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How to Disable Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager

bookmarks enhanced google chrome

The latest Chrome release is enrolling more users in Google’s new ‘enhanced bookmarking’ feature, no extension required. But the new bookmarks manager is not pleasing everyone. 

Wondering how to opt out and return to Chrome’s old bookmark manager?

Glossing over the pros and cons of the new design, which it has to be said is a dramatic change, you may want to know how to opt out and return to Chrome’s old bookmark manager.

First things first: if you’re on the beta or dev channel you shouldn’t get too antsy about being enrolled in experimental or ‘new’ features. If dependable is your mantra, stick with the stable channel.

That said, just because you should expect new features doesn’t mean you have to like or stick with them. If you don’t like the new bookmark experience being offered you can, quite easily, switch it off and return to Chrome’s “classic” bookmarking experience.

The steps do require accessing a part of the browser not aimed at regular users but, since many of you are on the Beta channel, I’m going to wager you’re okay with this.

Google has since DISABLED the new bookmarks manager by default across all builds. If you want reenable it you can: see this post for more details.

Disable New Bookmarks Manager in Google Chrome

disable bookmarks flag

This option is your salvation — for now

Assuming you already have the browser open:

  1. Open a New Tab in Google Chrome
  2. In the address bar go to: chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment
  3. Using the dropdown menu, switch from ‘default’ to ‘disabled’
  4. Relaunch Google Chrome when prompted

That’s it; you’re now back to the standard bookmarks. Check by opening the bookmarks manager from Chrome’s settings menu.

While you shouldn’t expect the opt-out option to stick around forever it does, for now at least,  offer a quick fix to a what’s proving to be a highly controversial change.

Update: The ‘enhanced bookmarks’ experience is now enabled in the Stable channel. Parts of this article have been updated to reflect this.
  • Thomas Sebastian

    First off let me post the comment before reading this. Because I directly came here looking for this solution and here you are with a post for the same.

  • “Using the dropbox menu” – you mean dropdown, right?

  • Brian Alexander

    Is there still the issue with this where it’s causing a black screen for 5-15 seconds upon boot-up??

    • I’m not entirely sure if it affects your Chromebook, but my Samsung Series 3 is heavily affected by this issue.

    • I’d like to know that too. I had to powerwash my Chrome OS device and delete the extension a couple of weeks ago, to get rid of the black-screen-issue.

  • tinkicker

    I had tried this a couple weeks ago by means of the Chrome store app, and then reverted to the original. What’s curious to me is that I’m on beta channel on my Chromebook, but the flag doesn’t seem to exist for me. What gives? Is it currently a Chrome-only thing? NOT ChromeOS?

  • Ryan Johnson

    “First things first: if you’re on the Beta channel you shouldn’t get too antsy about being enrolled in experimental or ‘new’ features.”

    This.. people always complain over new features in the Beta channel.

  • Francis

    This switch right back to it in a few seconds for me.

  • PhotoBear

    Doesn’t work on a Canary build :-(

  • eyyubovazer

    Hey Good News :) I found extension which helps to replace chromes new bookmark manager. And gives you opportunity to use Chrome’s old style bookmark manager.

    • wirelesscord

      Very misleadingly named extension, it does not bring back the old manager (chrome://bookmarks), but simply changes the “add bookmark” dialog to a more familiar design.

  • eyyubovazer

    My friend try to solve this by using another extension which is almast the same with old one.

    • msx

      Great, will give it a try, thanks for stepping in.

  • wirelesscord

    Flag has no effect on Canary (41.0.2250.2) or Chromium (41.0.2251.0). Weird though that the flag is there though. Have the stubborn googlers so in love with their design already wiped the old bookmarks manager from the code?

    Regardless of this, I’m convinced this piece of crap will be forced on us soon once it lands in stable and there will no way to disable it in a built-in way. And that will be the moment when I will switch browser, because with thousands of bookmarks this is just unusable and total dealbreaker.

  • wirelesscord

    A way that actually works:

    1. disable chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment and close Chrome
    2. create Chrome shortcut to your desktop, right click > properties, add “–show-component-extension-options” to the target field, so that it looks like: “C:chrome.exe” –show-component-extension-options
    3. use that shortcut to launch Chrome, go to the extensions page and remove the removable “Bookmark Manager” (there are two)
    4. will take effect immediately and it is a permanent change

    So, at least the code for the old manager still exists… not sure for how long though.

    • Joe

      I just verified this method works on Version 41.0.2251.0 dev-m

    • Joseph Poley

      I went to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment and found the line (it was highlighted in yellow)
      Enable Enhanced Bookmarks Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
      Provides an off switch for enhanced bookmarks experiment #enhanced-bookmarks-experiment
      Drop down menu –> Default Enabled Disabled I chose disable, closed and reopen Chrome, and everything was WONDERFUL again.

      • Jzunique

        Thank you. This worked for me!!!

  • As I am using many single symbol folders in the bar there is still the way to drag the page icon (left of the URL) into the bar, its pretty straight forward mouse/touch-centric approach and works unchanged.

    The worst offender is surely the dialog to put something in a bookmark bar folder, it requires at minimum 4 clicks and it also doesn’t remember the last one as the old implementation did.

  • Diablo 3

    Couldn’t uninstall it completely after I deleted it. Stuck with a better bookmarking manager anyways down below.

  • Wendy

    The new bookmarks have been forced on me this week and I hate them. The disable option suggested below via google flags does not work for me. The worst thing with the new bookmarks is no facility to organise your bookmarks anymore so unless they fix this soon I will need to find a new browser

    • wirelesscord

      If you were referring to the instructions I wrote below, try again as I found a culprit (“Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” setting might be enabled, thus the command line launch would have no effect).

    • ajay joshi

      Pls try it again it works, u need to relaunch it

      • Wendy

        Tried a few times and nothing worked. Eventually my hubby uninstalled Chrome and did something else and for now I have my old bookmarks folder back.

        • legendarysaiken


    • ydnar0591

      You don’t like it..and can’t get rid of it…???….I “DO” LIKE IT……BUTit was removed SOMEHOW automativally from my PC…?..and I want THE NEW BOOKMARKS BACK…but can’t get it BACK…??? THIS IS WEIRD…!!! WE have opposite problems ?

  • John

    This doesn’t work for me. I really hate this new bookmark manger! It is a PAIN to add a new bookmark! Looking for ways to remove it!

  • Bill Joyce

    In a word terrible

  • Ozmuzz

    What was Google thinking… the “enhanced” bookmark manager is appallingly bad….

  • synapticflow

    If it isn’t broke, f with it! Sheesh!

    • legendarysaiken

      Yes, let’s not progress in software

      • wirelesscord

        No, because everything new is automagically better.

      • synapticflow

        If you like it, more power to you!

  • legendarysaiken

    This is a site in support of Chrome, and there’s this many people whining? Poor Google

  • Draco4000

    Thank you for your help. I use my bookmarks a lot, and the new layout completely messed with my browser. I wasn’t able to add new bookmarks and the manager just didn’t load a thing anymore. :S
    Glad I was able to put it back to what I’m used to!

  • p00

    I love you for writing this. I love you.

    big middle finger for to force this dogshit mike the intern piece of crap on me though.
    not even the “#%& search bar works in the “new and improved manager”.
    It just brings up a few possible hits. Seems to be totally by random.
    I can go manually and confirm that the search function doesnt bring up all the possible hits from my bookmarks.
    Who approved this aids?

  • PS

    Amazingly bad really. And has my wife soooo ticked off. Glad to find a way to remove it. Thanks.

