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Which Google Chrome Channel Do You Use and Why?

thumb_placeholderWhich Google Chrome Channel do you use as your main browser on the desktop?

Do you stick with Stable? Buddy up with Beta? Dice with Dev? Maybe you’re so impatient to try the latest features you’re cozied up on the Canary channel!

Why do we want to know? Well, there are two reasons, both of which are marginally related.

First, we are, quite simply, nosey. We want to know what you folks are using, why you like using it, as a point of interest.

The second, arguably more justifiable purpose, is that your answers will help us focus on covering topics, changes and updates that matter to you. 

In the poll below select the one option that applies to you. As Canary can be run alongside any of the other channels, you may want to answer based on which build you use most often.

Feel free to tell us more about your choice in the comments — we’d love to know why you like using what you use, how you find it, and what would make you switch from it!

  • Doug Franke

    I chose Beta as that is what I run my Chromebook on and it is my primary access point. But I also have 6 other computers at my disposal between work and personal use and all have varying channels on them. I have 1 machine that runs Dev, 2 that run Beta with Canary alongside and my work computers all run Stable.

    So this was kind of a hard question to answer. I like the Beta Channel because it gives me a chance to enjoy new features in a relatively stable format (I have only had 1 instance where I needed to report a bug while on Beta…otherwise it works just as well as Stable Channel for me)..I even keep my wife’s Chromebook on Beta channel (she doesn’t know it) and she has encountered no problems. Beta is just a solid build that just needs a little polish sometimes.

  • Stijn Berendsen

    I am on beta channel because the updates are coming pretty fast and it’s not as unstable as dev channel

  • Kenny Strawn

    Having been the first person to actually confirm the existence of a Chrome OS canary channel, I obviously still use it…

  • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

    Dev for Linux, because of Aura and all other bleeding edge features.

  • miri

    I can’t hear about a new feature and not want to try it out, so Dev Channel.

  • Stable on Linux. Just because it works without issues.

  • T. Scott Barnes

    Beta on my Chromebook, Dev on Linux because it’s the only way to have Aura enabled right now.

  • Myles Fister

    Will netlifx still work on beta channel? I thought there was some rule where it would stop working if you run on anything but stable.

    • Sarah

      I use netflix on the Dev and Canary Channel so I would imagine that it would also work on Beta

      • Myles Fister

        Good to know, I thought I heard somewhere that it would not work. Guess I’ll be changing channels now. Thanks

  • Boothy

    Beta on Chrome OS and Windows, Best balance of stability and new features.
    Stable on Android, there’s just not as much going on there.

  • Alexander Terry

    i run de on my laptop, and beta on my android. _all the bleeding edge fetures_

  • Beta both OS and Android. Like the others, best balance between stability and new features.

  • El Yamdroid

    beta best balance between stability and new features.

  • Shawn Thompson

    Stable at work, beta for personal

  • John Smith

    Beta. Like the others said, it’s a good mix between stable and new features. But I also have canary running alongside the regular chrome.

  • Stable, because I do 90% of my work on the Chromebook. While I don’t think I’d ever lose any work on Beta, or even Developer for that matter with autosaves in Docs, I’d still rather be cautious and have everything working all the time. Because I do like earning money.

    That said, I do like hearing about the new features coming down through the pipeline. And I appreciate all of those who are running Beta and Developer. I really like that these modes exist. I’d rather not get into an OS update with “surprise your things don’t work anymore.”

  • Matthew Wright

    Stable, but I am always interested in reading about what could be coming up next.

  • Christopher Mason

    Canary on Windows, Dev on Linux, Beta on Android.

  • Mike

    Dev on my windows pc and Dev on my HP 14 Chromebook i am a sucker for new updates :)

  • Ia

    Dev because, according to the recent Google policy, only it allows installing third-party extensions outside Chrome Web Store, like the excellent FooTab.

