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samsung series 5 chromebook

OMG! We Need Your Opinion On Something…

Hello, remember us?

21 November 2016

How Often Do You Use Your Chromecast? [Poll]

Let's talk about you and your Chromecast…

18 July 2016

Find Out If Your Chromebook Will Support Android Apps

Google is bringing millions of Android app to Chromebooks with the launch of Google Play for Chrome OS — but not every device will be able to join in the fun.

29 May 2016

The New Chrome App launcher: Hit Or Miss? [Poll]

A revamped app launcher experience rolled out to Chrome OS dev channel users last week, giving many of you reading us ample time to give it a critical once over.

19 December 2014

Poll: Which of These Chromebooks Would You Buy?

Toshiba, Acer and HP — three companies that have unveiled new Chromebooks over the past few months. But which is the one you'd most like to own?

5 October 2014
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Which Features Do You Want Most in a Chromebook?

The IFA 2014 trade show earlier this month brought a wave of new Chromebooks, but what features mean the most to you?

10 September 2014

Which Google Chrome Channel Do You Use and Why?

Which Google Chrome Channel do you use as your main browser on the desktop? That's the question we're asking you in our latest poll.

7 March 2014