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AllCast Update Will Let Mirror Your Android Screen to a PC Through Chrome

allcast mirroring

Mirroring In Action

Popular media streaming app ‘AllCast’ will make it easy to mirror your Android screen on your PC in its next update. 

The app has featured integration with Google Chrome for some time, enabling photos and videos to be ‘cast’ from its mobile app to the companion ‘receiver’ Chrome App on a regular PC.

Support for full mirroring, like that recently made available through Chromecast, has been a more limited affair, only fully working with the Nexus 5 handset.

In a classic example of ‘what a different one evening can make’, AllCast’s chief developer, Koushik Dutta has hacked the mirroring code to use the common H.264 video format instead of the (limiting) WebRTC/VP8 encoder combo.

The switch should, Dutta says, mean ‘pretty much any modern phone‘ can mirror its screen to a PC with the companion Chrome App installed.

Video Demo

A video demo of the feature accompanied Dutta’s announcement, which we’ve embedded below. It gives a good overview of how it works, but is plagued by a small delay between input on the handset and relay in the browser.  Dutta has since said that he has “fixed the latency problem.”


AllCast mirroring only works between the Android app and the receiver app, meaning it’s not quite as versatile as using a Chromecast. That said, it fulfils a need that Chromecast doesn’t, and could prove invaluable for those wanting to demo an app on a laptop or looking to record a short screencast.

The necessary upgrade should arrive in the Android AllCast app soon, so grab the free version now and keep an eye out for an update. 

AllCast (Free) on Google Play Store

For any of AllCast’s ‘Chrome’ features to work you need to use the AllCast Receiver App. This is available for free on the Chrome Web Store.

AllCast Receiver on Chrome Web Store

  • Clayf700

    Why did this not exist before?

    • Rocco Augusto

      Because code doesn’t write itself :P… yet.

      • bars44

        Rocco…U made me Laugh Out Loud!! No really.

  • Todd Lohenry

    So this doesn’t work now but it will when the allcast app is updated?

    • Joey-Elijah Sneddon


  • Hans
  • ironicharles

    does this work on Chromebook?

  • Bryan Phillips

    I must be missing something here. I don’t see how to do this from my 2013 Nexus 7 using AllCast. Is there any instructions?

  • apriltucker

    Can you mirror your android screen yet?

  • Jeff

    Can you mirror your android screen yet?

  • DrDoppio

    Can you mirror your android screen yet?

  • Paul Byvtary

    Has this project died? I’ve not seen any update recently which is a shame because this is a very nice feature.

    Other options that suggest this is possible such as Mobizen don’t work very well.

  • @JayJayasuriya

    Anyone know if this is available yet? Thanks!

  • xx

    Samsung Galaxy S3 neo does not work

  • mahesh

    It require always internet for mirror your Android screen

  • mikebar

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  • HalfDeadGuy

    Actually, this doesn’t work and the article is misleading. Yes, you can send gallery, music, video, etc. but there is no capability in the app to MIRROR or CAST YOUR SCREEN. Doesn’t exist.

  • B W

    Version does not cast anything but the logo to my TV from KitKat 4.4.2. Old version worked fine with Jelly Bean but no more.