  • flychinook

    Stable. I love getting new features, but with the Chromebook being my only laptop, stability is paramount. Plus I want to keep the bragging rights that my inexpensive little Chromebook is infinitely more reliable than my wife’s Win8 laptop that cost 3 times as much.

  • MickeyJayDee

    Stable for work and Canary for play.

  • Wesley Files

    Stable, because my Chromebook is the lower-powered Samsung. The one occasion I tried Dev, it was truly hellish. Webpages, videos, streaming audio, nothing ran smoothly and every aspect of using the device ran about four times slower than “normal.”

    I’ve tried Beta, and had no such problems, except occasional crashes that I’d rather not deal with.

    I love messing with flags, though.

  • Dev, for only one reason : simultaneous login to multiple google accounts. Not being able to be logged on to multiple accounts was my main issue with Chrome OS and I’m glad the feature is finally making its way to the stable version enventually.

  • Boothy

    Interesting results. Just under 50% keeping it safe with Stable channel, and the rest mixed between the others.
    As a new(ish) OS, oft favoured by early adopters, not too surprising, but I wonder how this would change as Chrome(OS) gains traction.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Stable on my daily driver (now an HP 14). I’m all for quick and reliable. Don’t care about having the latest features. I use Debian wheezy Linux for the same reason. My old Samsung ARM runs Dev though so I can still play with new features.

  • sdbinwiiexe

    I use stable because it’s pretty reliable. A bunch of options can also be unlocked in the flags, providing for a little bit of experimentation.

  • Hamish

    beta because it is stable enough for use withought problems and I also dont have to wait for it to be considered safe enough for stable

  • I used to live on dev (for probably 2+ years) but eventually I ran out of patience dealing with instability and have now been on stable for 2 years. I’m a professional web developer so it pains me not to be on the latest, but I can’t afford to waste time with browser crashes anymore.

  • I bounce between Dev and Stable.

  • Julian Hardy

    I’ve tinkered with all of them, but have dropped back to Stable on my Samsung Chromebook, Nexus phone and tablet, and Windows PC. I find that it updates often enough that I still feel pretty much “up to date”, and the stability is more important to me than “bleeding edge” features.

    I will still switch to Dev or Canary occasionally on my Chromebook, to try out a brand new feature, but I’m usually back on stable within a day or so. (And isn’t that one of the great features of Chrome OS – you can swap back and forth between OS builds in just a couple of minutes, with no loss of user data etc.)

  • Roland

    I’ve used them all apart from Canary on my Acer C720, but I’m currently running the Dev Channel.

  • Joe Montfort


    I mean, isn’t that the point?

    I’m a recovering geek, so I think it’s great that the other channels are made available, but I’m all about easy these days.

  • Jeremy

    The Chromebook in my house is on the Stable channel because it is my wife’s primary device and I don’t want things breaking on her. When my laptop dies and I pickup a 13″ or 14″ Chromebook for myself it will be on the dev channel and likely have crouton installed if you can have both at the same time.

  • Klikini

    Beta, with some flags, and dev mode with Crouton.

  • luuk2305

    On Windows I use Canary, on Linux the stable channel, and IF I get a Chromebook I’ll use stable on it too. I don’t want it to crash while I’m typing notes, for example.

  • Psychles

    I was running the Samsung C’book Stable, but found that, only after a move to the Dev channel were we able to reliably run a 27″ HD monitor with the device. Can’t tell you in what dark blog/corner I found mention of a connection between the problems I was experiencing and a remedy in dev, but I can tell you it worked.

  • Nicklas

    Beta on my work laptop, because i’m curious and want to try things out. Stable at home because Chrome is buggy enough as it is.

  • Rickey Shortt

    Stable at the moment, with a number of flags enabled. It didn’t take me long after I got my Asus Chromebox to try Beta, and then it quickly broke a feature I really liked. I don’t even remember for sure which one now (though I think it was the Experimental new music player), but I promptly switched back to fix it and haven’t yet given it another try.