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Newly Released Chrome OS 21 Adds Minor UI Tweaks

The stable channel of Chrome OS has been updated to version 21 and is rolling out to Chromebooks in the next several days. There are some minor visual tweaks to the user interface here and there, as well as bug fixes, which isn’t a bad thing.

The main feature added to version 21 of Chrome OS is the redesigned apps list, which makes it easier to locate and open up an app or a website. What I do like about the redesign is the new search box on top of the menu, which makes filtering through your apps super-quick.

Chromebooks have been available to purchase for just over a year, and as of this release you can set your favourite picture of Justin Bieber (only kidding) as a wallpaper. For something as simple as being able to choose a custom background, it definitely feels like a treat.

Google Drive fans will be pleased to know that you can now save files directly to Google’s cloud storage service. Printing a file off has gotten a little simpler now as you will notice that the Chrome team have also updated and redesigned Cloud Print Dialog.

The rest of the changes in this release are mainly improvements under-the-hood.

So sit tight whilst you wait for the roll out to hit your Chromebook, or you could switch to the beta or dev channel and get the bleeding-edge. That’s if you’re feeling a little daring of course…

  • Hayden Bridges

    I’m slowly getting used to the idea of a Chromebook. How about an article on your experience with using ChromeOS for production: document processing, photo editing, video chat?

    • Lee Jarratt

      Thank you for your feedback Hayden! I’ll add it to the queue :-)

    • On a similar note, let’s say your editing job requires you to grab MS Word files from Dropbox, and you are required to use MS Word’s “Track Changes” feature to keep track of all your edits.

      How can this be done, elegantly, using a Chromebook?

      • rahuldsouza

        I dream of the day when I can be free from MS Word’s Track Changes and just do the same thing elegantly on whatever program I want! I think it is the only reason I still have a Windows partition on my home computer.

  • I kind of liked the old design, because it looked a lot like the Android apps screen. If they could do that and have a search bar, that would be my netbook’s new home.

  • xguest

    You guys are behind. The developer
    channel apparently had this for a long time.

    I first saw it, over two months ago,

    You guys are also missing news like

  • Dr_Abc

    Chrome OS is a nice idea, but when released it had no desktop, so Google had to develop a desktop, today the OS has a lot of restrictions on local storage, which makes it practicably impossible to develop a good offline app like a local image editor.
    No offline apps means no customers, so Google have to improve the local API.
    I love competition, the Chrome OS is getting much better, and looks nice.

    It will be nice if I can install it instead of Windows, and run Windows and other OS in Virtual machines :-)

  • floopy1962

    can’t get this os without buying chromebook or chromebox can i ?