  • Dave

    I hate the new bookmark manger in chrome it was almost impossible to use. Thank You for your help it was wonderful to turn it off and go back to the old system

  • TPO

    Awesome! Thank you for allowing me to get rid of POS bookmark “improvement.” How can Google hide this fix from huge numbers of users who hate the new format?? Not invented here?

  • Ada

    thannk you so much!

  • CYP

    Thank so very much. I feel like I have my life back!

  • Jeff K

    Chrome ver 41 stable starting to be rolled out today. Enhanced bookmarks are going live today. Google didn’t listen to the outrage for this change!!

  • poool

    Tried today few times no success

  • Mlwdragons

    Thank you! The new bookmarks almost caused me to go another browser. So glad i found you post.

  • TPO

    Yes! Thanks for getting me out of the “new” bookmarks disaster!

  • Charlie Sutton

    How do I get out of Chrome Beta? I hate using programs that change all the time. Once I get used to using a program, I want it to keep on being easy to use. I am not dense; there are simply too many programs for them to be changing unexpectedly. It means I am always learning instead of simply using them to get what I want done.

    • wirelesscord

      Stable, beta and canary are technically standalone programs and can be installed and used side by side. So you have to install stable and if you are using beta now, you definitely have installed it yourself, it doesn’t change by itself.

  • Lukáš Veselý

    Joey-Elijah Seddon… God bless you for this article.

  • I am wondering how opt in? I cannot see the new bookmark manager on any of my machines on which I am uisng Chrome. I explicitly enabled it in the settings but I still always see the old bookmark manager.

    • wirelesscord

      Maybe the pretty universal dislike (Google Groups / Chrome support forum) ended up reverting their mind i.e. has been pulled back / postponed.

      I can’t enable it either, not that I really want to though.

  • Jilly

    I’m not in Beta. Can you help me get my old Chrome bookmarks back? I can’t find any of my hundreds of bookmarked items!!!

    • Ozsydbloke

      Same here, logged in today and I’ve got bookmarks from my old work machine (2 and a half years ago) but none from last week or the months and years past.

  • dcampbe1

    I have two questions. One how can I be notified of any response via email without having to continuously checking back here? The second is about the emphasis you place on stable, beta and canary. How do you tell which one you’re using and how do you specify which one(s) you want to use? Thanks a kazillion for this fix. I ran through the procedure but have not rebooted Chome. I have great confidence that I’m about to see my good old bookmark manager again. Ohhhhh my, oh my, it works!!!!!!! Without rebooting. Thanks two kazillions!

  • Phil Thompson

    nice you can still do this in Stable

  • Harry Myer

    I have Version 41.0.2272.101 m and use Win8.2 how do I revert to the old bookmarks saving method? Thanks

  • Falcone

    Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

  • ad

    thank you friend

  • Randy

    Thanks for this.

  • apolb croas

    dont works

  • Walter Iego

    Works fine. Thanks for this.

  • wolfspider

    I’m not using Beta, just had the new manager show up when I opened Chrome today, and this worked for me.

  • Lancealot

    Thank you, The new bookmark manager was absolutely atrocious for the way I was using it.
    This repaired it for me.

  • Thank you!!! The new bookmarks manager was one of the most annoying changes to a software program that I have ever encountered.

  • Johan Gruijters

    i hate google for changing everything without asking,im gonne move to another browser,crap crap crap

  • Tenaka

    People keep mentioning they aren’t in beta. This feature was written 5 months ago when the feature was only available in beta. It’s now been rolled out to live so you get it whether in beta or not.

    You’re here because you googled for help and this old but still relevant page was one of the first hits.

    • @tenaka30:disqus Good point. I’ve added an eye-catching ‘update’ banner to the article. Let’s see if that helps…

  • dwdeclare

    thank you!!!

  • Craig

    Yikes! This happened to me today, thanks for posting this.

  • Siri O. Larsen

    Thanks! Saved my day! :-) It works perfectly (stable channel).

  • Bob Smith

    Thank you! That “enhanced” bookmark feature was atrocious, much like most of the “features” that these browsers insist on adding without asking me.

  • Mike Hill

    I’m only using the stable channel and always have but I’ve been stuck with this new feature too. Hopefully this technique will get rid of it. Me no like.

  • Nicky B

    This just happened to me as well today and your fix worked just fine. Thank you so much for letting people know how to fix this unwanted problem.

  • Linda R

    Thank you. You fixed the problem. I’m so glad I found this post.

  • Calles

    This happened to me today and I freaked out. This works fine. Thank you for sharing it.

    • no name

      me too,i thought i had been hacked in some weird way and hence me finding this page :)

  • Mouad

    it works perfectly, i hated the new version, it’s too slow and annoying

  • Ed


  • Paul Williams


    What a freakin’ annoying release.

  • disqus_QQmo5i3vVTT

    The bookmark is not intuitive at all. It needs dumped.

  • A. Nona

    Really Chrome? It is one thing to do this on a beta channel but on the Stable build without even a warning. You are getting like frigging G-mail foisting stuff on unsuspecting users. Then we have to waste our time trying to get things back to “our preference”.
    Thank you, for showing us how to disable this.

    • wirelesscord

      How it is going to land on stable version then, if not automatically? This has been on the beta/dev builds for months already.
      And I’m not in support of this new UI at all, with thousands of bookmarks it is the definition of useless.

      • I saw the intro when I clicked the bookmarks to view, which was after I tried to bookmark. Not a good surprise. As annoying as upgrade explanations are (like I just had on FF) they pale in comparison to this bright, bold fail.

    • Yeah I found out when I went to bookmark something and I just lost my cool at this weird, new sight. I also agree about Gmail, which used to be even better than now (hard to totally wreck it). Chrome used to be better than this, Firefox is probably high above now.

  • Barkybark

    Completely sucks. You can even put a bookmark in a subfolder. This system defeats the purpose of bookmarks being easy. Frankly, they are copying Opera, IMO.

    • bwat47

      Opera’s bookmark manager is also a much better execution of this idea IMO, at least in opera’s you can copy and paste bookmarks, see all the folders, move/copy folders, and they are working on implementing a tree view.

  • David

    My heart sank when I realized I could not even move a folder in my list. I was extremely disappointed with google making the change to this new version without my consent. all is well with my “old” and user friendly bookmarks manager. Thank you for this article. I really appreciate it !!!

  • Jack TheWatcher

    Thank you very much!

  • Kim

    Thank you! I have hundreds of bookmarks in about 30 subfolders within subfolders. The new version just showed 2 folders! With a few weeks left of uni haven’t got time to learn their stupid new slow bookmark manager and find my bookmarks when it is a million times easier to see them as a list, already on the screen instead of having to endlessly scroll down like pinterest.

    • MrsBTejon

      YOu said clearlyk what I could not say as I was so angry when this appeared. I’m refurbishing a flat and I had 22 sub folders of suppliers with individual items indexed. I went absolutely ballistic. If I had not found this advice.

  • atc-tech

    My ChromeOS beta Samsung chromebook shows the old bookmark manager even with the #enhanced-bookmarks-experiment enabled explicitly

    • wirelesscord

      Might be rolling out to different versions, platforms and users at different times.

      But I’d be just happy that it isn’t turned on.

  • Anna Chang

    this saved me from an OCD meltdown. Thank you so so much!

    • It’s so important to remind people that some of us are wired differently, so thank you. I have my own conditions that are all tweaked out by this change.

  • Thank God for this info! Many thanks!!

  • roo ra

    HATE IT. Can anything just be left alone!

  • roo ra

    “Don’t expect the opt-out option to stick around forever..”

    Downloading now for eventual return to Firefox.

