Google has released a new version of their operating system for Chrome devices. Version 29 brings major UI improvements such as immersive browsing as well as improvements to the App Launcher and wallpaper syncing.

What’s New in Chrome OS 29

Immersive mode – Originally planned for Chrome OS 28, a new button on each window will place the browser in fullscreen mode – hiding the toolbar and shelf. Hovering at the top will reveal the toolbar and shelf again.

Improvements to App Launcher – You can now pin apps to the task shelf using drag and drop from the App Launcher. Significant changes have been made to searching within the App Launcher as well. It will now dynamically learn from your previous searches, display apps more prominently and search for apps within the Chrome Web Store.


Monitor Rotation and Scaling – You can now scale the Chrome UI smaller and rotate the screen on all Chromebooks.

Wallpaper Syncing – The default wallpaper selection will sync across all your Chrome OS devices.

Two-Finger History Navigation – You can use a two-finger gesture to swipe back & forward between webpages.

Along with various bug and security fixes, this release also updates the Linux kernel to 3.8 for the Pixel and Samsung 550.

Like with every Chrome OS release, it also includes the latest updates to the Chrome browser. Check out our article on the Chrome 29 update included in this release of Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 29.0.1547.57 will be rolling out to all Chrome devices over the next few days.

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