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‘Material Icon’ Headed to Chrome’s Desktop Webcam App

One for fans of minor updates, this: the Chrome ‘Camera’ app will shortly get a new ‘material icon’.

A simple blue circle with a white camera emblem will replace the incumbent, and comparatively intricate, design. As with many of Chrome’s design changes, the new icon has been designed by Sebastien Gabriel.


Current design and proposed ‘material icon’ for

Not a massive or hugely impactful change, no. But it does help bring Google’s “Photo Booth” app into a creative consistency with the File manager, Gallery and Video and Audio players, all of which have been given similarly styled icons over the past 12 months.

screenshot of new video player icon in Chrome OS


Installed in Chrome OS by default, the Camera app is available to install from the Chrome Web Store on regular desktops, too. Providing you have a webcam that works, Chrome should be able to find it.

Camera App on Chrome Web Store

  • Ali

    Redesign all icons ! o/

  • Yessss keep the Material Design coming ChromeOS Team

  • Boothy

    Anyone heard anything on when all the rest of Google hosted icons are going to be updated to material design (eg. Maps, Play Music etc)?
    I see they are updated on the web (in that app shortcut thingy in on the top of pages), but not in the launcher.
    That old play music icon is really dated, and starting to feel like ChromeOS is just being left behind…..

    • The Play Music Chrome app has an updated icon (the one that launches the mini player) but the hosted app indeed doesn’t.

    • “Calendar” was updated yesterday, and “Games” is just waiting to be approved.

      • Boothy

        Oh yeah (had to manually update to pick up), nice new calender icon.

  • Omran Terro

    Off-topic: Please I want to install chrome OS as virtual machine. Can you help me please :)

  • W.G.
  • Brandon Stewart

    What ever happened to the Camera App getting the ability to record video?

    • That was too useful for Chrome OS. Google knows people don’t want features in their operating systems!… oh wait, no, Google doesn’t listen to customers.

  • Continuity with the rest of Chrome OS: -500

  • ConCal

    I can’t wait for the full Material Design treatment.

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Didn’t know it was available for non-Chromebooks as well. Thanks, Joey! :) Although it doesn’t allow me to switch to the rear camera (I have a MS Surface Pro 3 with Linux) unlike Cheese. But I rarely ever use the rear camera anyway so not a big deal.

    • I remember reading a bug report a few months back about dual-camera usage — so don’t count it out yet.

  • Lou G

    My camera doesn’t work anymore. I think a wire got loose or something which really stinks. I can still use the mic and do hangouts but it’s audio only.

    But that app looks nice.

    oh well, if I really need to do video, I have my Droid Mini.

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