    • OONce you convert it to an extension (shown above) we will always be able to keep it disabled – however, we are also going to have to save the bit of code that makes up the old bookmars, that is a little tricker, but can be done.

  • Bryan Garcia

    Hate the “new” bookmark manager i can’t alphabetize my bookmarks. Why the heck did they change so dramatically. This would be good for a tablet or phone oriented operating system but NOT a PC or MAC oriented operating system. :(

    If its not broken why fix it! This is very dumb

    • MrsBTejon

      Old bookmarks: functional, neat
      New bookmarks: flippy flappy don’t work and look and feel like windoze 8. #fail fail fail fail

      WHY do they do this???????

      • powermatt

        Why does it need to look like Windows 8? Why would it ever?

  • wirelesscord

    > Don’t expect the opt-out option to stick around forever

    I’ve understood it is there for old hardware compatiblity reasons, so it might stick around for a long time, as the new one is quite GPU intensive. Anyway, the flag isn’t the only way to remove, one can start Chrome with –show-component-extension-options and remove the new bookmark manager component on the extensions page (afaik, it only shows up if the flag is enabled). On my installation, auto-update has not brought it back.

  • cindy ashcraft

    Yeah! Normalcy has now returned! I dont get why they have to ‘fix’ something that is not broken. Just annoying…

  • Jeff K

    For those with Chromebooks the New Bookmark debacle hasn’t been deployed yet.

    • safdsfdsfdsfdsf

      It has! My friend has a Chromebook and was going insane, until I pointed her at this article!

  • Knukkohead

    This is helpful, i don’t like the “new” one

  • Jeff K

    For those of you that want to voice your displeasure about this debacle visit the Google Chrome Product Forum. There is a bookmark master thread

    • Frank in SA

      The “Google Chrome Product Forum” is as terrible as the bookmark manager itself. No real structure to browse through….

  • MrsBTejon

    Good Lord! thank you so much for the ‘disable new bookmarks’ tip. The new Chrome bookmarks thing that appeared was utter toilet – and completely non-functional. What were they thinking? Oooh lets be like Windoze 8? So glad to get rid.

  • politicalcynic


    The “new bookmarks” feature is appalling! I can’t organize them the way I choose, there’s NO option to “name” the bookmark that I can find (making it difficult to use a bookmark search)-it’s absolutely TERRIBLE.

  • powermatt

    I guess I’m one of the weird people that doesn’t really care about the new bookmark system. It works for what I need, so meh.

    • wirelesscord

      You must not have a lot of bookmarks then… try it with thousand bookmarks and then tell me it still works.

  • Dennis

    Big thanks to wirelesscord for his suggestion i can remove the new bookmark extension very easily.

    All you have to do is find your chrome shortcut then you right click on it and press properties.

    Then in your “target” box at the end of the line where it says “…chrome.exe” add 2 lines and type this:

    –show-component-extension-options, so it will look like that :

    ” …chrome.exe” –show-component-extension-options.

    After you do that, press apply and start Chrome. You will find the new bookmark manager
    as an extension and you can disable it just like any extension.

    • add two dashes, not 2 lines!

    • FYI, although you can SEE this as an extension, it: “(This extension is managed and cannot be removed or disabled.)” you cannot diable it when uit is an extension, best to follow the real instructions to disable it as a flag.

      The proof? Try clicking on the Enabled checkmark. You cant.

      • wirelesscord

        I’ve seen that happen, but I’ve also removed it with those instructions on several installations. Could it be OS dependant?

      • BigD

        On my screen i see two bookmark manager extensions.
        I can only deactivate / remove the 2nd.

  • EarthView

    Thanks so much for the method of restoring the old bookmark feature. The new one sucks absolutely. Who came up with this idiotic interface? It is very counter-intuitive and is totally unusable.

  • Dances

    Many, many thanks ;o)

  • anickl

    New bookmark feature sucks.. no multiple open in new page feature.
    Would like to see new bookmark at the top and not down at the bottom where you have to scroll down to reach it.

    • And no right-clicking. I don’t know what happens when I click but it’s not perfect either way.

      Although new bookmarks were always at the bottom although I would have preferred it your way for a long time actually.

  • Mfanawemkosi Fakudze

    Thank you, thank you. Your simple instructions rescued my old bookmark system which was simple to use compared with the new “enhanced Google Chrome bookmark” manager, which was the best example of mismanagement by a group of techies who didn’t listen to the end-users. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Anonymous

      “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
      The simplest rule that when tech giants violate, get dirt up their face…

  • Bad Horse

    Thanks SO MUCH! I don’t mind the new system so much as I can’t stand it’s asinine deliberate SLOWNESS! Some stupid graphic designer thinks it’s pretty to watch text scroll.

  • Elizabeth S

    OMG, Chrome is no lie. I am a teacher and I have at least a thousand bookmarks for various novels, strategies, etc., not to mention personal bookmarks. Now it’s one huge fricking pile and I am so beyond pissed. I have done both the instructions above and below by BigD. Why, why, why did they not keep the folders that I had set up? I can go back to my XMarks for most of them, but I haven’t used it for at least a year. OMG, Chrome indeed.

  • Ross Payant

    NOT EVERYBODY USES A TABLET! This the same BS Windows 8 and BBC News pulled. Why, oh why do tech companies not realize that the advantage of their field is customization options? I have too many bookmarks to use this idiot system, not on a laptop. I am going to switch to a competitor if they don’t at least give the option to change it back.

  • Doomroar

    I lost the ability to organize bookmarks alphabetically, i lost the ability to open various bookmarks within a folder instead of the whole thing, i lost the ability to undo deleted bookmarks or folders, and once you pass a group of bookmarks into a new folder their order is inverted, but losing the ability to recuperate deleted bookmarks was too much, i am so glad i was able to go back to the old one, this is such a life saver, literally a life saver if i hadn’t saved a copy of my old bookmarks i would have seen quite an ugly life right now.

    • And now sub-folders added after bookmarks (and not re-arranged to be up top) under top-level folders are hard to find. I don’t know if that makes sense but I didn’t anticipate explaining this, haha. :(

  • Delightfully Grimm

    Ok, I did the above steps, and when I relaunch Chrome, and go to my bookmarks manager it says the page no longer exists. Any help here? Please?

  • sharziey

    I hate this new bookmark thing. I can’t even get it to bookmark like I used to and select sub-folders within the regular folders. I absolutely hate it. Please make it go back to the other way. This is a horrible change.

  • No, actually the best place is here, that’s why here is here; OMGCHROME! Whole point of it. We complain, they find the fix!

    • wirelesscord

      But they don’t come and find the complaints here.

      In this case though, they didn’t listen previously so they probably won’t listen now or in future either. The new crappified bookmarks made first appearances in dev/beta versions already last year and on the Product Forums the response has been overwhelmingly negative.

  • Neone26

    Why do people feel the need to fix things that aren’t broken?

    Adding new bookmarks using the stupid ‘Star’ system is a trial and a half, plus it only gives you this itty little space to decide on where you want the new bookmark to go (I use a tablet). And when you have a lot of folders and sub-folders like I do, the loss of the ability to see everything laid out (like you see when you have the ‘Choose another folder…’ option, like you do in the old system) makes it incredibly frustrating.

    Half the reason I stick with google chrome is because the whole bookmark system is simple, plain to understand, and easy to use, but with this update… I’m thankful for this trick to turn it off! I hope they don’t further force us to use the new system.

  • Thanks for sharing this how to. Today my chrome suddenly changed to the new bookmark manager.. Really disliked how it make my bookmark manager looks bulky and so difficult to bookmark into sub-folder.

  • Thank you so much for this, Chrome switched to the new bookmarks today while I had the browser open and I hate everything about it, but now I have my old manager back and it’s wonderful.

