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Chrome, Android to ‘Remain Separate for a Very Long Time’ Says Google

google_Chrome_For_android_DownloadHere’s a heartbreaker: Android and Chrome won’t be getting together any-time soon, says Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Speaking at the search giant’s Big Tent event in India, Google’s former CEO said that the two platforms will ‘certainly …remain separate for a very long time, because they solve different problems’.

His statement comes almost one week after Google Chrome’s lead Sundar Pichai was revealed to be taking over the reigns of Android – a signal many took to mean that an imminent Chrome/Android merger was on the cards.

But alas not.

Schmidt did go on to say that users could expect to find more ‘commonality’ between them – but his words do mean that you shouldn’t expect to find support for running your Android apps on your Chromebook appearing any time soon.

  • They will only go together when the Android app system is replaced by HTML5 apps. ChromeOS will never have native apps. Only universal apps.

    • Chrome OS has support for native apps. The whole app still can’t be native, but parts of code could be native to make the app faster, thanks to Native client.

  • Adam Gignac

    So…the mobile operating system and the web browser solve different problems? Who could have seen that coming?

    Keep in mind, people, that ChromeOS is basically just the browser running full screen on Ubuntu.

    • Ed Hewitt

      Clearly you have never used Chrome OS.

    • Kevin Messer

      You are wrong. Buy a Chromebook and you will see.

    • Saun Angeal

      Just because Chrome OS doesn’t suit your needs does not necessarily translate to it not suiting others. Try to understand products from their different purposes to consumers rather than merely from product comparisons. Helps you see much deeper than just face value, ignorance.

  • Ed Hewitt

    I think people need to take a step back for a second and think about Android apps running on Chrome OS, because there is one small problem. ARM applications can not run on x86 processors. There is currently only one Chromebook which can theoretically run Android apps, which is the Samsung Chromebook.

    When Schmidt said “expect to find more ‘commonality’ between them” I think he means in the UI. Chrome OS has now getting a settings panel very much like Android and it will soon have Google Now and a Notification Centre. All taken from Android. Think of it like how Apple are moving certain parts of iOS to OS X.

  • Lowry Brooks

    I think they learned from Windows maybe?