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Chrome OS 29 adds Immersive Browsing and Wallpaper Syncing

Google has released a new version of their operating system for Chrome devices. Version 29 brings major UI improvements such as immersive browsing as well as improvements to the App Launcher and wallpaper syncing.

What’s New in Chrome OS 29

Immersive mode – Originally planned for Chrome OS 28, a new button on each window will place the browser in fullscreen mode – hiding the toolbar and shelf. Hovering at the top will reveal the toolbar and shelf again.

Improvements to App Launcher – You can now pin apps to the task shelf using drag and drop from the App Launcher. Significant changes have been made to searching within the App Launcher as well. It will now dynamically learn from your previous searches, display apps more prominently and search for apps within the Chrome Web Store.


Monitor Rotation and Scaling – You can now scale the Chrome UI smaller and rotate the screen on all Chromebooks.

Wallpaper Syncing – The default wallpaper selection will sync across all your Chrome OS devices.

Two-Finger History Navigation – You can use a two-finger gesture to swipe back & forward between webpages.

Along with various bug and security fixes, this release also updates the Linux kernel to 3.8 for the Pixel and Samsung 550.

Like with every Chrome OS release, it also includes the latest updates to the Chrome browser. Check out our article on the Chrome 29 update included in this release of Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 29.0.1547.57 will be rolling out to all Chrome devices over the next few days.

  • 妮可拉斯

    Two-Finger History Navigation!! Finally!!

  • moe

    again for the love of god show people how to do these things or else they become useless!!!

    • BITCH

      press the maximize button

      • ?

        That just maximizes the window. As it should.

        • Jan R

          Shift + Maximise button should do the trick… I hope

          • ?

            Of course. That’s fullscreen. But where is the *new* immersive browsing feature? :)

          • Gúbio Bonner

            In Acer C710-2847, simply press F4

          • ?

            Ok, I get it. Fullscreen is immersive. Nothing to see here. :)

  • Andrew Mezzi

    How do you use immersive mode?

    • kristo

      The formerly maximizing keyboard button now functions as fullscreen button.

  • ?

    Updated installed:
    – No immersive mode or can’t figure it out how to enable it.
    – Launcher does not search the chrome web store just offers to do so, one still has to click on it. I like it this way but wouldn’t say it is a major improvement rather a minor one.
    – There is no real UI scaling just an option to set a different resolution which of course looks blurry if set to a different resolution than the original.

    • shadowguy14

      lol I know right??

  • Rudy Rigot

    I concur: immersive mode doesn’t seem to be around on my side. Same with monitor rotation/scaling, although it seems of little interest to me, since I don’t think my Samsung Chromebook has a sensor for that anyway.

    Two-finger history = OH MY, THANK YOU!!!! o/

  • Craig Moss

    I’ve also updated but can’t seem to activate immersive mode.

    • kristo

      The formerly maximizing keyboard button now functions as fullscreen button.

  • Danny

    How does the two finger history work?

    • ?

      A strong 2-finger swipe to the left/right does the trick.

      • Rob

        Coming from a Mac – I was really excited when I read about this new feature. But boy has it been difficult to master. A “strong” swipe is definitely what I’ve found myself having to do to make this work. I think the Samsung Chromebook might be a little under-powered to support the way that Google has this implemented. Instead of just being a history back or forward, like the browser buttons do – the current page is shown over-lapping the old one as it’s wiped away – as if you’re looking at pages of a book. My Chromebook seems to struggle doing this. I wish it worked just like the history buttons (at least on this device).

        • mike

          swipe with three fingers instead of two. works fine for me that way.

      • kristo

        It’s more like a full side-to-side two-finger swipe: best start at or over one edge of the trackpad and swipe till at or over the other edge, goes surprisingly fluent here.

  • shadowguy14

    So…..nothing nobody cares about right? Thought so.
    I’m waiting on more cosmetic improvements.

  • moe

    ok for almost everyone here that’s asking how to use to finger scrolling, i did by accident and figured it out. just as you use three fingers to swipe across tabs from left or right depending on the tab you want, well this one you start from the edge of the touch pad or track pad and swipe left or right slowly and it go back to your previous page. It’s still buggy though and need’s getting use to.

    • kristo

      One really must two-finger swipe from at or over one edge to or over the other. A possible bug is that when you started browsing from a new-tab page and go back there, the (history-forward) swipe doesn’t work then. Otherwise no bugginess or need to swipe slowly here [Series 3].

  • Jonathan Alfonso

    Alfonsojon1997alaaaaI still do not have this update and I’m on the Samsung Series 3 (the ARM one). I tried immersive full screen and it worked great in the dev channel, so I can’t wait for the update to hit the Series 3 :)

  • Andrea Paolo Barone

    How is it that possible, I’ve just received THIS update few days ago, and then today I received the 29.0.1547.70. Two updates in about a week? WOW XD anyway, what I found is that two-finger navigation is much easier the before!

    • kristo

      All swiping and scrolling, ChromeOS in general, works smoother indeed with .70.

  • Justin

    I didn’t get this update automatically pushed to my Samsung Chromebook, but going into Settings < Help initiated the download because it displayed my current version and checked for a newer one. I've been waiting for the two-finger swipe to be available for a while. Also the immersive mode seems pretty great. Love my Chromebook!