  • A warning, because some have missed this. This article is no longer relevant. I am not in Chrome Beta, this has been rolled out to regular users. These instructions for Beta users are surely not recommended and there’s no reason these steps should be effective for us at this time.

    • Well, this article was written last year. Back when the feature was in beta. We have since updated it to included a bright blue update box noting that it is now available in stable :)

      The steps for disabling the feature continue apply to all builds of Chrome, including stable — just look at the stream of “thank you” comments!

  • Spreading comments through the Internet is the modern way. Comment, tweet … break the Internet because ours is effectively broken.

    A broken Internet was much better with Kardashian tushie, obviously. This is just bad bad bad.

  • Eujiboo

    Mine just got switched to the new bookmark manager this morning and right now I’m so annoyed because I’ve got tons of folders for different pages and I can’t seem to save them in the ones I want anymore D<

  • eden


    • Jack

      Right eden

  • The new Material themed Bookmarks Manager is a disaster in two areas:

    1. You can no longer alpha-sort bookmarks.
    2. The iPod-style navigation when you click on the star icon is super unfriendly when you have a hundreds of books and dozens of folders. Just give me a tree dammit.

  • Trevor Chapman

    Just followed the steps above and got my bookmarks back as they used to be :) Happy is an understatement

  • afekt

    Thank you!

  • f0rever_rachel

    The above said works on every Chrome version, it is not relevant it be or be not the beta version. Thanks a lot for letting us get rid of that little nightmare ;)

  • irizel

    There is no drop down menu showing up to switch from‘default’ to ‘disabled’ on my PC. How to get it? Any suggestions? Please help!!! Using all day to get rid of this new bookmark thing….terrible experience Google!!!

  • Birdiebee

    This is the worst bookmark version I have ever used. It is so slow and not functional for me at all. My Google Chrome crashed and when my system came back up, the old bookmark version came back. Yea!

  • Dear god it never fails I have a horrid migraine and my bookmarks are all being experimented with.

  • Thank you for providing this information!

  • Sky OTC

    THANK YOU!!!! I am autistic and this messed with me HARD and I thought I was the only one :( so mad at google, what have they done?? D:

    • safdsfdsfdsfdsf

      I am also autistic, and this change really fscked my workflow badly. It was driving me insane. I am so super-grateful for this workaround.
      Let’s hope it lasts… let’s hope against hope Google reverts to old bookmark manager.

  • Cornell Witte

    So, how long until Google will not let you disable this “enhancement”… they have done it before.

  • RogerSC

    Really glad to see that you can disable the new trashy bookmarking manager (for the moment). It’s an important piece of browser functionality, and should be much better thought through than what was just foisted on me.

    Reminds me of when they spread out the “Other bookmarks” column vertically so that pretty much every set of bookmarks scrolled, really well thought out, Google. Seems like if there are two choices for a user interface, 9 times out of 10 Google picks the wrong one.

  • Wale

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I just got this enabled on my chrome today without any warning whatsoever and was so confused. Like others have mentioned, I was seriously struggling to do what used to be a very simple task that required no brain power. I don’t understand why they had to change anything. The old bookmarks worked fine, was quick and easy and I was able to right click. I don’t get why companies need to touch things sometimes that don’t need any fixing.

  • Onur Ayanoğlu


  • Sunflower

    Thanks so much! Like many other posters, my Chrome browser sprang this change on me without warning. I was highly irritated because I *liked* my existing bookmark folders, thankyouverymuch!

    I’m so grateful for the help.

  • Phillip McIntosh

    Summary of most ppl below: We have many and very diverse folders and each folder has many (even 100’s) favourites inside. Suddenly Google decides that everything I like must be related so they throw it all in the same sack with stupid (hip) pictures. As someone below said: “Give me back my tree dammit!”

  • Infinite Rainbows

    Google does not know how to create an intuitive and friendly user interface. Luckily, this fix worked for me.

  • TonkaTuck

    Thank you! Those asshats decided to force this crap on me today. Whoever designed this “better” way of handling bookmarks needs to get punched in the face by random strangers.

    • Jack

      hahahaha right :))

  • TharzZzDunN

    Thank you very much to the author of this article. I agree with the sentiment of those who came before me, in that the developer for this so-called enhancement should quit working for google and run for public office, they are such a bloody nuisance!

  • Petra Lorre

    Thank you so much.

  • Thanks! The new interface to add a bookmark just absolutely sucks!

  • Ivan

    Ok, I am not going to explain how carefully I was taking care for the structure and organisation of my bookmarks and how much I’m frustrated of throwing all of this to one pile. I tried all the instructions but still the new version appears. I did it couple of times still nothing. PLS HELP!!!!

  • Peter Xu

    just found my chrome was updated today (seems the update was a long time ago but don’t know why I had it automatically today) and the bookmark sucks!!! thank you!

  • drachenbaer

    the new system is revolting… no way to get back to my organization, if they do not change i’ll shift to another browser

    • Ashley Meyer

      Right?? For some reason Google didn’t realize that people were using Bookmarks as an organization tool.

  • rr

    You Sire are a Godsend to this crap we have to endure since FF and Opera are utter crap. Is this Google’s way of ‘do no evil’. Heck there used to be a time they would allow us to revert. Whoever implemented this eye-crap needs to be lynched.

  • brenda nelms

    I dislike the new google bookmark handling interface. I couldn’t seem to manage anything. I thank you for the help! Even though it’s only temporary.

  • mikedvzo

    I use to just be able to copy a Bookmark from Safari and paste it directly into the Bookmark manager in Chrome now I have to do it all manually. I ditch the new interface hopefully they will get these features worked out before they try and switch us to this new interface.

  • Cid

    Sorry Google, I hated the new “stars” bookmark even if it is pretty different and innovative. I tried it for 2 days and the more I used it the more I hated. It is pretty confusing.
    Please, always let us decide what we prefer. Thank you.

    • Ashley Meyer

      don’t even give them that… it’s not “innovative”! it’s an anti-user excuse for trying to inject their ego–their “search” theme–into everything, even hierarchies like bookmarks that are not suited for search.

      • Lii’Thara Dala

        I imported all my Google bookmarks to Firefox….just in case! FF may be slower, but at least they haven’s screwed up their bookmarking system. FF KNOWS bookmarks are for organisation….NOT for Windows 8 kiddies looking to share everything on social media!

  • Ashley Meyer

    Thank you Joey! Can’t believe Google thought making bookmarks search-based was a good idea. The point of bookmarking something is that you won’t remember to search for it later!

  • Tessa Star

    I have not been able to place a bookmark where I desire it to be; not sure where these bookmarks are, but they aren’t accessible to me. I ordered a product off of Amazon and needed to refer back to the original website that prompted me to order the product. I couldn’t find the bookmark. I spent two hours tracking down the right company the product was from and their phone number to get help to use the product in the correct manner; still unsure of this!. I still have not found the website that I originally found the information from. This would not have happened with the old bookmarks. THIS IS AWFUL!!!

  • cristianer

    F*ck you Chrome developers.

  • CentralFlaGirl

    Thank you for your help. I hated the new bookmarks…. really hated it…. you helped me disable it before I shot the whole computer!!! LOL just kidding!!

  • Deadwoodz

    Takes me 6 f&^*%& clicks to add a bookmark to the folder I want when before it took 1 or 2 clicks. Thanks for the fix.

  • Ann Blanchard

    I am SOOOOO happy I found this fix! Yesterday I was spitting nails when the “new and improved” bookmarks manager suddenly appeared. Today I’m a happy camper with your help!!

