today. Looking forward to testing it out. Of all the Chromebooks I’ve looked at online, this is one of the nicer looking devices.

  • Heimen Stoffels

    No word on Europe? Asus told Dutch tech site ‘Tweakers’ that they will sell the C200 and C300 in The Netherlands starting August. So there is word.

  • Frederic MANSON

    The C200MA is sold via Amazon UK Market at £232.07 (free shipping) with immediate disponibility and via Amazon UK at £198.00 with a long wait, the C300 is still at £238.00 with a long wait… No signs of those both on Amazon FR…

  • Chensong Li

    Just grabbed one for myself. Have been waiting for it too long! I was considering the colored models. But it is right, that the black one is more stylish.

    • David

      At this point, I’ve pretty much accepted that the colored models will probably never come out. Its a shame I’m thinking that way, I was going to buy the red C300, but ASUS let my excitement die down waiting for it. I can’t say I’m upset about that, but ASUS definitely missed an opportunity to make a sale by waiting.

  • Dan Jodzio

    Just checked it out and it says 6 left in stock now at $299 + free shipping for the 13.3″ and $244.49 + free shipping for the 11.6″. Not bad.

  • view2share

    I bought the Toshiba 13.3″ — Am I correct in thinking the Haswell is the better processor. Fan? I never hear the fan. Just isn’t a problem. 9 hr battery life is more than enough — I use it at home anyway ;)

    • bp

      yes, you are correct. Whether you notice the processor difference likely depends on how you use the device though

      • Joseph Dickson

        The ASUS models are fanless, It is slower being a Bay Trail design but for most tasks I doubt anyone would notice.

        The 12+ hours of battery life allow me to take the C200 everywhere without the charger and I can get at least a full day’s usage from one charge.

  • Juan David

    Wow been using my samsung chromebook 2 13.3″ for about 2 weeks now, still within that 30 day return range. This chromebook looks sweet, just dont know if that downgrade in resolution will really bother me or not :/… advice anyone?

    • David Li

      If you use remote desktop to a 1080p host often, you would be better off with the Chromebook 2. The interpolation down to 1366×768 looks horrid.

      • Juan David

        mmm, i do dig the fanless design and HD ( with bad upper and lower viewing angles) screen. ASUS design just struck me as really nice. Disappointing that its difficult to see any of the newer chromebooks in person before you purchase.

  • bp

    I got my C300 today. So far pretty happy with it. I have just been surfing the web, checking emails, streamed a little music. The screen is nothing special…not very vivid, but I assume that is what it is supposed to look like. The speaker volume seems kinda low when maxed out. In fact, I couldn’t even hear music from google play music unless I was around 70% volume or higher. Neither of these issues are deal breakers for me. I bought this for surfing the web from my couch and patio primarily.


  • Frederic MANSON

    In France, the C200 costs €380.00 (RAM 4 gigs / SSD 32 gigs) + as a gift an Amazon €50.00 card. The CX300 is sold at €379.00 for the RAM 2 gigs / SSD 16 gigs, and at €399 for the RAM 4 gigs / SSD 32 gigs. No Amazon gift card for these models. All prices are with VAT.

    The C300 seems more interesting. Its red colour is very pretty. But the RRP are very high…