thumb_placeholderWhich Google Chrome Channel do you use as your main browser on the desktop?

Do you stick with Stable? Buddy up with Beta? Dice with Dev? Maybe you’re so impatient to try the latest features you’re cozied up on the Canary channel!

Why do we want to know? Well, there are two reasons, both of which are marginally related.

First, we are, quite simply, nosey. We want to know what you folks are using, why you like using it, as a point of interest.

The second, arguably more justifiable purpose, is that your answers will help us focus on covering topics, changes and updates that matter to you. 

In the poll below select the one option that applies to you. As Canary can be run alongside any of the other channels, you may want to answer based on which build you use most often.

Feel free to tell us more about your choice in the comments — we’d love to know why you like using what you use, how you find it, and what would make you switch from it!

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