  • jon

    Thank you so much, i have my old bookmarks back. I am getting sick of these software company’s jamming things down our throats and causing us so much time and stress trying to fix things.

  • Jim

    Thank you. I hate having updates pushed into my face like this.

  • ADinks

    Did this. Now I have nothing. It’s telling me “webpage not found”…for my freaking bookmark manager.

  • Eduardo Palacios

    Works for me. Thank you!!!! This is the worst bookmark manager ever!!!!

  • Cat Tilley

    Google has came out with some great products, however this isn’t one on the list. My bookmark file goes back to the IE5 days, later exported to Firefox, and another 4 years later, imported to Google Chrome. There are well over 150 main folders with countless sub-folders (wouldn’t be surprised if it were over a thousand). How is one expected to manage large bookmark files like this?

    For now, this is a quick fix, yet what happens if this becomes the norm? How will one be able to place bookmarks in the correct folder? This is an idea that wouldn’t surprise me if it were Opera, not Google Chrome.

    Should this become permanent, back to Firefox I’ll go. The only reason why I chose Chrome was due to a couple of buggy Firefox releases a couple of years ago, tried Chrome & became addicted to the sheer speed. Firefox is still the ‘workhorse’ for downloading, as there a download manager (Down Them All) that grabs files 2x faster.

    So fix or no fix, am prepared to go either way. No big deal. Life goes on, as humans, we can adapt or move on.

  • JoeShay69

    Thanks for the info. Glad to be rid of it.

  • Jessica-Robyn

    Thank you so, so much! I just could not get on board with this update. I like having a simple one-click favouriting tool. I also like how easy it is for my mother to use! I was struggling to show her how this update worked because I found it so confusing. My folders were getting more and more disorganized with each day, but now I’m saved!! Yay!

  • beto

    thanks, works for me.

  • Nastya Rudska

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I couldnt be happier than now Im finally back to normal bookmarks manager!!!

  • W. Scott Womer

    I refused to use Chrome because of all the deception ways they used to force their way in, uninvited. When I did start using Chrome, I very much liked the simple attractive bookmarks system. What an “ugly” change this is.

  • Richard

    The new bookmarks feature is absolutely nasty. It doesn’t let you put bookmarks in folders under Mobile Bookmarks. Make it as pretty as you like, Google, but, to paraphrase RuPaul, “Don’t f*ck it up!”

  • Lii’Thara Dala

    GOD BLESS THIS SITE and your awesome help info!!! I hate the new Chrome bookmarks manager! It’s impossible to use and deleted access to my organisation folders within my main folders. THANK YOU a gazillion times for the fix!!

    • William Starr

      “PS: Does Google even realise how pi$$ed off they’ve made people??”

      Does Google ever CARE?

  • Frank in SA

    Thank goodness!!! I’ve got my bookmarks back.
    Is there really ONE who likes the new style?

  • Maggie

    Thank you SO MUCH for this fix. The new bookmark manager was driving me mad. All fixed now. I could hug you for helping me get rid of that nasty problem ♥

  • Chanda

    Thanks very much for this information. I was disgusted with this new chrome bookmark system! I prefer to maintain one set of bookmarks for work and another set of bookmarks at my home laptop. This new bookmark management messed up everything :(. I wonder if Chrome realize that we have better things to do, full time job and life rather than changing how to manage bookmarks, which is already just perfect. Technology should make our life easy not difficult. It was very ANNOYING!!!

  • Michael

    Thank you! While I like the new bookmark system, if you don’t agree with it suggestions, it is hard to navigate and place the bookmark in the proper folder.

  • cyrpnt

    man, my bookmarks fcked up and dont know which goes here and there.. glad that the “enhanced” bookmark manager can be disabled. LPT: not all likes metro style

  • Nata Kalana

    Thanks a lot, at last I can get rid off annoying Chrome new bookmark manager!

  • genesound

    Egads! Why does every software entity think that a big change will work well and be welcomed by their users? Especially when they apparently have no idea the manner in which so many people use their software? I don’t need or want a “Metro” feeling, it’s counterproductive to getting real work done with my workflow, at least so far. I have hundreds if not over a thousand bookmarks and add more all the time, and access them all the time, and I want to continue sorting them and managing them in the manner in which they are currently organized. It worked fine and didn’t need a major overhaul.

    I don’t mind making new efforts, strides, options and seeking improvements, but Jeeberz! don’t take away the existing platform structure and function. I have way too much time and energy invested into the system I use as it works now, and use it all the time. If I have to come up with a whole new plan, it will likely not include depending on a partner that will up and change everything like that.

  • rr

    So I changed the setting and relaunched Chrome, and today I see that the fking setting reset itself and it was vomit all over the screen again. Anyone else face this ??

    • arr

      YES–someone please help!

      • rr

        If you dont hit relaunch then you dont see the changes. Thats what I did a few days back. Now it has stuck for a day or so, lets see when they decide to revert it again.
        Maybe some sync setting screwed it up

  • zocolofishing

    I also hate this!!

  • Christine Scott

    Can I just get rid of auto folders!???

  • Xeiran

    Can’t stand the new bookmark system, very hard to navigate the folder structure if you don’t like their auto-suggestion.

  • Jarod

    If they make the new system permanent, I’m going browser shopping again. Getting very tired of high-handed treatment by companies that can’t just let well enough alone. If they want to change something, stick to security updates and leave the forced customization alone. Security is important, visual flash is not.

  • IPlay4Fun

    Thanks for showing me how to opt out of the “enhanced” bookmark manager. It seems like it was designed for children who need big flash cards with pictures on them. It is just a horrible idea.

  • Abhijit

    Thanks a lot

  • PA2112

    Who is the idiot that thought bookmarking needed to be complicated….

  • Mrs Awesome

    Thank you!

  • quantum_kev

    THANK YOU for posting this! I cannot STAND the new bookmark manager. I try to be open to new things and give everything a chance, but as others have said : this new thing just seems confounded, hard to understand and use, and overly engineered. It’s a tool – not Pinterest or something, and as such, I don’t need it to be all pretty and flashy. I need it to be simple and effective. Thanks again!

    • penfold1204

      Just discovered Chrome’s bookmark gold star is missing from the otherwise good browser. The solution I’ve devised is to save to Windows Favorites all items required from the ‘3 bars/History tab – just drag ‘n drop them to the old Favorites folder, then keep the required shortcut for this folder somewhere accessible (your choice as to where). Then hits to the required page icon in Favorites opens the require page, each new selection in a new Chrome tab.
      I then stripped any Bookmarked item from my Chrome browser and de-selected the Bookmark application from Chrome – all my problems have disappeared – no need to open Chrome from its own application icon – just one hit from any in Favorites opens Chrome automatically to the desired page, be it e-mail, Google maps, translate, etc

      Give it a try
      ps. The gold star has been withdrawn from the Google store site, I understand

  • Doug Gray

    Not as evil as breaking support for NPAPI but still pretty evil.

  • Cheers. This new bookmark manager is not really convenient when you want to quickly bookmark something in a particular place. I feel like we’re heading toward a more fancy – easy-to-use-but-basic- kind of user interfaces; that is to say invertly proportional to productivity.

  • Orly MacGregor

    Thank you! Now I don’t feel like I’m reading Huffington Post when I’m just trying to find a bookmark.

  • Mad Dog

    It worked, and I’m very grateful to you.

  • universewithme


  • billrandall

    it’s a pos, literally. I can’t delete any bookmark and now I’ve got scores of them and might as well have none, it’s no faster than googling for something.

  • joames

    This is a disastrous feature.

    I want to bookmark to a specific group and I can’t seem to easily do that.

