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ASUS Chromebox Demo Reveals Upgradeable RAM, SSD

There’s good news from lucky reviewers getting a hands-on with the new ASUS Chromebox — they’ve discovered that the device is user upgradeable. 

Brad Linder over at Liliputing was loaned a unit for testing by ASUS (we’ll assume ours got lost in the post). Brad, being an inquisitive sort, quickly tore open the device to judge the expansion capabilities. He found that the diminutive device supports up to 8GB of RAM (it ships with either 2GB or 4GB depending on the model) that can be spread across two SODIMM slots.

The 16GB SSD can also be swapped out for a larger capacity drive. Whether or not that’s entirely necessary depends on how you see yourself using the Chromebox.

The ASUS Chromebox will be released in the US in a couple of days. It is available to pre-order from Amazon, Tiger Direct and other select e-railers from just $179.99. 

For a specification refresher just gander at the fancy graphic below. 

asus chromebox specs

  • Myles Fister

    Can’t wait for this thing to become available in Canada! Gonna grab the celeron model, upgrade the ram and have a sweet little machine for the garage (where no beer are ever drank,lol)!

  • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

    Celeron + 4GB RAM + Crouton/Chrubuntu = WIN

  • Myles Fister

    What’s the best path for upgrading the ram. I found many 2GB sticks available for around $30 but I’m not sure I like the idea of mixing different brand names of ram or would it matter? One can pick up a single 4GB stick for around $50 as well or yet the other option, go all out and pick up two 4GB sticks. Any thoughts?

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      I’d go for simmilar branded RAM. Preferably from the same series. If you mix-n-match RAM you don’t know if the clock speeds will be the same…

    • shawnfranklinwashington

      I thought about putting in 1x4Gb stick with the existing 2Gb… Ended up getting a 2 pack of 4Gb Crucial sticks @ Microcenter for like $85-90. My hope is that performance gains will increase over time with the extra memory (via updates).

  • PBarber

    I saw on another review that the ram was upgradeable to 16gb (2x8gb). Anyone know which it is?

    • shawnfranklinwashington

      I know it will take 2x4Gb… I put mine sticks in today.

  • Atómiko

    I’m sold on this one. Just need a little more help to choose between the different versions, I will be using Gimp a lot and would opt for the i7, but I hate fan noise. I know it’s Haswell, but which processor exactly, and how does it compare performance wise with the others?

  • Mark

    Has anyone tried connecting the Chromebox to a wireless speaker?

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      I’ve tried connecting my samsung and HP chromebook to bluetooth speakers, wont work..