    It does not give me the option to put it in a specific folder.

    Google is turning into Microsoft.

    Google’s new tagline: “making simple things hard”

    • penfold1204

      Just discovered Chrome’s bookmark gold star is missing from the otherwise good browser. The solution I’ve devised is to save to Windows Favorites all items required from the ‘3 bars/History tab – just drag ‘n drop them to the old Favorites folder, then keep the required shortcut for this folder somewhere accessible (your choice as to where). Then hits to the required page icon in Favorites opens the require page, each new selection in a new Chrome tab.

      I then stripped any Bookmarked item from my Chrome browser and de-selected the Bookmark application from Chrome – all my problems have disappeared – no need to open Chrome from its own application icon – just one hit from any in Favorites opens Chrome automatically to the desired page, be it e-mail, Google maps, translate, etc

  • cheerss

    This feature pisses me off like many other Google products. Maps???

    Employees trying to justify their corporate existences and payrolls by constantly making unnecessary changes.

  • penfold1204

    Just discovered Chrome’s bookmark gold star is missing from the otherwise good browser. The solution I’ve devised is to save to Windows Favorites all items required from the ‘3 bars/History tab – just drag ‘n drop them to the old Favorites folder, then keep the required shortcut for this folder somewhere accessible (your choice as to where). Then hits to the required page icon in Favorites opens the require page, each new selection in a new Chrome tab.

    I then stripped any Bookmarked item from my Chrome browser and de-selected the Bookmark application from Chrome – all my problems have disappeared – no need to open Chrome from its own application icon – just one hit from any in Favorites opens Chrome automatically to the desired page, be it e-mail, Google maps, translate, etc

    Give it a try – let me know

    ps. The gold star has been withdrawn from the Google store site, I understand

    • penfold1204

      Just tried the Bookmarks Manager tab – completely blank!!!

  • David Gourde

    THANKS!!! My God this new bookmarking is the worst update ever. On top of that, it has tons of problems, sometimes not even saving the bookmark when changing the folder. The old one is perfect and intuitive, I really don’t get the change.

  • Thanks

  • giatny

    The new “manager” is horrid. It forces you to read the names in colored boxes instead
    of being able to just glance at list for the icon. Now that google is sleeping with Obama,
    I am suspicious of any changes. Big brother is in total control.

    • AmericanPlutocracy

      I have to laugh and assume you are joking because if you’re serious it’s one of the more idiotic things I”ve read. Unless, of course, you went around railing about Bush and Cheney out of context in forums unrelated. lol

    • Like I GiveAShitake

      Yup and Big Brother control started in 2001 when Obama allowed the NSA to spy on our conversations without a warrant to do so. Boy I tell ya that……oh wait….,.. -_-

  • Lucretius

    Thank you!

  • naro

    What a difference…my computer is now zipping. I cant believe that chrome bookmark manager created such slow down.

  • Bruno

    Thank you so much, I was driving crazy.

  • Bruno

    Aside from the really horrible design and the awful user experience, I just don’t get why they show all my bookmarks with a page capture preview… I (and I dare to say almost everybody) have some things there that I just don’t want to be seen by people who can see my screen. I usually rename those bookmarks with cryptic random names or labels that make sense only to me, and I just don’t wanna have a bookmark named “hb” and a nice big preview with a huge pair of boobs for everyone to see.

    Thank you, Google… really nice thought.

  • believein1

    Thank You!!! I’ve gone so far as to reinstall Windows to get rid of the new icon and bookmark menu.

  • Zarkx2000

    Nice! The new bookmark manager was driving me nuts. Floppy and difficult to use.

  • Thank you so much for the tip! I was finding it so frustrating having to sift through single click links, trying to find subfolders and I’m glad to have the old version back again. Hopefully they don’t take away the option to revert :/

  • Mirek Konečný

    Thank! You saved me from suicide!

  • netanil

    Thank you! You saved me from going to Google and doing unspeakable acts to the Chrome browser division.

    What were they thinking? Who in their right mind would approve such an abomination?
    What a black mark on Google. It really makes you wonder about anything they do from now on.

    • danwat1234

      I know!!!!!!
      Now it’s bloated, even in list mode there are far fewer bookmarks listed per page thanks to the gap between bookmarks and having the thumbnails there. I think changing the flag in version 42 (when I noticed the new bookmarking feature on my laptop) still works. I hope they never remove the option to disable enhanced boomarks

  • sreejith r

    Thank you it saved me from uninstalling chrome

  • freonpsandoz

    Can someone please tell me what the “pros” are in the new bookmark manager before I give up on it permanently? It looks to me like it might be better if you want to search for the bookmark you want every time instead of organizing them alphabetically in a folder structure. Otherwise, it’s useless because you can’t even move items to another folder, except one at the topmost level.

    • ChromeDude

      It depends on what you ultmately use it for, I guess. If you only have a certain number of sites that you need bookmarked in a limited number of categories, this would probably be pretty good – they’re all there, big and in front of you. And yes, you’re right about the search function, it would be better here.
      Overall though, I’d probably try to get used to this new manager, because Google won’t retain support for the old one forever.

    • Anakalia Haoa

      The pros are that it’s tap-friendly for touchscreens. Like using tiles instead of menus if you’re using a tablet then the system is actually pretty intuitive and the functions like auto grouping (where it connects bookmarks you have in different folders through their subject matter) are similar to how tagging works in systems like Tumblr and Twitter.

      Unfortunately, it’s beyond useless for people using traditional, non-touch interfaces, which is pretty much almost everyone at least some of the time. Google didn’t quite think that one through.

  • Susan

    My bookmarks had disappeared out of the bookmark manager and were under a file named ‘other bookmarks’. Your instructions helped to get them back into the bookmark manager. Thanks!

  • Jeff Podjasek

    I was surprised how absolutely HORRIBLE and USELESS this new “feature” was. I did not expect such garbage from Google. I am an IT consultant/director for 12 small business networks, each with between 5 and 50 users. I have spent a week with users on the phone and in remote sessions disabling this garbage. To push a social experiment on all Chrome users without user consent or notifications! Stupid! Useless! Thanks for a lost week of damage control Googel. You blew this one completely. UNUSABLE!!!

  • Muddy Waters

    I love it, it is just like tabs in Chrome for Android. It fits with the elegance that Material is going for in my belief. Plus it has my bookmarks for me to manage. The movement is so crispy. I agree though. You shouldn’t have to go into flags to shut it off. Like I said, I think the Material feel is perfect.

  • LogicalThinker

    I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy, but I could not find how to place a website into a specific folder. Happy I could revert to the old style, much more intuitive.

  • peter

    Indeed, this new “feature” is absolutely HORRIBLE and USELESS. So THANKS !!

  • Jeffery Kalinowski

    Thanks!! Been behind PC’s for 25 years. This new bookmarks is preposterously non-user friendly and extremely less user flexible and so much more confusing that it does less work and waste more time. Also the whole “folder suggesting” thing has to go. How the “F” is it suppose to know in what folder I might want to save the bookmark. Big waste of time when I am surfing one subject area and when I go to bookmark, the new Google bookmarks “suggest” something TOTALLY unrelated folder, and I have to scroll down to put it in the right subject folder every time. I am the best one to know where I want to save a bookmark not suggested by Google. Can’t think of a bigger waste of time.

  • Richard Bertie

    Thanks for the help. The new bookmarks is terrible. Couldn’t understand what it was doing, and could not find my new bookmarks after I made them. What were Google thinking when they came up with this one? If this bookmarks system is forced upon us, then I will have to move to a different browser,which would be a shame as I liked Chrome as it was.

    • Anakalia Haoa

      I think this system works very well on a larger touchscreen, such as a tablet, because of it’s highly visual nature and the auto grouping function that works similar to prioritizing common use/most relevant to user tagging (on Tumblr) or hashtagging (Twitter). The problem is it’s complete bollocks on a traditional Windows set-up, esp since you have to select a folder *and* click on it to confirm that folder in order to actually bookmark something. It’s bookmarking-as-tagging and that’s where I think most people are getting snagged up.

      Why Google thought this was a good idea to default rather than offer as an opt-in for Android Chrome users I don’t know but I’m with you. If there comes a time you can’t opt out I’ll have to find a new browser for my laptop. Hopefully Google is listening to the users’ general dislike of this new system and change this to something that’s optional rather than mandatory.

  • Arctic Buggie

    OMG thank you! I hate hate hate the new bookmarks manager, think that’s too many hates? It really isn’t … HATE!

  • NateOcean

    So on my Nexus 7 I don’t get any of my “Bookmarks Bar” from my desktop machine. On neither can I apparently “alphabetize” any more. It’s as if the programmers never even used their own software. Oh, but it looks colorful and cute. Jeez. F-you, Google.

  • abxnomore

    Thank you a million times. I hated that new format.

  • Sydcat

    Thanks for that. What’s the big deal about pictures! the alpha sort worked fine. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? I suppose some google programmers need to prove their cleverness.

  • sam

    I can not believe how stupid developers of chrome are……. Un-believable. stupid assoles.

  • Skridlov

    Just done this for the third or fourth time (different PCs/installations) and this time it ain’t going away. Poxy change isn’t it?

  • Eunissa

    I tried this and got an error and couldn’t open my bookmark manager. I reverted back and am just going to make the best of it. Luckily I can alphabetize my lists on my work computer, but that will probably go away once they upgrade. :-( Google really should know better. This disruption has caused me several hours of angst and a lot more cursing than normal.

  • kristymb

    OMG Ty soo much i sighed in relief after i followed the instructions here. i am NOT a fan of the new bookmark format. It was too stressful.

  • donco6

    Thank god. The new system sends your bookmark out into the ozone, never to be found again. Idiotic.

  • Phil Chenevert

    Thank you. I was losing my bookmarks and hopefully I can get back to putting them where they belong.

  • Leave Comments

    I hate this new bookmarks section so much. Google just can never stay simple can they? They were founded on simplciy. But they keep doing crap like this. I HATE it. I cannot even figure out how to move things around.

  • allie417

    This no longer works. anyone know how to get rid of the new bookmark manager now.

    • Anakalia Haoa

      I just tried it and it worked for me. Did you remember to restart Chrome once you made the change?

      • allie417

        Thanks for the reply. I ended up having to intentionally set it to enabled again restart Chrome and then disable and restart again. That finally fixed it.

  • J Groo

    I HATE it, absolutely HATE it. The point of bookmarks is to get to something quickly. I have perhaps a thousand bookmarks. I don’t have TIME to search for a freaking bookmark. If I make a new bookmark, I want to put it where I want to put it, not where Google wants to put it.

  • Anakalia Haoa

    Thank you! I wasn’t losing my bookmarks like some people but with all the sub-folders I use to keep things straight it was taking about fifteen times longer to get them in the right place having to select one hard to read folder name (my folders have long titles, so sue me) at a time. Google needs to stop treating the world like it’s post-Windows, all-Android-touchscreen rather than a combination of tablets/phones on the go, laptops/desktops at home. I’m just glad there was an easily found solution for the majority of us who use Chrome on non-touchscreen systems at least part of the time. Thanks again for providing it.

  • Elisha Brazeale

    The desktop icon for Chrome should be a snake eating its own tail. BTW: Don’t buy a Chromebook. Family bought one as soon as they came on the market – so fresh it was wrapped in newspaper and smelled like fish, (no, not really – but yes. That new). I explored everything about it. I returned it within a week, even despite the **lifetime of free wifi that came with the purchase as a promo**. Yeah. Just before returning, I realized … turns out the Chromebook was returned – already – by someone who must have kept it only a matter of hours. Yeah. And they activated the free wifi card to use, which made it null and void. That was no problem. I was assured that, due to my trouble, the third-party company with the promo was contacted and I would be sent a new card – with a better deal of service – but I declined.
    BOOKMARK THINGY I had to figure out how to get the hang of the new bookmarks config FAST – I use it – nay, **rely** on it and when it switched over, i was scrambling bc many of my folders and bookmarks were LOST – turns out that was a permanently irreparable glitch, (watch out, apparently this happens periodically and can happen to you if you don’t make a copy of your bookmarks – which are constantly changing and being written over, anyway, so I don’t see how that helps, if you lose something and can’t undo it, but anyway- who am I to say? Just the user of the stupid program – oh, sorry, not stupid, that’s right, you’re the kings bc you created it and I can’t write the thing so it must be really -er- intelligent). NOW, I’ve somehow disabled the new bookmarks from default – although I did nothing with my settings etc. and I have to find out how this happened, bc it might signify other changes and changes are never good when I don’t have fair warning. Wait, some of my bookmarks that I thought were lost came back and are here – not all, there are empty folders – but some of the other ones I made are missing… what the??? HELP. Chrome, I was reluctant to embrace you – you had advantages that made the switch… er – advantageous. Now, it is a delicately cannibalistic balance between advantage and further investment of frustrated learning for the momentary satisfaction of organization and accomplishment which is set-up for further frustrating, time-devouring set-backs. The desktop icon should be a snake eating it’s own tail! I know you people are toying with my life. Stop it. Please. My son has SATs and the FCAT and he had his graduation ceremony today but the end is not yet come and I NEED RESOURCES TO TEACH WHAT THE SCHOOL DOESN’T HAVE TIME FOR … and he’s only in kindergarten. His dad just had his baccalaureate ceremony and he needs to brush-up for his teaching certifications and gear-up for grad school, (if we can still swing it, on a teaching salary). Don’t punish us. We just want our curriculum and our reward of Zelda videos and gaming …games, we want them on a desktop or at the library, the school, or on the go and grandma’s/Nonnie’s/Auntie’s and blank comment screens to rant to about random stuff… is it asking too much?? IS IT?! No? Oh, thank you. I knew you cared about the little guys. =) …hello? …I want my stapler. Red stapler.Swingline

  • FedUpwithDems

    OMG I hate this new bookmark crap… can’t find anything

  • Tried it…didn’t work..still have the dreadful UI interface!

    • wirelesscord

      Check that “continue running background apps” setting in Chrome isn’t enabled.

      • Actually, the problem was I didn’t select “relaunch”..I simply closed out Chrome and re-started it….so, I went back in to the settings, selected “Relaunch Chrome” and WHAM…NOW it works!

  • Bob Smith

    I have to say that I hate the new book marking system Google has done. I thought the old one was bad enough, this is a thousand times worse. I don’t need huge icons and I didn’t need my folders to be removed and my files to be one gigantic file. The old system was bad in 2 ways. First it didn’t auto alphabetize and 2nd is that if you hit the star and it turns yellow, it’s already deposited the site location on whatever last file you used. So if I had a cars file, but then I wanted to bookmark a cooking file, the cooking site would be deposited in the Cars file folder. This one is worse. It deposits in whatever file folder you were last in and it’s difficult to remove that file and put it where you really want it. I like google in so many other ways, mainly because it’s far more stable than Internet Explorer, but if this file issue isn’t done far better than it is, I’m going to take a look at Firefox instead. If that sucks, I’m going to keep looking around. Right now, the old bookmarks is just tolerable, this new version sucks completely. I don’t need huge colorful boxes that do no functional good. Also, please ask before you force this on us and make it far easier to opt out if we don’t want your Dictatorial changes. You’re not making any friends by doing this. You’re making enemies instead and you’ll end up being yet another Netscape.

  • Peter

    I noticed that when google let me open this new bookmarks page there where bookmarks I had deleted ages ago. Anyone know how I can permanently remove my bookmarks from google without killing my account and loosing them on chrome?

    • wirelesscord

      You can reset sync data (this resets all synced data, not just bookmarks) in Google Dashboard page.

      Why old previously deleted bookmarks reappeared sounds like a typical case of the Sync feature just being itself i.e. unreliable piece of crap.

  • hppydestiny

    Hi, yes, I was practically in tears over having all my many bookmarks re-arranged. Why don’t they ask first?


    • wirelesscord


  • Zambonifofex

    Is there any way to enable it? I’m on canary, and it’s gone. Enabling the flag doesn’t seem to do anything…

  • squint9

    It’s a nod to the Millennials and their dang phablets using Androgen … er, Androids … well whatever it is. Since their attention span is usually measured in seconds (according to most “experts” in this field), organizing BMs in folders and subfolders was considered unnecessary.

  • Spedez

    Wow, something happened and I got the old UI back! Thank god. The new interface was completely unusable. Keep it simple Google idiots…

  • First Google Maps became unusable (I never use it anymore) and now Bookmarks. I thought Google hired the best and brightest? They must have flipped their model… especially when it comes to UX design…

  • pjritch

    That was pretty scary. I did need to click the relaunch button for the instructions to work, which was a part of the instructions, but I got too excited about getting rid of the mess before me.

  • Nurit Zodrow

    didnt work. now what?

  • fp cassini

    tHANK yOU11 Google has been crapifying my user experience steadily with each new “improvement” in each domain [google search, shopping, gmail, youtube, android maps] for a few years now; {subtle dystopian cult-ivation}. But this new bookmark business was out-of-control annoying!

  • Leon Phillips

    Thank you so much. This worked and I have my old (still crappy) bookmarks folder back. You saved my bacon!

  • Pi^3

    Does anyone know how to enable this on chrome beta channel? I set the setting to enabled in flags, but I still have the old bookmarks manager. I’m currently running chrome build 44 on windows. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  • WarningU2

    Thank you! Was driving me nuts with Chrome enforcing where I could put bookmarks. I just wanted to move a bookmark folder and couldn’t unless I adopt their new format. Thanks again.

  • Vincent Vong

    THANKYOU!!!! This has been an annoyance ever since I reinstalled chrome.

  • disqus_XO8LMuQFAq

    I just want to delete specific bookmarks but the new system will not let me despite what G Chrome sayy s in its help page. I like the tiled bookmarks but can’t delete them by clicking on them and pressing “delete” (like in the old system). I followed their instructions but can’t find the “delete” feature mentioned. H E L P !

    • If you prefer the old version, update your Chrome, Google chose to revert the old manager (if it’s still here, uninstall the extension “Bookmark Manager” in chrome:extensions ^^)

  • isopropylglen

    This is freaking irritating! All those unsorted bookmarks are classified under All Stars which also lists all the bookmarks already classified in the folder. I got to import my bookmarks to Firefox, edit them and export back to Chrome else I won’t know which is which. Furthermore, its buggy too, delete a bookmark and suddenly all my bookmarks in the folder are moved to unsorted. Arrrggg. Thanks for your guide in disabling the extension else I would have port over to Firefox or even Explorer!

    • James Whitener

      Google still hasn’t figured out that we want an all-in-one sidebar type of extension for our bookmarks. They simply don’t get it. At least they killed that “new, improved” monstrosity of bookmarks thing.

      Hey google. Think Sidebar.

  • ydnar0591

    I liked the NEW STARS Bookmark Manager …but mine automatically defaulted bck to Chrome’s original bookmarks system…HOW do I get the YOUR NEW STARS BOOK MARK SYSTEM BACK…I LIKE IT !

    • Voltaic Shock

      Exactly! I don’t like the current way.

      • ydnar0591


        • James Whitener

          Sorry but that new system was horrible. There is a setting somewhere to reenable the bookmark extension – not sure where though.

          • Kazthemandarin

            No, the new system was just fine. People just don’t like change and would rather have a convoluted and outdated system from the ’90s

          • wirelesscord

            If you’re going to play that card, I’m going play “change for the sake of change” card.

            People don’t like change when the change removes half of the old functionalities and makes most normal usecases pointlessly harder to complete.

            Try using the ‘Enhanced’ Bookmarks with hundreds or thousands of bookmarks.

          • Jason Keenan

            Hundreds of thousands of bookmarks. You really need to get out more. If you need to manage that many book marks, say for research or work then surely there is an extension out there.
            Given that I was just getting used to the new system, and sort of liking it, I can’t believe that it has just been pulled without notice. No extension available I could find. I’ve just moved to linux and thought it was a problem with the linux version until I read this. I’ve just spent several days doing restores and finally fully reinstalling, partly for other issues but partly because I thought I’d broken something because I couldn’t get the new bookmarks back. Just stupid. At least leave the Ctrl + D one step bookmark save. “Yes Chrome, I know you’re ‘Finished’ making the bookmark. Why are you now wasting my time making me click again!!!!!”.

          • wirelesscord

            > Hundreds of thousands

            Read again.

  • Koyaanisqatsi

    l see the old bookmark manager came back to the stable channel right now.

  • Voltaic Shock

    Does anyone know how to get the new one back? I actually like it and think it works better than the old way. I could never find my bookmarks with the old version.

    • sw

      yea i dont understand google they always make wrong choices :S
      give the new 1 back

    • lMaStEr

      Go to Chrome Help > Settings & Display > Bookmarks > Use the Bookmarks Manager Extension

      • Voltaic Shock

        I can’t seem to find this setting.

    • Sonali

      I know that feeling.Dunno why everyone else hated it? And now, its gone!!!! :'(

  • JanieJMartin

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  • Capitalism4Ever

    I absolutely hated the new bookmark manager. Thank god the old one is back.

  • Darryl Mylrea

    I don’t get people who prefer a much more convoluted, unintuitive and needless change to the “new bookmark manager”. I hated it. Too many clicks to do something simple.

    • James Whitener

      I agree. Chrome’s new bookmark management scheme is the single worst feature I have ever seen implemented in a major piece of software. Literally you have to go round and round to add one single bookmark.

      Google totally blew that one.

  • foss77

    This does not work for me, there is no drop down menu where I can make any switch whatsoever!

  • foss77

    Also, the whole point of bookmarks is to make surfing as quick as possible; one click is all I want to employ to access ALL of my bookmarks. Anything more and the entire idea is rendered useless! I like the idea of clicking on the star and it automatically places a bookmark, except, except, I then have to go in to find it in some squirreled away location and then reorganize it so that it is accessible the way I like it! ridiculous and pointless! It would be easier to create a document with all of your favorite links and access that instead of this new mumbo jumbo!. How archaic is that????

  • I tried to disable the feature as explained here. The blasted new version is not going away. Why?
    “continue running background apps” is unchecked in settings. I am really pissed off with Chrome at the moment.

  • Paul Earl

    A simple way of getting around the new Chrome Bookmark Manager whether you like it or not is to…..
    Go to the page that you want to bookmark. Right click on the URL at the top. Click “Copy”.
    Go to the bookmark folder where you want to save the bookmark. Right click on the folder, or in the Bookmark Bar if that’s where you want to save it, and click “Paste”. DONE ! Simple, you’ve bookmarked the page in your bookmark folder or on the Bookmark Bar.